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Off Topic / Re: Civ Div
« on: May 25, 2024, 02:08:09 AM »
Personally if i were handicapped or poor i would simply work at a fast food joint that has the exact same benefits as the US military instead of getting iced by a guy whose wife was killed by my poor or handicapped dad while my own wife is sitting pretty with the plumber

Off Topic / Re: Civ Div
« on: May 25, 2024, 01:56:02 AM »
As a staunch anti-imperialist myself, I of course denounce the military industrial complex and the horrors we have committed as a nation at the behest of the multi-national corporations attempting to acquire new land for development or resource exploitation.

That said, many of the veterans I have met (and this may just be because of the bias of my own experience and people I associate with) have come from backgrounds that either left them with little other prospects to afford a higher education than a military scholarship, or grew up in families that supported imperialism to such an extent that they felt it was their civic duty to fight on behalf of our nation. Of these people, all of them have grown disillusioned when actually interacting with the people overseas and learning first hand the nuanced experience in a way that none of us civilians would be able to articulate, even if we were to travel abroad ourselves. All of the ones I know who have been in direct combat have stated how they regret what they had to do to stay alive in a situation where they would rather have talked it out. They are the ones who first hand could verify that we are fighting not just statistics but actual people who are driven through ideology or necessity to strike back against our troops. Upon returning home, they unanimously (the ones I know personally at least) have been driven from their conservative and/or centrist beliefs to strongly anti-war leftists.

Unfortunately our government is still doing its best to keep the pipeline to joining the military open, but fewer and fewer recruits are swayed each year. Hence this year they have announced a recall of all veterans under 50 years old to mandatorily re-enlist, even those who have since become jaded and realised what a stuffshow this all is.

All that is to say, the question of people "voluntarily" joining the armed forces is much less black and white than you are saying.

Except for PMCs.
Anyone who joins Academi/Blackwater or the like is absolute scum and just doing it for the pay check and to look cool getting all the top-end gear.

Is rose the floran actually 17

Off Topic / Re: Israel VS Hamas
« on: December 11, 2023, 09:10:44 PM »

Off Topic / Re: Israel VS Hamas
« on: December 11, 2023, 09:28:00 AM »
If you have the chutzpah to respond to an expose of your ignorance, and failure of human educational obligations, with some weak hearted moral grandstanding "well aren't you a little hamas supporter, I dont have to listen to you"-- let me measure your skull before you blow your head off, for research purposes

Off Topic / Re: Israel VS Hamas
« on: December 11, 2023, 09:24:45 AM »
while youre in a learning mood, here are some more fun facts!
> Just weeks before Hamas launched the deadly Oct. 7 attacks on Israel, the head of Mossad arrived in Doha, Qatar, for a meeting with Qatari officials.
> For years, the Qatari government had been sending millions of dollars a month into the Gaza Strip — money that helped prop up the Hamas government there. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel not only tolerated those payments, he had encouraged them.
> During his meetings in September with the Qatari officials, according to several people familiar with the secret discussions, the Mossad chief, David Barnea, was asked a question that had not been on the agenda: **Did Israel want the payments to continue?
> Mr. Netanyahu’s government had recently decided to continue the policy, so Mr. Barnea said yes.** The Israeli government still welcomed the money from Doha.
Jerusalem post shared a fake story that a dead palestinian baby in video was a "doll", the story was published by... a brit. which brit? well, one in particular! danielle greyman was a student in leeds who was downgraded in a paper for using the j post as a source and just went ahead and sued the university for "antisemitism" for it. she won! and then had a globally famous story published in it without any verification or expert consultation which eventually was retracted
israel uses an AI algorithm they call "the gospel" (overtly blasphemous for so many reasons) to drone strike "targets". this ai simply does not take civilian casualties into consideration, to the degree that over a hundred civilians were bombed because one target was identified by the ai. humanitarian success!
more journalists killed in 2 months in gaza than the entire span of ww2 (including nuremberg convictions for some reason lol). suffice to say they are afraid of free flowing information, part of the censorship regime they impose on americans and europeans by spying on them and financing their endangerment. because naturally, according to israel, objective journalism is pro hamas

and of course dont forget epstein! robert maxwell, roy cohn, netanyahu, leslie wexner and charles bronfman, the inslaw affair, george nader, bill and hillary, and our beloved don. mossad! don't forget about these things and israel being a hub of child love trafficking (alongside ukraine, interestingly!), can read and reference this lovely and well sourced article here as well as the classic, gideon's spies. but yes, invisible israeli rape victims (zero have been interviewed) and harvard students are a top concern for the world, no amount of palestinian lives will ever surpass theirs

