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Off Topic / Re: how have the last 5 years been for you?
« on: September 01, 2023, 04:42:09 PM »
hi jairo

Off Topic / Re: does anyone remember parrots
« on: April 28, 2021, 03:53:59 PM »

matthew check out the gravel institute on youtube

Off Topic / Re: does anyone remember parrots
« on: April 28, 2021, 03:49:48 PM »
like the animal? :panda: :iceCream: (<- he likes ice cream   :cookieMonster:)

Off Topic / Re: Badspot - Lets start guessing your brain cell count
« on: February 16, 2021, 06:13:36 PM »

matthew read marx

master matthew redemption arc

now what do you think: will master matthew slowly start to reconcile with reality or will he double down on this insane dead movement he's attached himself to


from justifying every police shooting of a black person to crying self-defense for a fascist kid to whining about a white nationalist getting domed to celebrating an extra-judicial murder. i'm sensing a pattern!

Off Topic / Re: Laws on cover songs
« on: September 01, 2020, 11:25:41 AM »

I think ur good
the first and third of these absolutely got a sync license to cover their asses, the second one isn't a cover and the publisher probably just isn't enough of an ass to file for it to be taken down

Off Topic / Re: Laws on cover songs
« on: September 01, 2020, 10:29:36 AM »
typically you can post covers without any issue, but if you want to be sure then contact the publisher for a sync license this site will show you who owns different songs if you need to check

if you'll allow me to ask: is it upsetting - or rather, disappointing for you that the democratic party has carried themselves this way?

in your mind, why do you reckon the democratic party would try to cater more towards Annoying Orange haters rather than the majority? was this also in the name of donors?
This turned out longer than expected.

Disappointing? Yes. Upsetting? Maybe, but I shouldn't have held out any hope after 2016. The reason they're geared towards moderate republicans is that, barring maybe gun rights and abortion, there is very little difference between what the establishment Democrats want and what moderate Republicans want. Pelosi and Schumer, for example, are center-right Democrats who've been able to rise to the top of the party because their positions are palatable to top Democratic donors.

Joe Biden is the same. Hell, he was the conservative balance to Obama's ticket in 2008 (before Obama proved he was also much less progressive than he let on.) Obama picked Joe Biden after a hard fought DNC (don't forget, before there were "bernie bros" there were "obama boys") to hint to the establishment that, don't worry, I won't get too out of hand. Joe Biden's position is essentially that everything should go back to the way things were when Obama left office--ignoring the fact that "the way things were" in 2016 was terrible for a lot of people and is directly and explicitly what led to Annoying Orange. If they wanted to market to progressives and independents and non-voters, they would endorse wildly popular legislation like Medicare for All or legalized marijuana--I mean, honestly, can you imagine how many people legalized marijuana would flip instantly? How much good freeing everyone who's in jail for non-violent drug offenses would do? They won't because they don't want to. The policy they're suggesting is the policy they want. Joe Biden's policy is the status quo and they're marketing to moderate Republicans because they don't want to change a single piece of their policy.

This isn't a new phenomenon. In 1968 they nominated Hubert Humphrey instead of Eugene McCarthy. They nominated Mondale then Dukakis instead of Jesse Jackson. Kerry instead of Dean. Clinton, and now Biden instead of Sanders. Carter, Clinton, and Obama are the only three Democrats we've had in office in the last fifty years. The Democratic Party's policy of "maybe if we were more conservative we'd get elected" worked for Bill Clinton--against a weak candidate--and never worked again. Obama and Carter won because they had progressive optics that appealed to young voters. (Obama's going to close Guantanamo, fight the banks, make America green, end the war on drugs, and give us healthcare, right?) Biden does not have progressive optics and he obviously does not appeal to young voters. He's not even trying to. He's not the candidate for Hispanic voters. He's not the candidate for women. That's why he will not win. Clearly since the Democratic Party is still chugging along, this is a winning position for them.

When they lose, they're going to blame progressives and third party voters for not wanting yet another status quo conservative Democrat. If they win, Annoying Orange or someone just like him is going to be running for the GOP in 2024. I'm not disappointed so much that the Democratic Party has carried themselves this way as I am disappointed that the party of FDR has been co-opted by very rich and powerful people and no longer even tries to help working-class people. Frankly, I hope reality proves me wrong. Maybe Joe Biden will get elected and do some good. But, as far as I can tell, this is the state of the party and the fate of the country.
From the horse's mouth.
tweeting a bail fund for protestors against police brutality is not the same as their campaign financing rioters

Except i read conflicting info, you clearly ignore it. Dismiss it all as fake.

