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These are my first blockland weapons that i had released, but they are redone, you can now tell when they are charged, they have their own sounds, and own CIs!
Heres the iceblast link;11777870;/fileinfo.html
Heres the fireblast link;11777865;/fileinfo.html
And heres the pic of the weapon.
Heres a new Blast weapon, WindBlast
Heres the link;11777863;/fileinfo.html
Now instead of using that crappy book, all three weps use the wand, people wanted the wand more.
Heres the New Blast Wep Shadow Blast
Heres The Link;11778854;/fileinfo.html
Heres LightningBlast Link;11779910;/fileinfo.html
Heres The DeathBlast Link;11782029;/fileinfo.html
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Tested them and they are pretty good, nice sounds too.  :cookie: Cookie!

I give you... a cookie for my magica abilities :DDD  :cookie:

Sound nice, perfectly what I was going to make for DAMM. May I use them? You will (Obviously) be added to the credits.
EDIT: I might change the book though. I have already modelled one. Also, a rock and water blast would be good.
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i quite like it, but your picture could be a bit better, you cant really see the item very well! try it from the side, dead on

VOTE: when you use ice blast under you legs you characther starts shaking! -  :cookie:

DeadLegend, Have you stoped to think why the peaploe say
'it goes to fail bin' ?
its because they cant download nonething from filefront!
change your file site to MediaFire if you want my concratiulations!

This is more like it.

Even though the last one was in the fail bin i still downloaded it.
BUT THIS! is an improvement.

Ever tried making the model fit in the player's hand?

Yea... i was very busy this morning adding finishing touches to this, and i forgot to fit them to the players hands.... srry about that, but still im glad i havent gotten 50000 fail bin messages, :D

umm you should just hold out you're hand

do they do the same thing?