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It's a TF2 server that a lot of people play on from blockland.  

NAME:Jcink TF2 Server | 24/7 Dedicated | SourceMod Fixed!

Come join the fun! :cookieMonster:
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Quote from: General Omega
forget you guys, I have been going to jcinks longer than any of you. I go there because I want to get away from you cigarettes on BL. I had to clear half of my friends list just to get away from most of them.

If you don't want General Omega raging at you the entire time then go on my server whenever it's up.

We love you to omega!

Plot twist: I am General Omega's evil twin

Joining right now for the first time.

Edit: No one is there D:
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OMFG You are a chick!
I am in fact a chicken
There isn't anything you can do to stop me