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I literally just put all the files into a normal folder and added client.cs/description.txt, and there seems to be no problems. This runs the Mission Editor as a client-side Add-On rather than needing special adjustments to the shortcut.

There'll probably be some huge crashes when you try and do certain things but it didn't happen to me so I'm putting this out here.

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I can't believe this needed to be made, it shouldn't be too hard for people to do this the old way D:

Well, it does seem like the way it should be done, especially with Badspot making things like clearspambricks and terrain build rules as Add-Ons.

Good intentions though bad because there's going to be even more clueless people having aimless problems.

You put it into your Add-Ons folder like a normal Add-On. Then you start the game and it automatically runs.

It don't work for me!
Ah, i knew it wasn't long before i problem came up

Be more specific about your problem please

Is it in the "Start Game" Area?
No, you must be the server HOST (The person to make the server), not to be confused with SERVER ADMIN or a normal ADMIN, you need to hit F11 for Mission Editor or F10 for the GUI editor

I advise you people not mess with the GUI editor unless you know what you're doing, otherwise you may break something (Or not?), with the Mission Editor, the only thing you'll manage break is GlaDOS' heartyour server

The GUI editor won't be able to break existing GUIs since it uses the existing DSO files over GUI files and ones in zips over the ones you try and write. Restarting the game should fix pretty much everything.

It's a client-side Add-On so enabled all the time except in a dedicated server.

I have one self contained bat. file I use :D

It's exactly the same and not very useful if you've already installed it or are using the shortcut method, but this helps newer people use it.

uhh...what does it do?

im not a scripter of any kind so i dont know

uhh...what does it do?

im not a scripter of any kind so i dont know
It's the mission editor.
You pretty much can do stuff with...stuff.

Yeah. If you don't know what you're doing I advise you don't go crazy on this.

Space Guy, you just opened yourself to a ass-load of questions. Nice...

Woohoo! No more loving around with files. I'm SO glad somebody released this as a normal add-on.