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6 people on but no admins. Building new stuff? I'd like to play today, 10:44 am on the east coast. Great gamemode btw guys.

Hey guys, my socket temp gets up to 74c and then crashes my computer with blackscreen and the fans/lights stay running, I have to hard reset it. With my side panel off, and a big box fan blowing right on the blackplate, temps stay at 65c. So what can I do to lower temps? Is it a case cooling issue? Is my CPU defective? Here is Hardware monitor and a picture of my silly setup. GPU disabled to make sure that's not what is crashing.

Hey guys is 120c on the VRM1 a good thing to see? It was climbing faster than an inverted stock graph during Black Tuesday, so I exited out of FurMark. I think I found the source of my 5 month agony. I guess it's because I was ignorant of this temprature until I poked around GPU-Z during a Furmark test, lol. Starting RMA process now, hopefully XFX wont richard me out of $300 because it has been 5 months since I bought it.

Careful not to hit it with anything, it looks delicate.

Hey guys I finally got my computer running stable. BF3 crashes every 10 minutes but I'll take what I can get.

Album + Specs

I see benchmarks for the same combo as my system running Grid 2 at 80+FPS on Ultra.

No, the usage hovers around 75%, with Grid 2 using about 20% independently. The processor is not overclocked and is running with a Coolermaster Hyper 212 Evo.


Yeah its boost clocks. It's an XFX R9 290 DD. Yeah it can go that high Bisjac, just look at my furmark score. It ran that stable with no artifacts whatsoever, with 5 back-to-back benchmarks to test temperature cap. It works 100% on benchmarks, but when I run Grid 2, it barley goes above 600MHzz. I get 20-30 FPS on Grid 2, but get this- no matter what graphics settings I use. BF3 runs at 10 FPS with no GPU activity listed at all. Counter Strike GO actually works fine at the highest settings (70 fps), but it still hovers around 600-700 MHz, it just isn't a massively demanding game.

The CCC's little "activity graph" will stay at 0%, then jump to 70% or maybe even 100%, but it will never stay up there and actually run the loving game with good frames. Can't believe I paid $1200 for a machine that can run a game that my laptop could and a benchmark.

Before you tell me to use driver wiper and redo the drivers, let me tell you the hell I've been living.
The "stable" driver from AMD for my card will crash the system every 2-3 minutes, even in idle, with a kernal power error. I reinstalled Windows 7, and did drivers, no dice. I installed Windows 8.1 and had all the drivers ready to go on a flash drive. I used the "beta" driver from AMD and that will actually work and let me play SOME games.

Hey guys! I finally got my computer running, but I have a problem with the GPU. While running Grid 2 or any game for that matter, the GPU clock really isn't going to its full potential. It will maybe hit 600 or 700 MHz, but not the full 1080 I hit using FurMark. The activity % thing isn't going to 100%, but it did during the FurMark, so maybe that has something to do with it? Can I/Is it safe to manaully set the clock to 1080 and leave it there? Using AMD catalyst software, it will lower it down to 400 when I'm not running a game. Here is my Furmark score and the catalyst software.

I should note that yes, this is infact a problem. It gives me 20-30 fps in Grid 2 on just High, which is unacceptable compared to other peoples framerates for this card.

Off Topic / Book suggestions?
« on: March 23, 2015, 04:54:27 AM »
Hey guys. I have to pick a book for my 4th quarter book report. The criteria is as follows:
  • Published before 1945 or written about an american who died before 1945
  • "American work of literature"
  • Fiction
  • At least 200 pages

I can't find a website that has a book filter with these kinds of options, so do you guys have any suggestions?
Edit: Looking at Great Expectations by Charels richardens, but I'd like something more space-y. Like science fiction.
Maybe War of the Worlds? It isn't American, but maybe I can sneak it past her. Might as well bring just in case.

I get that all of the time with a very old NVidia GPU. Do you have any symptoms before it? I usually had a minor screen tearing and gradually building up before the driver stopped working.
No. If I'm fast enough (from system boot up), I can get Minecraft up and running. It will run, I can put it on maximum settings and fullscreen it with no problem. Then, computer just commits Self Delete. I'm going to disable the TDR detection in the registry and see if that works. When the computer crashes, the video will hang for about 1-2 seconds and then blackscreen restart.

Day 5 of troubleshooting
So, my computer runs FurMark and Prime95 just fine. When I play games, it goes kaput. I frequently get a "Display driver has stopped working and Windows has recovered".
Using latest AMD driver and my power supply is more than adequate.

I'm going to run Prime95 to see if stressing the CPU will cause shutdown.

I still suggest at least the first suggestion from that list. It's also possible that your CPU is below-average and requires that the voltage be tweaked in the bios, what's your CPU?
I just did a %5 power boost in the GPU overdrive section. I opened Minecraft, but it was before I hit apply on the boost. I set settings to max and was getting nice frames right until the crash. I also ran FurMark and got this. No crashes on furmark, which is weird because it puts the GPu at 100℅ load.

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