Author Topic: Post real life pictures of yourself.  (Read 6817676 times)

yay for 9 year olds

Yay for noobs with 35 posts that have no clue what they're talking about yay!

It's probably just the angle of him in the photograph that made him look that way, or something. Whatever, doesn't really matter.


Still old but more updated.

You're freakin 13, I'm gonna report you! not! loel.

Woah, I'm wearing my earring loel.

Earring? I don't see it.

Right under my glasses, long silver thing.

heres me XD

-_- Then <<<<< is me.

-_- Then <<<<< is me.

how about this?

*shakes head in dissapointment*

you dont like my pictures? ='(