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A quick revolver I made for a VR project.
More on that later, maybe.

figured out gifs

edit: here's another one, twice as big (click it)

edit 2: just noticed the blue car's ass is asymmetrical, too lazy to fix right now but i'll fix the model
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guns n cars both 👌

Just like the simulations!


The enemy has captured a command post
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why hasnt anyone made republic commando helmets for blockland yet

I modeled one but never released it because recolorable hats was being developed for it's use and I gave up on that

Click images for 4k version

Soon™ to be released touringcar for Blockland, features include:
-Toggleable headlights
-Interior lights
-Interior entertainment screens
-Openable luggage bins
-Openable front and rear doors (independent, controlled from driver seat)
-Working speedometer
-17 seats (including driver)
-Abysmal turning radius
-Back seat row for the cool kids
-Standing seat next to the driver for your mother in law to give driving advice
-Wheels that I like spent a lot of effort on they look really nice imo there's like 3 different types I wasn't lazy I promise
-3 skylights
-It's literally a volvo 9700 it even has the logo

we have reached peak volvo

phase 1 is better then phase 2 helmet