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Drama / Apak's server and his Super Admins: Hank (and PsP)
« on: July 11, 2013, 04:30:11 PM »
Hank, BL_ID 28623 (and Psp, BL_ID 43328)

Apak hosts an interesting server, Speedkart with Weapons, which gives players a weaponset (I believe it might be Gravity Cat's) to use while racing. However, Apak has made some bad choices with regards to his administration team.
The focus of this drama is two people: Psp (ID 43328) and Hank (28623). Both are super admins and both have eval access. Both have a tendency to be abusive for their own amusement, or at the very least they cheat, though Hank is by far the worse of the two. I have no screenshots, but yesterday Hank made lights appear above many, many bricks to the point that there were hundreds of lights per map, causing a fair amount of lag for me. He subsequently blamed it on Psp (note I might have that backwards; someone was claiming that Psp did it and blamed Hank).

Also yes I do have the swear filter on. I just like it better that way.

Warning: Pagestretch below!

Here PSP makes some comments. I'm not sure how serious he is given that the context is absent.

Trinick just asked for admin. Psp told him that had to be cleared with Apak beforehand, and then Hank admined him.

And then Hank blames Psp for admining him.

Psp tries to use eval, only to find that it won't work for him (although it DOES work for hank. Suspicious).

Psp might just be playing along, hard to say. Either way he did deadmin trinick.

Fastmadcow was walking up to the finish, when suddenly, he is forcekilled for no reason and the admins spam the rocket launcher at the guy who was AFK in the spawnzone (sometimes people who are lagging aren't affected by the afk killer).

A continuation of the previous image.

Psp starts discussing how to make a client crash.

Psp mentions that a malicious addon would let you do it but RTB has scripts to ban malicious backdoor uploaders and the forums would realize there's malicious code. Plornt is lying, by the way; there's nothing malicious in the Duplorcator.

Psp discusses more stuff about backdoors and crashing players.

Psp displays that it was indeed either him or Hank who killed Plornt (likely Hank) and that someone messed with the win platform to kill Fastmadcow.

Psp or Hank forcekills some other random guy just for the hell of it.

Hank apparently caused a problem with the /back command to go un-/afk, as this guy and another person later on could not use the /back command after using /afk. (the command itself is stupid and is used to bypass mutes more often than anything else)

Someone (possibly Trinick) asks for admin. Psp says he can't do it without Apak's permission. Plornt says, "Yes you can, hank did it."

Psp spends more time discussing how to crash clients.

After about four rounds on that godawful Red Raceway, Hank cycles the course. Neither I nor anybody else on the server at the time has a problem with that, but the cleanup missed a brick.

Hank warns that the next round will be crazy.

He then proceeds to use eval to set the timescale to 2...

...and resize everyone to insane proportions.

Someone manages to blow up their car at the spawn, likely Hank (though I won't rule out a simple glitch or odd timing).

The next round, Hank resets the timescale and goes afk.

Hank abuses eval and admins unreliable people without permission and should be deadmined and Psp sorta helps him but isn't quite as bad.

Off Topic / Why we love the Blockland Forums
« on: July 08, 2013, 05:41:36 PM »
Post one or more reasons you like/love this forum.
I'll start. Will post more later once I dig up quotes.
1. Bad drama topics are hilarious
2. The YOU LAUGH YOU LOSE thread

So one of our two desktop PCs just burned out for no reason. My mom called tech support from home phone line. Has been talking with him for 40 minutes. He is useless, insists that the problem is in a certain cable, despite the fact that replacing all the cables in question has so far yielded zero in the way of results. He is also very obviously foreign and working in an outsourced tech support facility.
Here's the thing: When our home phone is in use, our wifi dies, because our phone system is apparently incompatible and it causes the wifi to refuse all other connections. My mom refuses to take the ten seconds it would take to tell me where the plug-in internet cable is, instead spending twenty seconds chewing me out for interrupting. She also refuses to use her cell phone despite not being charged for this sort of call on it, which would let our wifi work.

I play blockland on my laptop. In fact, I do just about everything on my laptop or my 3ds.

Now I cannot get work done because the file sync between laptop and internet cannot happen.

Therefore, stupid parent + stupid computer + stupid phone + stupid tech support guy = no.

Discuss relevant problems in which a combination of stupidity by many little things has made one big problem.

