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The Unkown, was that a fact or do you want to join the gang, if so please tell me your name in Age of Time and contact me in game to pass the tests

Updated :
I have added the Slave, the slave manager and the Slave recruiter professions. I added them beacause i found that people in the game Actually enjoyed being slaves.

Gang Occupation

Rampaging through the land Causing criminal Acts


Our gang is not made to annoy people

Wait a minute, what?

Elven i have gold hook now if anyone in night-riders wanna have a go please dont hesitate to ask me

Thanks, But what is your Age of Time account?

hey i would like to join my guy is general

i am eriph the account name for the gold hook is NR-Gold-Hook

cool clan. ive never seen NR do anything tho...maybe because im not on when you are or because ur very secretive,

Well, We are aiming to be secretive, trying to finish missions as fast as possible. But we havn't really started some missions, mostly because not many members are online at the same time. Im still currently Recruiting.

I added the Imperial Slave for those very loyal slaves. The Imperial slaves are assigned to the most important members of the gang, while the slaves are now assigned to lower ranked members.

Updated :
Added the Gang Council Rank. The Council is used for difficult decisions. They must all discuss about it and then Report their Findings to the Gang Leader. They can hire Investigators for the searching. The Gang leader has the Final word on the Situation. They made decide on Kicking a Member, On punishing a Member, or on Adding a New enemy to the Gang. They may decide on many more situations like ranking up, ranking down and rewarding a member.

Updated The member list and the Enemy List
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Wow Sire, I like the whole Roman Council type stuff.Now I can be tested to join,my computer went down because our Internet provider updated and it made all old modems go down.So you will see me soon.

I'm Grimm Curl as my account name.Also i have school from 7:00-3:15 but i get home at like 4pm

Night Riders FTW! =D Good job on the clan SirDalaran

Thanks, Though its not a Clan, its a gang


Updated the Member List and the Enemy List