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the twist on the umbrella fabric is really loving cool

F-16 Fighting Falcon.

I still need to finish the shading and other stuff I missed.

just one, and i think the smoothness comes from the jets
commentless its only like 20 lines, with comments it does look a lot more intimidating

if anyone else has any other questions about coding/making this sort of stuff, feel free to ask. always happy to help out
this code makes me want to do control theory

this code makes me want to do control theory
oh yeah making this stuff is always so much forgetin fun. its really fun to piece together a bunch of simple mechanisms and have them produce a complex good looking result just through their various interactions. in that gif, there's only like 2 or 3 things ontop of the height control code that make him bob like that, with one of them just simply adding velocity to the penguin when he fires

forgot to drop these here, but before i ever released the Miata/Sashimi (in the downtime while my PC was being rebuilt) i started some work on a Nissan S13 Sivlia. i didn't get very far, but i suppose i can show what would've been

i also planned to make the 180SX/240SX and Sileighty versions, too

... this part also isn't really 3D related, per say, but tangentially related to the car itself? i wanted a substitute name for it but was unsure if it should be Selena or Sakura

Silvias are such beautiful cars mate, nice job.