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So I'm guessing nothing I posted has shown up? All the pics I posted are hosted on weebly which is forgety at times, probably will end up switching to imgur if it persists.

tere u blind man

its a stealth fighter joke dammit guys

quote my original post

The stealth fighter could turn visible any second now! ...Any second now...See, gray! No wait, that's a bomb.

its a stealth fighter joke dammit guys

quote my original post
wow im retarded.

cool stuff - very nicely detailed

tried something a little more higher poly but still simple. been working on it the past couple days, experimenting with normal mapping and textures in general. it's a fictional specialized oscilloscope

bonus breadboard

eventually going to make a prototype mecha roosterpit using all of this. gonna look really sketchy with a bunch of wires going everywhere, plugging into strewn about breadboards and electrical debugging devices

Breadboard reminds me of the Mastermind board game

Breadbords remind me of horrible traumatic events back in the pratical physics classes

i tried sculpting one of my dumb fakemon. i intentionally picked the easiest one because sculpting hard

question you know how if you make something long in a sculpting program (like sculptgl) it gets all stuffty looking and glitchy? how do u fix that lol

Looks like something you'd see in Adventure Time

radar. not entirely finished, i'll probably add classified stickers/various other labels to it in the future. i'm probably also going to redo that scaffolding thing at the back of the radar so you can see more of the circuit board (because the circuit board looks cool)



blockland is gonna have an aneurysm with all those polys

godlike model though as is usual at this point lol