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2/10 needies better Lighti ng and moar thicc

Blender 2.8 is finally out!

It's new interface is certainly something to behold. I'll definitely have to get used to it first though, after using the old one for so so long.

Had a sudden urge to make the lego dirt bike, it's pretty close but not exactly the same as the lego bike.

i loving loved the lego dirt bikes

also equally liked the technic lego bike (42007) but i kinda liked it more for getting some p good technic parts to make my own stuff with

Sweet dude! I remember having a bike that fired a piece of dynamite, but then I lost that dynamite.

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The colors look rather strange. Plus, the divots make no sense to me, and it just doesn't look right.

It's just the render lighting. And the divots are an abstracted ported barrel