Im tired of dealing with snooty forgets like you.

Enjoy 4 more years of Annoying Orange.
it doesn't matter what you read, it's about what you believe. you can read all the conflicting info you want but at the end of the day you're going to believe the same horsestuff because you've marinated yourself in it for so long. that post was not an attack but you felt it as one because it so conflicts with the world you've built around yourself.

Annoying Orange is going to win the presidential election, you're right. I have very little doubt about that. But here's a hint, and this is probably the only sober brown townysis about this you're going to get because Mike Bloomberg is a leftist to you:

The reason Annoying Orange is going to win is because the Democratic establishment is backed by neo-liberal capitalist donors. So much, they believed, would the future of the party hinge on their being able to woo these rich donors that they kneecapped a milquetoast social democrat like Bernie for having the gall to suggest maybe people shouldn't get gouged for seeking medical care. The Democratic Party is not going to lose because they are too left-wing, they are going to lose because they are too right-wing. (i can tell this has already got you red in the face)

They are going to lose because they handpicked a politician no one wanted just as they did in 2016. They are going to lose because in the face of a global pandemic they are poo-pooing a single-payer healthcare system. They are going to lose because in the face of a massive wave of protests over police brutality, they picked the senator who wrote the 1994 Crime Bill and a cop for his VP. They are going to lose because they chose a man accused of loveual harassment. They are going to lose because their only major campaign promise is that there will be no radical change. They are going to lose because their entire campaign strategy thus far has been trying to woo the maybe 10% of Republicans who hate Annoying Orange instead of playing to the 40% of their party who support progressive policy and the third of the country's population who didn't vote in 2016.

The Democratic establishment does not care if they lose 2020 because they already won by pushing out Bernie. Taxes won't be raised on the rich. Health insurance won't be axed. The bottom line is that their donors' wallets are happy. If they do win, even better for them, but ultimately it does not matter to them anymore.

Because his campaign has financed these people. Because he would stand in solidarity with these people.
like honestly where do you even get this stuff

i'd guess it has a lot to do with the sensationalism of news and the way the internet is cut into different circles. it used to be that the news was more or less fact-based and came out twice a day. different outlets had different views but they were still essentially giving the same news. things got worse when news became 24 hours and became way more about sensationalizing stories to get more views than about reporting the news.

now we've got some people getting their news from cnn and msnbc, some people getting it from fox and the president, some getting it from jacobin and mother jones, some getting it from breitbart and freedompatriot dot facebook. people are getting wildly different information and so everyone thinks everyone else is just Ignorant of the True Facts(tm)

people like having their prejudices confirmed. when you're first deciding your political views this is especially true. you're looking for sources that agree with you and you stick to them. i'd guess that around matthew's more formative years he was hearing about gamergate and the 2016 election and he found sources that scratched all the correct itches for him. he kept believing the same and similar sources to the point where he's decoupled from reality.

Ive watched democrats support riots and murder.
Theyve smeared any who oppose then as tribal.
They take no action and blame the results on Annoying Orange.

Ted wheeler denied an offer of intervention by Annoying Orange, the next day a Annoying Orange supporter was murdered in ted wheeler's city and im to believe its Annoying Orange's fault? Just because its his term doesnt mean everything that happens is his doing.

The left is violent and dangerous and theres policy differences.

But right now the options are vote for lying lunatics who are holding citiea hostage and blaming the opposition for every night gone wrong, or vote the person who is increasingly more likely to say "forget it' to state sovereignty and enforce the inssurection act to stop their terroristic lunacy.

The left has power in media, they backed the antifa pony and when it didnt turn out well for them thsy slightly turnes the wheels in a different position.

The leftists used the establishment and they were too stupid to see it.

Now theyre both going to lose their power. Unless of course, they end up pushing their mail-in ballots nonsense through, and end up stealing the election.
like, literally none of this is true. there is not a true statement in this post. i could go through this line by line but it wouldn't be worth it because at the end of the day he's going to go back to the sources that agree with him instead of possibly having to confront the fact that disingenuous demagogues, snake oil salesmen, and all the slimiest people with any control over media put blinders on him while he wasn't paying attention so that they could drum up exactly this type of ass-headed fervor.

master matthew has honestly reached the point where his entire worldview is through the lens of sensationalist right-wing strawman arguments. it's legitimately really stuffty that someone could get propagandized this hard.

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