Off Topic / Re: Israel VS Hamas
« on: December 11, 2023, 09:08:44 AM »
given the population density, yes, it is. i'll go dig up the stuff i found when i get the chance here explaining you have anything besides empty rhetoric?they make plenty of effort. did you not see the video where Hamas shoves a bunch of civilians in front of them as meatshields while continuing to shoot at the israelis and the israeli army doesn't just open fire?
there's a difference between "terrorist living in the house across the street" and "literally an entire tunnel network under your entire neighborhood that contains hundreds of terrorists and their stockpiles and infrastructure".
israel tries to get civilians to evacuate before bombing, what the forget do you think Israel should do when Hamas is firing rockets out of an apartment building and using schools as munitions stockpiles, wiseass?so let me get this straight, when hamas goes on rape, murder, and torture sprees and brags about it and makes it 2000% clear they're going to do it again every time they get anything remotely resembling an opportunity, you want Israel to NOT try to get rid of hamas? no. forget that.
also, you remember the laws of war specifically require both parties to participate, right? hamas doesn't get to fire rockets out of a hospital at israeli towns and then cry foul when the hospital gets hit to take out the rocket launches (in such a case, hitting the hospital firing rockets at you is not a war crime). the REASON the laws of war explicitly allow that kind of response is to discourage starfishs from using civilians as meatshields, since if using civilians as meatshields actually prevents your victims from striking back, then everyone will start doing it and it creates a race to the bottom.
everyone remember this too: the source on the number of civilian deaths is the hamas-run health ministry. they blame literally every single dead palestinian on "israeli aggression" regardless of actual cause of death, including the palestinians that hamas gunned down for trying to flee to escape being used as meatshields. they also claim all deaths are innocent civilians, when the number actually includes plenty of their militants.
i should also point out that israeli soldiers never raped anyone, and that alone means one side is quantitatively worse than the other, because there is absolutely NO CIRCUMSTANCES WHATSOEVER under which rape is acceptable even in the most hard-men-making-hard-decisions perspectives. it's the one thing for which there is literally 0 possible gray area.
population density & civilian death rate:
==> this haaretz-commissioned study has been deemed credible, accepted by both palestinian sources, neutral human rights orgs, and israeli govt officials. it shows 61% civilian casualties, which is a higher rate than in any conflict. here's the catch: it counts every single 18-65 aged male as a combatant, so the real statistic is even higher. it also excludes deaths by secondary causes such as disease, malnourishment, which is an obvious repercussion of displacement and complete absence of medical facilities, clean water, and consistent healthy nutrition intake. among 10-20 thousand direct palestinian casualties, you can guess 70-95% are civilians. most of those dying from secondary causes will also be civilians, but this is thus far immeasurable as it was in iraq for a decade until it was proven that over a million civilians died on account of the sanctions regime. I dont know in what objective world this could be considered restrained, a higher rate of combatants were in concentration camps than palestinian morgues

"civilian evacuation"
==> funny way of putting displacement. likely permanent, given that netanyahu has said that the PA won't be governing gaza, rather the zionist state, if they own it at the end of the 'war'. illegal settlements also go encouraged by the current government, among whom is ben gvir who personally led the settlement program in his early post-military political career, and obviously publicly finances and expands it. also the self-proclaimed fascist finance minister smotrich, who actively evaded israeli parliamentary regulations on settlement finances and just kept doing this until parliament allowed it to happen legally (israelis love to maintain the lie of rule of law). being evacuated from jaffa to jabalia to al shifa to khan younis to al-mawasi is a guaranteed way for civilians to just fall over and die, it is unsustainable under normal circumstances let alone with the complete lack of aid being allowed into gaza (and some aid even being [url]torched[/url] by the idf)

"rockets fired out of hospitals"
==> this was never true, you're misremembering the other lie that israel put out about it, that a hamas bottle rocket blew up al shifa with the force of a jdam. they never found any conclusive evidence of weapons being held in al shifa, apart from a box full of rifles located hidden behind an MRI machine which were tampered with according to the bbc field correspondents who were shown this bullstuff

"including the palestinians that hamas gunned down for trying to flee to escape being used as meatshields"
==> there is no evidence of this happening, there is however the hannibal doctrine and admissions from idf soldiers and officers plus israeli and palestinian eyewitnesses incl. your beloved kibbutz hostages (none of whom have been harmed!)

fake numbers health ministry
==> not only do the UNRWA, HRW, RSF, recognize and verify gaza health ministry releases, but even the US state department (no friend of hamas, obviously. handicap lol) uses these numbers internally because it has never been shown to be wrong. in some instances state dept even found that it was an underestimate of reality. when biden pulled his "well they're evil hamas numbers!" schtick he privately apologized to a handful of palestinian families because US intelligence shows this data is accurate in entirely. of course he wasn't interested in doing it publicly because that would mean the "HAMAS RUN HEALTH MINISTRY" is more credible than the IDF. which is true.

