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There are Currently 15 Members in the Gang

I Have decided to create a Criminal Gang. The occupation of the gang is Rampaging through the land, causing criminal acts along the way ( While trying not to annoy the heck outa people )

Gang Name

The Night Riders (NR)

Gang Occupation

Rampaging through the land

Gang Uniform

Full black - Pitch black ( The uniform is not supplied unless donations are made )

Gang Ranks

In order of the lowest to highest

Wanted Member
Elite Member
Gang Council
Gang Leader

To Join

To join, Please contact Elven Lord. You must also complete a series of tests including a Combat test, a stealth test, and a hook test.
There are two kinds of each test, Lvl 1 and Lvl 2, If you succesfully complete every lvl 2 training, You will start at the rank Wanted Member. If you fail one of the lvl 2 training, you will start at the rank Outlaw. If you fail more then two, you move on to lvl 1 training, If you fail the level one tests, you unfortunatly will not be able to join. If you complete the level 1 tests, You will go on into the gang at the Outlaw Rank.

To upgrade in Ranks

To upgrade in ranks you must listen well to the higher ranked members of the gang, you can also rank up by commiting important acts for the gang.

Current Members

Elven Lord - Gang Leader - Trooper
Theif - Outlaw - Unkown
Sadida - Wanted Member - Unkown
Rudyman - Wanted member - Unkown
Ruaxia - Outlaw - Unkown
Minimax - Wanted Member - Hunter
Insanerperson - Theif - Trooper
Eriph - Slave Assigned to Elven Lord
Saber - Outlaw - Medic
Andremus - Imperial Slave Assigned to Elven Lord
Xgamer - Wanted Member - Trooper
Naela - Slave Assigned to Elven Lord
Klesk - Outlaw - Medic
Gnarf - Slave assigned to Elven Lord
Ian The Murderer - Wanted Member - Medic
Tails - Slave assigned to Elven Lord

Right now, the slaves are all assigned to Me, thats because there are no other high rank members. That is not because i am Selfish.


Each member may choose one profession deciding what skill they will mostly use. They all have advantages to the squad. A basic squad consists of 1 of each profession to make a descent and effective Squad. The professions are seperated in two parts, the slaves, and the Squad Members/Leaders.

Squad Members / Squad Leaders

Hunter - The hunter is the squad member who finds the searched target. He finds the target, and if possible trys to shoot him from afar. If the target is too far away, he must report to the squad leader that the target has been spotted, and must submit the target's location and direction.

Medic - The medic is the squad member who stays mostly in the backline while all the action happens. He is the one who hands potions to members who are injured. When a fellow member is down, he must act quickly and pick him up, bringing him out of danger and going to a safe spot for him to heal.

Trooper - The trooper is the main unit and is needed in order to form a basic squad. The trooper is an infantry unit who attacks dead on at the ranking officers command. If he is to be killed, he must wait until a medic comes by and takes him ( if there is a medic in the nearby area ). Standard bolts are recomended to asure the safety of other nearby Members.

Guardian - The guardian's main priority is to protect Ranking officers if they are in need of it. Only the best may be accepted as a Guardian profession and they must be atleast ranked Elite Member. The guardian is recommended to carry No gold so that if the ranking officer gets shot down, he may quickly suacide and respawn at the town and continue his job, hopefully with more sucess.

Merchandiser - This member is not suppost to be found in battle. He consists of making money for the clan. Then money will go into buying uniforms for the gang. He may do anything to get the money ( Exept Stealing! ). Merchandising is recommended ( Buying items and selling for more then you baught it for, making a profit ). All money gained while merchandising MUST be given to the Gang Leader.

Recruiter - The recruiter, obviously, is a member who recruits. He must be atleast rank of Elite Member and must be well trusted. The recruiter must recruit Non-Idiotic members and must make them pass the tests. The member will be informed of the tests he must make the players getting recruited pass.

( No need for tests to join as these four )

Imperial Slave - The Imperial Slaves get assigned by getting promoted as a Slave. The Imperial Slave rank is only for Very Loyal slaves, slaves who are online alot, and slaves who are respecting the rules. These Special Slaves are assigned to the Most Important members of the gang. The Imperial Slaves do not have any power over any Ordinary Slaves. The Imperial slave, just like the normal slave, must always call his owner Master, My lord or Sire.

Slave - The slaves are players who obey to the higher ranked members every will. If the ranked officer demands a rude or inappropriat order, he must reject it. The slaves are assigned to players with ranks of Theif and Up. The slave must always call his owner Master, My lord or Sire.

Slave Recruiter - The slave recruiter, obviously, recruits slaves. He must recruit slaves who will not obey to inappropriat commands. He must assure the slaves that they do not get payed and that they must always call their owner Master, My lord or sire.

