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Well, Im Elven Lord and i dont despise you. I was just a little busy when you asked to join. The gang isnt going well at the moment though.

Hey Sire,may i join?
When do you want me on to do the tests?

Yeah sure, you may.
First i would need to know your Account name
Second i could test you whever we both are online

To join you must have a hook, and Full black - pitch black clothes.

Ill join too, if its ok if im also in a clan? If not, screw you!

Penguin Lost


Its ok if your in another Gang, or if your in a clan, exept if its an enemy Gang/clan. And sure, just ask me in the Game

ok, well im in penguin clan, and i wear uniform is gunna be tough, and also will i hav to add NR to my name?

i have over 500 itoms so im not doing another tranfer.

This isnt a clan, its a gang, so no need for NR infront of your name. We mostly try and keep low, trying not to attract too much attention.

Ok what about teh uniform?

If possible just change the uniform while on a Night Riders mission, and change back to blue when not.

Sure, As i said, you need to pass the tests ( atleast level 1 ) and must have full black-pitch black. You must also have the hook.

Whats your account name in AoT?

Hmmmm...... Madam dermit......... megafelix  :cookieMonster: ..... Night-Stalker.

Ok, When your online, be sure to ask me ( if im there )

Sorry the gang was down for a bit... was trying to put it back up since the update. But now its back in buisness. If you want to join ask me in the game, the professions have been reset for everyone.

I sure am a wanted member :P I'm all over the place  :cookie: :cookie: