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General Discussion / DMore is BACK
« on: December 02, 2018, 05:57:18 PM »

DMore is a server multi-deathmach server whit Helo and Medal of Warfare 2

The Lobby

im using a"overexagerated" use of the teams whit the slayer for the various map

The gamemode for now are:


The classic ripp-off who nobody asked for (still better than halo)

Playertype: First person

Weapon: Halo pack

Item: 200 hp shield

Incoming updates:New map, Grenades, medikit

Medal of Warfare 2

The 1 never existed because the 2 is 2 much cool (cod rip-off)


Playertype:Mw2 (tactical knife add-on)

weapon: Sweps pack

Item: none

Incoming update:New map, special weapon

The map are 7 for MoW2 and 6 for Helo
Whit a total of 13 maps


AM city (2-24 player)
Whitout this classic map a Death match is not a Death match

Military conpound (2-12 player)
A cool map, big and small at the same time

Market (city pack) (2-4 player)
"Remember soldier, you are NOT here to buy stuff"

Bank (city pack) (2-8 player)
If you don't die, take some "souvenir"

MOTEmansion (3-32 player)
Don't try to sleep in a room, you'll never wake up!

Cristal castle (3-32 player)
just a cool castle  :panda:

Mansion (2-18 player)
"Do you have your invite?"


Beta city (2-24 player)

Afganistan (3-32 player)
"WHAT! Did you see that guy?it look like osama!!"

Paradise town (2-12 player)
When "Paradise" mean stuff

Pirate island (3-20 player)
2 boat are fighting! who will win? nobody know that because this batle is taking 8 years?!?!?!?

Pirate world (4-42 player)
a HUGE map, just don't get lost (8-32 player)

Hightwheight DM (2-42 player)
A loving ROBLOX MAP! expect robloxian spawning 


The arcade room have some game:

Blasoff (spade arcade)

New DDr by crazy (is stiupid) )


air hockey
credis are in the image

blocko breacker
by blokaroo bl id 32111

doge a pong
by silent trigger bl id 25302

Old ddr

Doge the enemy (PvP)

Super tic tack toe?(PvP)

Connect 4
by Muttiilpomodoronero

Table tennis
by Muttiilpomodoronero

New discord server

                      Renderman survival RP
                                The christmas has never been so scary

Lore: You are a bunch of guys who just arrived in this litle abandoned town
The day was quiet but in the night some pepole have strated to vanish
Barricaded in the school,you managed to contact the "Virgin radio" the station near the town

obiective: you must find 4 key to escape from the town and dont' be cached by the renderman

Equipment:you start whit a remington, a radio, a glich gun and a glich detector

Info:The safe zone is inside the Shool

The gate:

Discord Server

Minimum graphic required

Drama / THIS LINK IS'T research IDIOT
« on: August 13, 2018, 05:48:31 PM »

General Discussion / DMore NEED U
« on: August 11, 2018, 03:03:23 PM »
         Need you
 I need someone to host my DMore because my conection don't let the other player join in my server

Gallery / MINI QUEST REMAKE:demo:
« on: August 07, 2018, 06:49:38 AM »
This is just a little demo of a isometric puzzle game

need these events and bricks setfov
camera events i think is the chrono camera events but the topic is delted

 blackdragon iv
start a server and load these file

or just look at these screenshot

Suggestions & Requests / no_Jump_system
« on: August 07, 2018, 03:39:09 AM »
Just when you activate the system change all the player type without jump (bot included)

I need a player-type like the movement of snake in metal gear, like when you move in to a direction you look in these direction ( can't look up and down)
esample: i prees up = nord: my player look nord
Can be use whit 2d camera or a fixed camera whit worldspacemovements,whitout using a mouse.only the keyboard

General Discussion / DMore NEW Gamemode (discord server)
« on: May 20, 2018, 11:53:11 AM »

Bad logo

DMore is a server where you can go in any map you want with any weapon with any player ANY time!

The lobby for load-out (is bad i kown)

it use slayer team for the various map but now the gamemode have a dedicated minigame with a controlled use of the various loadout

The gamemode for now is:


Is like COD with mw2 tact knife player and sweps weapon pack


It use halo weapon pack and the shield item

Stairs War

It use battle front weapon pack and shield item

Advanced DM

A new DM whit 3 weapon: pistol,smg,refile.
Whit some mode for each weapon and upgrade
Advanced weapon pack shield item
Player type R.light army player

The map is:

MAP Beta city dm HALO

MAP Afghanistan HALO

Map Cristal castle HALO

Map am city MW2 (from DM gamemode)

Map Bank city MW2 (from dm gamemode)

Map Market MW2 (from dm gamemode)

Map Military compound DM MW2 (from dm gamemode)

Map Motemansion  MW2 (from dm gamemode)

Map Paradise town STAIRS WAR (from dm gamemode)

Map Mansion STAIRS WAR (from dm gamemode)

Map island STAIRS WAR (from dm gamemode)

Map BLID ADVC DM (from dm gamomode)

new map incoming


The arcade room have some game:

Blasoff (spade arcade)

New DDr by crazy (is stiupid) )

air hockey
credis are in the image

blocko breacker
by blokaroo bl id 32111

doge a pong
by silent trigger bl id 25302

Old ddr

a strange but cool game (PvP)

another no name game(PvP)

soccer (2-4 player) (spade arcade )

Connect 4
by Muttiilpomodoronero

by Muttiilpomodoronero

Table tennis
by Muttiilpomodoronero

The shop for now have only the hat giver 1 hat is 100 kill,in the future i want put a tag system for the name, a instrument shop but i need a money system like a city rpg because when u exit from the minigame the score reset!

New discord server

the server will go up when im online because i don't kown whow make a dedicated server (sorry)

Gallery / Evil in the residence map (fixed download link)
« on: January 07, 2018, 04:31:47 AM »
Hi im Mutti il pomodoro nero and this i may first re-map of Mansion (blockland base map)

Is only a semi Horror map whit a residentevil cam stile

is a beta and have some problem but the 1st floor is done

   for the map

the addon requied i down here For fov anddon

Enjoy (please)

im sorry for the mistakes on  "addon"

Add-Ons / Evil in the residence
« on: January 06, 2018, 05:25:37 PM »
Im sorry for the mistakes

this is the real page

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