Creativity / The Superscape Project (Hopefully a game someday)
« on: June 29, 2013, 04:46:57 PM »
Also, some of the tables may be are out of alignment depending on the length of the tab indent because this was made in Notepad. If you know how to fix this here please tell me.
There may be a few odd returns here or there, again because Notepad.

Superscape: Revised draft 4

This is the Superscape, a project I've been working on for a while. Right now it's just an idea, in my head, in my notebooks, and in the contents of my flash drive, such as this document. If you find any inconsistencies, feel free to point them out; chances are I copypasted text from an older draft and forgot to fix part of it.
Yes, I want to make a video game out of this someday.

Area format:
Magma Mountain      Ride to the Top                  (bouyant platforms, rising lava)
         Wall Kicker                  (wall-kick over rising lava)
         Over AND Up                  (run over rising lava)
Podoboo Peak      Climbing Out         SMRPG Axem Chase   (climbing over lava)
         Geyeser Lift                  (climbing up lava geysers w/ platforms)
         Geyeser Drop                  (climbing down lava geyesers)
Fiery Falls      Surfing Down the Falls               (3D lava surf down mountainside)
         Climbing Back Up      V2.6 Magma      (Lava climb as Vectorman 2.6)
         Winding Down                  (3D mario kart down mountainside, dodge lava)
Lava Lagoon      Bonesurf Dodge                  (3D Lava surf)
   Kraeus   3   Bridge over Troubled Blaargs   SMG2 Melty Monster   (3D lava bridges + blaargs)
         Blaarg Rider                  (3D Blaarg ride?)
Heat Waves      Tidal Dasher                  (2D Tidal lava, giant Buzzy shells)
         Wave Jumper                  (2D Lava Waves)
         Wave Surfer                  (3D Lava Wave Surf)
Tephra Trench      Raining Fire                  (2D Kab-ombs and meteors)
         Black Ashes                  (2D Black Gas Run)
         Just Run.         NSMBW Volcano      (2D Meteors over some lava)
Flaming Fortress                        
   Kraeus   4   Firewalker                  (2D collapsing bridge?)
Pyro Palace                           
   Kraeus   5   Lava Up                     (2D Rising Lava net climber)
         BOSS: Mean to the End               
Steam Caves      Wall of Steam         V2.7 Heat      (2D Steam jet caves, hot)
Volcano Valley      Don't Look Down         SM3DL Castle      (3D Sky Castle Remains/Ridges)
   Kraeus   2   Crevasse Crosser               (3D volcanic bridges/caves)
                              (3D SMG2 Wild Glide?)
Crispy Caves      Boulder Jumping         WL4 Fiery Cavern   (2D Boulder Jumps)
         Sinking Platforms               (3D Sinking Lava Platforms)
         Jump Carefully         SMRPG Volcanic      (3D Lava Cavern Quick Jumps)
Kraeus Crags                  Custom: Kraeus      
   Kraeus   1                        
Cold Cold Cliffs   Cliff Climber         WWDiY Cold Wind?   (3D Ice Mountain climb)
         Cliffjumper                  (3D Ice Mountain jumps)
         Mountainslide                  (3D ice mt slide)
Slippery Slopes      Penguinslide                  (2D penguin slide)
         Slip n' Sled                  (3D Sledding)
Freezie Field                           
         Blizzard!         VC -32         (2D Blizzard)
         Flash-Frozen                  (2D/3D flashfreeze)
Frosty Forest      Snowboard Down         SSBB/1080 Golden Forest   (3D Snowboard Forest)
         Uphill Battle                  (3D Ice Forest climb, snowballs rolling down)
Glacier Gulch      Slow Snow         MP2 Phendrana Deep Lake   (2D/3D Deep Snow)
         Glacier Racer                  (3D Kart Race, Valley, No laps)
Iceberg Isles      Iceberg Bridges                  (3D Icebergs, bridges)
   Nbus   3   Frostfoot Dash                  (3D SMG-style Ice Mario)
         Frozen Water         VC Screentest      (3D Frozen Ocean Path)
Deep Freeze      Frozen Solid         WMoD Sneezemore      (2D Frozen 100% caves)
   Nbus   2   Icicles!                  (2D Icicle Caves)
         Hotsprings         MISI Hotsprings      (3D Ice-water ledges)
Frozen Fortress                           
   Nbus   4                        
         BOSS: All Alone                  
Cooler Castle                           
   Nbus   5                        
         BOSS: Only One                  
Winter Wonder (#)   Walkin            MS Winter Wonderland   (Peaceful lightsnow winter wander)
Wenceslas Walk (#)   Looking Out         MS Wenceslas      (3D "Meet everyone" mission)
Nbus Hills                  Ceth's NBUS      
   Nbus   1                        
54 Station                  HHD 54         
   54   1                        
Freedom's Ring                  KSS Hero Space?      
   54   3                        
Damage Debris      Spacejunk Maze         SMG2 Space Storm   (Space junk - magnet platforms)
   54   2   Spacejunk Stars                  (Space junk - pullstars)
Bz Monastery                  HHD Bz         
   Bz   1                        
Meditation Station                        
   Bz   3                        
Lubax Station                  HHD Lubax      
   Lubax   1                        
Cosmic Castle                           
   Poccher   5                        
         BOSS: Null and Void      MLBiS Final      
Poccher Fortress               HHD Poccher      
   Poccher 1                        
Battle Belt (*)                  SMG2 Battle Belt 2   
   54   4                        
         BOSS: Lucky Shot               
The Round Table                           
   Lubax   3                        
Piranha Planet (#) (*)                        (2d pipes platforms)

