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Just began to use Google Sketchup, trying to model a Sodacan for Blockland:

Google sketchup is a bitch to make interiors.

Well so far this topic is a huge success (compared to the constant arguments in the last one). I need to make some thing new to post. I may do some work today.

Dual toast! Don't ask what it is, I'm not sure yet either.

I just threw this together and got it looking decent so I would have something to post here.

look, i made a stuffty gun cannon :D

Work in progress.
If you guess what this is, props to you.

Jesus, I am looking at all these models and get total jelousy, oh well I am improving. When I first dl'd blender I made a stuffty pixl gun model. I and constantly changing and adding to that gun barrel model I posted earlier. I am going to find out how to have things sticking out, later. Thnx for the tutorials guys!
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You're not the only one, and your honesty makes me proud.
Seriously, I'm glad someone is actually honest here.

Here's a little update. This will probably give you a clue on what it is.
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Thanks az,

And also I still don't know what it is, but hey, I'm a dumbass at these things.

Hint: Halo 3.
No, I do not play Halo 3.