Slave Manager - The slave manager is the player who Takes care of all the slaves in the gang. He assigns the slave to a specific high ranked player. If the slave gets out of control, its this players job to get him away from the Ranked Officer. He may remove slaves from the job aswell.

Squad Formations

In each squad there is one Squad Leader and as many Squad Members as the Leader thinks the Squad is going to need for the precise mission. To Decide on who will be the Squad leader, the highest rank member online who is willing to perticipate in the mission is automaticly on Squad Leader duty. If a Ranking officer does not want to take part in the Mission, He may let his place to the Next highest ranking officer. If there are two Same ranked officers that want to take place in the mission, and if both of them are the highest ranks online, they must split the squad in two. Each squad leader taking care of one half. The squad leader may shout a series of calls commanding the squads to form a formation.


Evasive Action (EA)
When the Squad leader calls this out, Every member in the squad must try to avoid enemy fire or enemy melee attacks. This call also orders any medic in the Squad to jump in and grab the wounded. While the medic jumps in, any members behind enemy lines may try to cover him WITHOUT jumping into the action.

Stand Down (SD)
When the Squad leader calls this out, Every member in the squad must Stop shooting or Attacking the Enemies. This call is mainly used for Solving matters peacefully, or when finding that the targeted player wasn't who they should originaly be targeting.

Flank Left / Flank Right  ( FL / FR )
This orders The members of the squad to Sneak Left/Right of the action trying to hit the enemies from the Left/Right. The goal of this is to end fights quickly.

Covering Fire ( CF )
This is used mostly when medics jump into the action or when other squad members are Flanking ( Look at the call above ). This consists of covering the Squad members flanking or trying to grab the wounded. This may be used for numerous other perpouses.

Medic Attention ( MA )
When the leader of the squad calls this, All medics in the gang must hurry and try to grab wounded Squad members, getting them out of a bad situation. This may be fallowed by the Medic Retreat call ( Look Below )

Medic Retreat ( MR )
This is used when medics have grabbed corpses out of action. When they hear this call, they are ordered to grab the wounded and bring them back to beds as quickly as possible.

Retreat ( RE )
This order is used when the Squad is outnumbered or is in a bad position. When the squad leader yells this, he orders every Squad member to fallow him and fall back to safe grounds to await his next orders.

On Me ( OM )
This orders The members to fallow the Squad leader no matter what situation they are in. This may be used for changing the fighting ground to find an advantage or just to Find the enemy target.

Spread out ( SO )
The squad leader calls this to search bigger grounds or to Try and confuse the enemy. If they are taking heavy damage, the squad leader may call this so the target may only atack one member at a time. The un-attacked members of the gang may then Strike him with more accuracy. This may also be used to scout grounds in order to find the target.

Regroup ( RG )
This is used when the members have been spread out or they have been split appart. It orders the members to come back to where the Squad Leader stands and report with any information found.

Every member is recommended to learn these Calls.

Gang Targets ( Enemies )

Current targets :

Remco ( Remco Cold, Remco HOT )
ELFmannn ( ELFgirl )
Blik people HOT
Robin HOT

Current Enemy Gangs :

The Most Wanted Gang ( MW )

Current Allied Gangs :

The Shadow Alliance ( SA )
The Penguin Gang

For your Gang to Unally or to Ally the Night Riders, Please contact Elven Lord in AOT or post your Gang's name here with a notice saying you Wish to Ally Us.


Minimax - Multiple Dyes
Xgamer - Multiple Dyes, Ores, Wood
Quadralix - Dynamites
Insanerperson - Dynamites

If any Gang member causes any annoyance, please report them to me.
Our gang is not made to annoy people

Please do not make any Negative comments on this post. If you want to join, either post here or fallow the procedure showed above. Thank you
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Looks like a awsome gang
But we have to go through test
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Yeah, well the tests are to make sure there are no noobs who wish to join the gang, We want the gang to be a noob-free one.

count me out cause i cant use the hook

Well, The lvl 1 hook challenge isnt very hard. Mostly anyone whos handled the hook atleast a phew times can pass it. It doesnt consist of much.


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If theres a test im not in.

A.K.A Flamer

can i join? im disbanding gold farmers.

i wish to join....ill suply dye if needed

Whats your Account name in Age of Time

fry.... :cookieMonster: (i dont want my sentence to just be my name)

I remember you!

I killed you while you were standing on the edge of town and wild talking to a group of people about something. You kept calling me a monday :P

I remember you!

I killed you while you were standing on the edge of town and wild talking to a group of people about something. You kept calling me a monday :P

I dont say that, but it might be true that i get frustrated when someone jails me while im talking... though i know its my own fault that im so vulnerable. i have a shot at joining?

All you have to do is pass the tests, Ask Elven Lord ingame

oh he despises me so im screwed