Ceiling City                           
   Mok   3                        
Geg Tunnels                  HHD Geg         
   Geg   1                        
Sealed Ruins                           
Gorif Mines                  HHD Gorif      
   Gorif   1                        
Great Shaft                           
   Gorif   4                        
         BOSS: Death Spiral               
Rock Bottom                           
   Gorif   5                        
         BOSS: Mind Wipeout               
Mok Cavern                  HHD Mok         
   Mok   1                        
Mushroom Caverns                        
                     SSBB/SMB Underground   (SMB Blue Caves)
Underlow Caves                  HHD Underlow      (Underground cave wander, don't care where you end up style?)
   Underlow 1                        
Rocky River                  
   Underlow 2                        
Forgotten Falls                           (Super surreal waterfall, 3D dive)
   Underlow 3                        
Monty Mines                  SPM Floro Caverns   
Crystal Caves      Crystal            YI Underground      (Crystal Caves)
   13   2   Crystal Shards         NG Crystal Fragments (?)(_d shattered crystals)
         Crystal Spires                  (3D Crystal Spire jumps)
Lake of Silver                           
   13   3                        
Heavy Metal Cave   H Maze C (*)         SM64 HMC      (3D Metallic Cave Maze, rad?)
   13   4                        
         BOSS: Gold Crush               
Overgrown Caves      Dig Deeper         Brinstar Vegetation   (vegetation caves)
   Oilyn   4   Root of the Problem      SSBB/MG Cave      (3D monster cave, dark, uneasy)
         BOSS: Sick Vined               
Oilyn Caves                  HHD Oilyn      
   Oilyn   1                        
Purity Pool                           
   Oilyn   3                        
Superstructure                  V1 Superstructure   (3D maze bounty hunters?)
   Cobblers 2                        
Underground Vault (*)               VC Downward Motion   
                     V1 Rock n Roller   
13 Caves      Unwelcoming committee      MC 13         (hostile encounters with 13, finding cave)
   13   1   Prove yourself                  
         Learning Why                  
World Abyss                           
   Badback   4                        
         BOSS: Long-Lost         WWDiY Boss Time      
Badback Maze      Wander the Maze         HHD Badback      (Wander constantly, 2d/3d)
   Badback   1   Maze Hunt         MP2 Multiplayer      (3D Maze Bounty Hunter)
Secure Sanctum      Back Around         DDRMM Exit      (Ghost-house? maze)
   Badback   3                        
Worldlink Center   Maintenance Man         V1 Absolute Zero   (electrical maintenance search ?D)
   Badback   2   Opening Doors                  (puzzles from pointclick bigfishgames style)
Zero Space                  SSBB Subspace 1      
                     SSBB Subspace 2      
                     SSBB Subspace 3      
Ebsus Beach                  Custom: Ebsus      
   Ebsus   1                        
Bellkel Beach      Deep Sea Salvage      HHD Bellkel      (Deep salvage dive, plague)
   Bellkel   1   Ship Wrecker                  (Enemy fleet defense)
         Sunken Haunt                  (2D sunken ship level?)
Sunken City      Lifeseeker         SM64 Jolly Roger Bay   (3D find)
   Ebsus   3                        
Coral Cove                           
   Ebsus   2                        
         Ancestors         SMS Noki Home      (3D deep swim, SMS style, find)
Hydro Harbor                           (3D Ricco Harbor-like area)
   Ward   3   Pier Pressure                  (3D race?)
         Tidal Surge         V1 Tidal Surge      (2d/3d rainy flooded tidal harbor)
Atlantean Ark      Catching the Ark               (3D ship chase)
   Bellkel   3                        
         Sail forth!                  (3D ship pilot)
Riptide Reef                           
Sunset Shore                           
Blooper Bay (/) (#)                           
Coconut Coast      Boardwalk Race         LR Misc Island 1   (3D race coastline/boardwalk/jungle)
