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yea that's right, USA hated mexican and that's why Marijuana is forbidden. The rest of the world just followed USA, it's so silly.

i kinda doubt it. I really think you're full of shit.

Go and read about it than.

The US illegalized marijuana because they hate Mexico?

Are you sure?

People in USA hated the mexican immigrants. Some guy named Anslinger just used it for his own intrests.

This guy, Anslinger, fought the alcohol for living. But 70 years ago the alcohol became legal, and the police forces and all that energy for fighting alcohol was in a risk. He made the Marijuana illegal, so they will have a work.

OK f*** that, I suck at English, and I'm tired of writing in it.


During this period, Henry (Harry) Anslinger, then-Commissioner of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics, alleged that the drug could provoke criminal behavior in previously solid citizens. Anslinger, originally against a federal law, switched his position in response to pressure from Southern and Western states seeking to outlaw the substance in connection with immigrant populations. With the aid of Hearst and other media, the Bureau of Narcotics demonized the herb in pop culture. Anslinger was a prohibitionist and believed anti-marijuana laws would help encourage a revival of alcohol's prohibition. Anslinger also popularized the word marihuana for the plant, using a Mexican derived word (believed to be derived from an archaic Brazilian Portuguese term for inebriation, "Maria Joana") in order to associate the plant with increasing numbers of Mexican immigrants, creating a negative stereotype which persists to this day.


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Marijuana is niether addictive nor (overall) significantly harmful. It does have negative effects on you and can hurt you if you use it too much. Pot-heads grow a 'craving' for marijuana, not a chemical addiction, but a mental desire for more, just like Americans want to watch more TV or play more on the computer (because that's all they ever do.)

I think this idea of drugs in AoT is... well... really pointless. It has... no point. Sitting there watching the game go blurry would be more annoying then, well, entertaining. The idea sucks. There are more important things that need to be fixed in the game... SUCH AS:

-fix the log challenge timer!!!!!
-add canoes
-make a prize at the end of D2

Agree with every single word rudy :P

I agree also.
add exp = )

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Most drugs were made illegal at some point in order to beat on some specific group of people.


Ya we kicked Australia's ass in the Opium Wars back in 1943.