Author Topic: Blockland Game Crossovers  (Read 3968 times)

ok, this is how it works. You get a simple image of a video game other than Blockland such as... Halo.

Image of halo.

Then you get out your photo editing software and put minifigs in!

The version of Blockland crossing over into Halo.

How fun. Now, let's see yours!

I will try to put some up as many as possible

I love you, will you marry me?NOT. anyways  photoshop.

I'm hyper

Obviously its photoshopped, your supposed to take a pic of another game and make it blocklandy with a image editor.




This is just a stupid but funny thing I made.

LOL, what game is that in, the one with the happy colors? Here is mine.

wow what creepy game is that and nice

thats DOOM3 the game too good for my crappy computer

Just a mini one that I did, nothing special.



I still like the "Hello Kitty" one :)

Ahh I remember Wind Waker. And that fat rich guy replacing the lego gets all his money stolen by the ugly, skinny poor dude, so now he's rich.  : P

Not sure if there's a Before, but here's the After.

 :cookieMonster:  :cookie: for the vid and  :cookie: for maveric

Two non-blockland things I made,

If you haven't seen the Thermoman Burn, you won't get it.