   Ward   2   Volley-Fall                  (3D Cataquack beach)
Koopa Cape (*) (/)                        
Tidal Trench      Treasure Hunt                  (3D deep salvage dive?)
   Ebsus   4   Eeluminate                  (Dark eel chase, 2D or rearview 3D)
         BOSS: Closed Enough               
Giers Ruins                  Custom: Giers      
   Giers   1                        
Forsaken Factory                        
   Giers   3                        
         Finding Yourself      NG Fail         (Similar to NG "Level up!"?)
Lurker Landfill                           
   Giers   4   Recycle or Die         V2 Recycle or Die   (Trash beast battle)
Smoggy Smokestacks                        
Construction Catwalks                        
         Platforms in the Factory   NG PitF         (3D moving platform navigate)
Windfall Wasteland                        
   Giers   2   What happened here?      VC FYI         (3D Detective explore)
         Discovering Life      MP Tallon Overworld   (3D lifesearch)
Junkyard Junction   Salvage Search                  (Scrap metal salvage)
   Giers   4   Scrapyard Smash         WL4 Toxic Landfill   (WL4 Landfill style level)
Ghan City                  Custom: Ghan      
   Ghan   1                        
Dusty Dunes                  SSBB/PM Gritzy Desert   
Desolate Desert                  URU Cleft      
   Ghan   2   Cactus Flats                     
Dry Dry Dungeon                           
   Ghan   4                        
         BOSS: Gave Up                  
Tweest and Shout   TOR-NAY-DOH                  (3D tweesters to fly over quicksand)
         CY-CLONE                  (3D giant twister, creates more twisters, goal is to rise in the big one)
Quicksand Cave                           
   Ghan   3                        
Pyramid Palace                           
   Ghan   5   Four Pillars         SMG2 Slipsand      (3D enormous underground space, four huge pillars)
         BOSS: Head Down                  
Exodus Wasteland   Exodus Flyover         NG Exodus      (dark desert/wastes glide, hazards)
         BOSS: Dust Devil               
Sunset Savannah                           
Cobblers Isle      Last Stand         HHD Cobblers      (Last stand zombie attack 360)
   Cobblers 1                        
Bone Bridges                           
   Cobblers 4                        
         BOSS: Grave Danger               
Ghost Valley (/)                        
Skeleton Slopes      Zombies in the Mist      LoZ:TP Twilit River   (fog zombie fight)
   Cobblers 5                        
         BOSS: Dead Wall                  
Eerie Lake (#)                           
Boo Man's Bluffs (#)                        
Screaming Sea (#)                        
Banshee Boardwalk (*) (#)                     
Murder Mansion      100 Rooms of Doom      WMoD Haunted      (haunted progressively harder mansion)
         Courtyard Caution               
         Even More Doom                  
Stairway to Heaven                        
   Cobblers 3                        
Sickly Sewers      Zombie Slime         NG Toxic Sewers      (haunted sewers, light green slime, zombies)
Duskwood Forest      Lurk through the Woods      ML PiT Toadwood      (3D grey, dark purple fear woods wander)
         In Blackest Night               (3D pitch-black fear woods, glowing lights, white fog?)
Wild Web                           
Dead Man's Dive (#)                        
Traveling Terror   Ship in the Night      MS Peces      (3D Black Ship Autopilot Endure)
   11   4                        
         BOSS: Dreadnaught               
Scary City                  WL4 Crescent Moon   
   11   3                        
Creepy Clearing                           
Haunted Halls      Hotel Maze         WL4 Hotel      (Haunted Hotel Maze, adventurous)
                     NG Ghost Hour      
Mixi Ruins                  HHD Mixi      
   Mixi   1                        
   Mixi   2               VC Nocturnicular   
Colorless Castle               SPM Castle Bleck   
   11   5                        
