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By the way, the symptoms of your problem regarding your PC instantly restarting after trying to run a game for a certain amount of time is almost certainly related to power draw. I had the exact same thing happen to me when I was overclocking my CPU. If I gave it too much or too little power my PC would do what yours is doing.

Tell me, did this only start happening once you got this graphics card? Does it only happen with this graphics card and does it happen without the drivers installed? If it is only with this card and only when you have the drivers installed you may have received a faulty card or a below-average GPU chip. I have three suggestions for what you can do listed from quickest to most time-consuming;

1) Apply more voltage to your card in Catalyst Control Center, about 5-10% on the slider should be enough. Don't worry about going too high, though; most overclocking utilities will only allow you to modify values within predefined "safe" ranges unless you change a setting which unlocks the sliders.

2) Underclock your graphics card on the same page in CCC, obviously not as ideal as the first.

3) RMA it and ask for a refund.

If I'm honest though I'd forget about #2 altogether and RMA it if the voltage boost doesn't solve the problem. Just remember to return the card to stock settings before you RMA it.
The system is brand new. It restarts frequently, a game running or not. Games trigger the reboot without fail. I only got Minecraft to run for about 2 minutes before I shut it down and launched bf3. The icon didn't even display on the taskbar and it shutdown.

Oh wow, I didn't even see that and I was poking through it for about an hour.

Yeah, I tried that. It has a nice overlay that you can adjust just like Call of Duty. It automatically fills the screen and says 1080p, and won't let me make it any bigger. Hit apply, welcome back massive border.

It's the same monitor in both pictures. Both resolution settings are at 1080p, but base video knows how to actually use my entire monitor. There is a overscan option in the AMD software, but it does absolutely nothing. There is an over scan option in the monitor, but no dice.

Do you not notice the massive 1 1/2 inch black border that comes in from my bezel? I paid for a 21 inch monitor, not a 19 inch.

The only thing I can pull out is the GPU (not even really, no video would play at all), the rest is all essential to operation. The FX-8350 is not an APU.

EVGA 750W 80+ Bronze. Full specs are:
Fx 8350 4ghz stock
ASRock 980DE3/U3S3
XFX DD R9 290
GSkill 2x4GB DDR3 1600
1TB WD Black.
Just used a Cooler Master calculator, it gave me just under 500 watts.
Watt the forget is going on then?
I forgot to mention, with the AMD driver installed, my screen looks like this.

With base video, it looks like this.

I'm not dropping the money on a part if its not the problem. I already have a PSU.

So I'm still dealing with my system instability. Could it be power supply related? Newegg is telling me I need over 1000 watt PSU, while another site tells me a little over 500. When I bought the PSU, I google searched it and people said with a FX 8350 and a R9 290, 750W should be plenty. It makes sense, that when I try to boot a game the power usage goes up. Is there any way to confirm that the PSU is the error? Using base video drivers keeps my system stable for the time being.

Omfg, after installing Windows 7, I'm getting the same exact kernal power errors, only after installing amds drivers. I did see a catalyst update, I'll try that when I get home. I gave up last night, lol.

Since my ram is 1600, shouldn't this be 1600? I haven't changed any settings in the BIOS.
I also haven't ran Catalyst yet, waiting for Windows Updates to finish.

I hope you realise that the only process involved in that switch that could fix your problem is the complete wipe of your HDD
What? The driver for my GPU in Windows 8.1 was giving me problems. I'll see if 7's driver is more stable. I did a complete install of 7 with a format. Besides, I'm certified in 7 and I don't need 8.1 on a desktop.

Just so you know, installing all these drivers on top of each-other probably isn't the best idea in the world. I'd suggest clearing all your video drivers with Display Driver Uninstaller and then re-installing the latest drivers
Thanks, but I've given up on Windows 8. I'm currently installing Windows 7 now.

That sounds like a faulty connection. I wouldn't trust the device powering my expensive components if I had to jiggle it for it to work.
Edit: Expand dong didn't work, I guess my only option is to try some older drivers.

Heh, I figured it was hardware. Hows the new GPU treating you? Mine sucks >:(.

I'm gonna give this one a try

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