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Rising Eagle is an proficent game. Advanced graphics are cool.


USMC - As you all know, Americans.

EFN - Who the hell are these people?

PLA - Yay! Chinese People!


ABE Unit

Not a Knife.

Wtf 36 feet Jump?!

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ABE Unit Road! yay

Link to website -

All Picture Credits go to the Rising Eagle Team.

I just posted it.

Guide credits goes to Rising Eagle team also.

General Skill

In Rising Eagle, a player is awarded skill points for various in-game achievements. The total skill points a player has accumulated is called his “general skill”, and reflects the player’s experience and achievements within the game.

Skill points are awarded for:

Killing an Enemy.

Winning a Session.

Finishing a Session without being killed once.

Hacking IT systems (In game, not real hacking).

Playing according to Squad and Platoon leader's commands.

Achieving a mission's goal (capturing a flag, ect.).

Leading a squad or platoon to victory.

Skill points are reduced for:

Losing a Session.

Killing a Teammate.

Expertise Skill

In addition to the general skill score, every player has a distinct “expertise skill”score. A Player’s expertise is the position (e.g. Sniper, Trooper, ABE etc.) in which he has achieved the largest portion of his skill points. The expertise skill reflects a player’s mastery with a specific position.


A player’s rank depends on his general skill score (i.e. his total skill points). In Rising Eagle, a player can advance from the rank of Private to the rank of Major.Up to Master Chief rank, advancement is simply a matter of achieving the necessary skill points. However, once the Master Chief rank is attained, rank advancement can be achieved by gaining skill points while playing as either a Squad Leader or as a Platoon Leader.


A player in Rising EagleTM may be awraded medals and awards for exceptional performance while playing online. Medals and Awards can be gained only while playing on official servers. Each medal can be awarded once.

The following medals are available to every gamer, regardless of the position he plays. They are awarded for truly exceptional battlefield achievements:

Distinguished Service Medal (DSM)

Exceptional Service Medal (ESM)

Medal of Valor (MoV)

In addition, there are awards for specific positions, gained by exceptional performance with a specific weapon or position on the battlefield.

Positions In a Platoon

Trooper - The Trooper is the basic foot soldier of the future, the grunt which forms the bulk of most armed forces. Equipped with an Exoskeleton Suit, he is able to run faster, jump higher and carry heavier loads than earlier infantrymen. His primary expertise is in using and handling a large number of weapons, including assault rifles, light machine guns, light guided missiles and a variety of grenades and explosive charges.

Sniper - The sniper focuses on stealth, mobility and deadly precision. Armed with either a lightweight, suppressed sniper rifle or with a large caliber Anti-Material Rifle (AMR), the sniper poses a serious threat to enemy units. The sniper's Exo-Skeleton suit enables him to quickly relocate after firing, making him an even deadlier adversary than usual.

Battle Hacker - The Battle Hacker is the true soldier of the future. The proliferation of Information Technology (IT) throughout the world has created the need for a dedicated military serviceman, to counter such systems and exploit them. The heart of the Battle Hacker's kit is the “Battle Hacker Portable System” (BHPS), a wireless IT connection module which allows him to hack into advanced electronic devices on the battlefield. The Battle Hacker can use his skill and quick wits in order to take complete control of enemy defense turrets and land mines. In addition, the Battle Hacker retains all of the trooper's fighting capabilities, including an Exo-Skeleton Suit, a variety of grenades and a high-powered assault rifle.

ABE - Heavy armor protection and massive firepower makes the Armored Battle Engineer (ABE) the unrivaled master of the battlefield and a dangerous opponent in close-quarters combat. Equipped with a mix of automatic cannons, heavy machine guns, grenade launchers and various kinds of missiles, the ABE serves as the heavy assault and support platform of the platoon. In addition, the ABE inherited the classic roles of the combat engineers, and is tasked with rapid demolition of battlefield obstacles. The ABE's backpack, nicknamed "boombox", contains extra ammunition for hand mounted weapons as well as rocket and missile launchers.

Squad Leader - As the commander of a squad of up to four soldiers, the Squad Leader's position demands dedication, leadership and quick wits. While receiving his orders from the Platoon Leader, it is up to the Squad Leader to determine the best way to carry them out. Using a simple and intuitive command system, the Squad Leader orders his squad members around the battlefield, while focusing on his immediate surroundings. In addition to his command duties, the Squad Leader is armed with an assault rifle / grenade launcher combination for fire support, and carries extra ammo packs for himself and his men.

Platoon Leader - The overall commander of the force, the Platoon Leader is tasked with leading his men to victory. In order to achieve this goal, the Platoon Leader is equipped with a sophisticated Communications, Command, Control & Intelligence (C3I) system module. Receiving information via a secure Satlink connection, the Platoon Leader can locate the presence of enemy troops in a certain radius, and use this information to his advantage. The Platoon Leader commands up to three squads directly, coordinating their moves in order to defeat the enemy. Commands are issued via a simple and intuitive menu, which enables the commander to quickly order his men. In addition, the Platoon Leader can call on air support assets, which include precision guided explosive, EMP and smoke strikes. The Platoon Leader can acquire intelligence by requesting a visual satellite scan of the battlefield.

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I'll try it out. Why is it free though?

Downloaded it, nobody played it, GameSpy gave me stuff, uninstalled it.

Downloaded it, nobody played it, GameSpy gave me stuff, uninstalled it.
Its still in beta. So most people dont know much about it until its ACTUALLY released.

It used to be retail and then they released it for free.

Nobody knows about it, and the engine could be optimized a tad bit better.

im gonna post ONE more game today, dont call me a post whore >_>

So I finally got around to trying this out. The damn thing wouldn't let me create an account so I couldn't play.


Same thing happened to me. All I did was wander around in a singleplayer game.