israel soldier rape
==> chief IDF rabbi approves rape as a weapon. @phanto this is for you too lmao stop crying about evil hamas fighting the civilized democratic israel it's embarrassing. even the idf released a statement about US state dept rape claims because it was getting so out of control stupid and they dont want so much attention on the topic of rapes, given what the idf has committed. israeli officials have also said on several occasions that they literally just have no evidence anyone was raped by hamas on 7 oct. they've recently started showing "private viewing rooms" for select israel-sympathetic journalist to watch rape videos. interesting that they won't allow it to be released! perhaps one reason is because the chair of the rape investigation in the knesset has not once but twice published photos of dead kurds alleged to be israeli civilian rape victims.
how curious that one of the most surveilled regions on the planet had no cameras in it to prove this rape! how interesting that they somehow only were able to produce 'footage' of this event 5 weeks after the fact, given how obviously plain it must be to prove it. rape also carries with it enormous forensic ramifications, and have closed all forensic investigations to 3rd parties while claiming corpses show evidence of loveual abuse. should be pretty easy to prove if it actually happened, sadly it simply did not!

Off Topic / Re: What's something you miss from the 2000s?
« on: August 15, 2023, 12:51:25 PM »
i sort of miss when communities on the internet were sort of fun. like 10 years ago, everyone in every single circle i knew liked TF2, every community had bronies, every single community had extremely toxic stuffters everyone hated and extremely jolly lads that were unphased by everything. things Happened, and it genuinely  felt exciting being apart of most communities or even simply observing them on a day by day basis.
now it feels like every community on discord is composed of like 4 factory produced white dudes who are ambivalent about everything except for like valorant and don't talk about anything else and people they occasionally play with, or a group of like 5 of the worst people you've ever known and like 50 people they invited because they thought it would be funny. where are the extremely active communities full of extremely differing people who all have their own opinions about things and aren't afraid to express them in explosive ways or sometimes even in unusually proper debate? where are the people who like something extremely niche and try to share it to the wider forum, which in itself is composed of people with vibrant personalities? where's the controversy? where's the collaboration?
To me it seems like you just struggle to make connections with people in their preferred environment regardless of the internet

Off Topic / Re: Best Meat
« on: August 05, 2023, 05:16:33 AM »
Ridiculous question with an obvious answer

Off Topic / Re: What plate carrier yall run?
« on: August 02, 2023, 11:51:58 AM »
nice try fed

Off Topic / Re: blockland rebuilt
« on: July 18, 2023, 05:28:24 PM »
drydress would rather play brickadia
stop talking to and about me you are too stupid for the internet

Off Topic / Re: blockland rebuilt
« on: July 18, 2023, 05:27:00 PM »
Probably less features and more annoying to have a bunch of 3D previews in one GUI on an older version of TGE
also blr is on the same version of tge though? or is it not, correct me then. ease of access being the tagline to a game mod that breaks every other game mod is handicapped and idk why youre fine with this being seemingly a permanent issue for blr

Off Topic / Re: blockland rebuilt
« on: July 18, 2023, 05:23:35 PM »
gmod is a good example of how 2000sy graphics age poorly and shouldnt be taken seriously. badspot and rotondo were right in their explainers about removing maps even if the decision was guided by engine complications. if nostalgia bait were a stable community development tool then people would still be playing darkrp but it sucks and is buggy so they dont
yeah tbh @drydess your notes just gave off major hater vibes
i am a hater, because i actually still play the game unlike nearly every person in this thread. hence my main point is about how theyre dividing the userbase unnecessarily. "shaders + maps the game" is cool but not if it renders 15 years of extensive, universal usermade content useless in a game where none of these content creators stuck around to make it compatible with your mod. everything else in the wonderful MLD list couldve just been released as a package in the base game

also who gives a stuff if they ban people. play a different forgetin game then. nobody's forcing you to play a game that makes you mad
i actually care very little for this part and am fine with it i was just dissecting the video

Off Topic / Re: blockland rebuilt
« on: July 17, 2023, 11:44:39 PM »
bl gets mentioned in social media from time to time because bedroom map nostalgia is a literal internet meme that reminds them of stuffty early 2000s graphics which would make them get a refund on any game they bought today

Off Topic / Re: blockland rebuilt
« on: July 17, 2023, 11:41:21 PM »
ive also always been of the opinion that maps are extremely ugly and look so out of place compared to anything a person could make using bricks. imagine if, in alpha, instead of procedurally generated terrain minecraft just had uncannily smooth, chalky, 2006-graphics slopes (off the brick grid) and people worshiped that for twenty years LOL. the best thing the b4age16 community has to offer is their userbase not a halo-but-mid gamemode

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