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My cannon. I made it with 2 cylinders & a cube.

I think its pretty good for a model made by a 3d noob.

Easiest thing I've used is Wings 3D though there isn't a dts exporter for it so you have to export to blender then .dts :[

Halo 3 Mongoose. Might now be correct, that's because I have never played Halo 3.
Also, I have to work on wheel positioning.

lovey wheel models.

thats epic, now hide it before the halo fans find it!

Ahah. I was planning to release it. My second vehicle, you know. I can't seem to get the suspension right.

:O, that halo vehicle i actually want, because it isn't stuff like the rest. it is like pure awesome.

also, i made an upgraded version of my gun barrel model, its kinda like a lazor cannon.
can anyone tell me how you get the edges to like, not be like sharp, like in my model.

Should I make it paintable?

No leave it how it is, it puwnz!

Should I make it paintable?

Dur, yes. Make the green-ish part paintable.

 I made a hairdryer thing.
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