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Cool Map, i like the canyons and bushses

(not to sound stupid or anything but i wonder if there's any leopard gecko holes that we can crawl into...)

It sucks. Why do people who don't live in deserts always believe that deserts are all sand and cacti?

I live in a desert, and did you know people actually have palm tree's in their yards? Some people have lawns to. It even snows in some parts. Stop thinking that deserts are god damn sand pits. The Sahara Desert is the only one that is like that, all the rest are not.

Fix it up, put some mixed sand textures + grass textures. Also use the Shape replicator for the trees which should be cacti that are native to the area.

Do some loving research and at least look at some pics before you make a god damn map like this.

Well he said it was to imitate Iraq, Some parts of Iraq are nothing but desert and hills then other parts are actually beautiful valleies maybe do your research before posting?

Cool can you gimme the link to the AK-47?

I doesn't show up on my Maps list

I doesn't show up on my Maps list
That's because he packaged it wrong.
Which is one of the many failures on all of his maps.

That's because he packaged it wrong.
Which is one of the many failures on all of his maps.
It said it was fixed =(

This reminds me of that western map in SFM Mod.
what? random speaking: LOL! your avatar is felix the cat

Yeah, Americans don't like the AK-47 just because it's Russian even though it's one of the best. My dad used one when he was in the Russian army (training, it was required for almost everyone) for 2 years.

Actually, best is a matter of opinion, because although the Kalashnikov fires larger rounds and has a longer range, the M4 Carbine is lighter and has a faster rate of fire.


The name is so... I suppose racist. You could of gone with a desert battlefield name rather then singling out a country.
How is this discriminative? If I released a map called France or Germany or Russia it wouldn't be taken offensively, even though all those countries were in WW2.
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Just one question, what's that plane that flies over the map, and drops white-lined rockets down on us, killing us all? It's not just this map, it happened the first time I lay a foot on Pandan's raceway..
It's the F-18 Hornet it can be found here

It said it was fixed =(
Well, it wasn't, he's still doing it wrong.

Where'd you download the F-14?

If you have a steriotipe for a place your "placest" :-D

This map is stereo-type. I have a friend that used to live in Iraq. He says its full of cities and other great st00f. And why is there something military related in almost all those pics. Do not want. Fail.