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HellsHero: 4/5 needs rocket launcher attachment duh

looks balanced good work 10/1

I like it, now just add a dash of pilot.

That'll actually be easy. I'll get working on it tomorrow.

i'm a sketchup noob

reference image

create treads with components. if you don't know what a component is, then look it up, it'll be one of your most favourite modeling program features ever.

using the sketchy physics plugin to create tank treads is pretty fun too; you should try it.

component tank treads

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Skin color is off, looks like an oblong sausage.

Skin color is off, looks like an oblong sausage.
pretty sure its just blender, my skin color is quite normal. I guess it is possible that the slight color enrichment attempt performed in photoshop made my arms sausage like, just compare it now and then decide.

3:54 AM - yndaaa: yndaaa posted his stuff on modeltopic
3:54 AM - yndaaa: you should go critizise the forgetoutofit
5:28 AM - yndaaa: >people post things that take barely any effort >"OH MY GOD THIS IS AMAZING" >I post something that i've been working on for a while not, hours on end trying new things and make a model that could work in a game other than blockland >"its ok.. I guess"
5:28 AM - yndaaa: why me
5:28 AM - yndaaa: ;-;
I'll tell you why Yndaaa, its because people like easily made mass produced stuff. Its what makes the world go round and forgetin round.

proportions look a bit off

Recolor the Default rocket launcher and remove the scope

Then the rocket launcher will look like a scope itself

there's no way this gets approved but I'll upload it anyway lol

It's my first model ever and I'm doing it for a school project. I'm also really slow so the fewer the faces I have to make the better. When I have more time I'll look into doing that.

made in half an hour

First Model. Uxie helped me with it.