         BOSS: Stark Terror               
Midnight Mesa                           
   Mixi   2                        
11 Hills                  MC 11         
   11   1                        
King of the Bill                        (bullet bill peaks)
   Cat   5                        
Cannonball Cliffs                        (cannon cliffside jump)
                              (cannon cliffside drop)
Banzai Bluffs                           (banzai bill small cliffs)
Spiraling Slide      Shaft Slide                  (3D slide down cave)
Bullet Burrow                           (2D burrow bullets)
Cat Cliffside                  MC Cat         
   Cat   1                        
Puzzling Pipeworks               SMG2 Chompworks      (3D chomp pipes chompworks)
Snowflake City      Seeking Silver Bells      MS Silver Bells      (3D search in snowy city)
         Red-nosed Rumble      MS Rudolph      (3D team melee battle?)
Sidewalk Shock                  SPM Brobot L      
Opression Alleys   Private I.                  (Pointclick investigation, slums)
   Mellohi   5   Hero-Man         NG F. Master      (3D alley battles, hostage rescue)
         BOSS: Cold Blood      CS3D Opression      
Better Building                  SSBB/ Butter Building   
Dark Disrepair                           
   Mixi   3                        
Midnight Metropolis   Holmes Invasion                  (Pointclick investigation, skyscrapers)
   Mellohi   4                        (3D spiderman-style city adventure)
         BOSS: Head Honcho      CS3D Final Boss      
Mall Market                  MC Mall         
   Mall   1                        
Mellohi Alleys                  MC Mellohi      
   Mellohi   1                        
Stal Suburbs                  MC Stal         
   Stal   1   Daycare center                  
Strad Subways                  MC Strad      
   Strad   1                        (Some sort of guitar-hero-esque thing?)
Ward Port                  MC Ward         
   Ward   1                        
Sludge Swamp                           (3D pur-dull psn swamp)
Mudpit Marsh                           (?D mud swamp)
Forest of Secrets                        (3D huge talltrees illusion misty forest getlost)
   Badback   5   Mist Chances         V2 Mist Chances      (3D misty caves below forest, illusions)
         BOSS: Kept Secret               
Wanderer's Woods                        
Towering Tree                           (3D great tree climb)
Buster Bog                           (2D obstacle swamp, foes that throw)
Polluted Pond                           
   Oilyn   5                        
         BOSS: Oil Skill                  
Far Forest                  MC Far         
   Far   1                        
Slartisfgh Circle   Dance Dance Revelation      HHD Slartisfgh      (DDR-esque ritual circle dance, power tikis)
   Slartisfgh 1                        
Tiki Tower      Jungle Crown                  (?D Climb up tiki towers)
   Slartisfgh 3   Tiki Topper                  (2D tiki sky jumps)
Allergy Arboreum (#)               WMoD Allergia      (?D overgrown gardens)
Canary Canopy                           
Rainforest River   Row your Boat                  (3D river rafting survival, piranhas etc)
         Crocodile Smile                  (3D river log and croc jump)
         Jumping Jaws                  (2D jungle river vine swing, jumping fish)
Silent Stump                  NONE         
   Slartisfgh 4               NONE         
         BOSS: Dead Silence      NONE         
Jumble Jungle      Forgotten in the Jumble      SatSR Dino Jungle remix   (3D dinosaur jungle run SATSR style)
   Bz   4                        
         BOSS: Gone Bananas               
Garble Gardens (/) (#)                        
Chirp Jungle                  MC Chirp      
   Chirp   1   A Simple Task         SSBB/? Jungle 1      
Forever Fortress   Thwomp and Circumstance               (?D Thwomp/Crusher fort)
Guarded Guild      Infiltrator         WWDiY Shadowy Goal   (Fort infiltrate, stealth based)
         Blown Cover         VC Fortified      (Fort storm, rambo based)
Raygun Base      Retake the Base         PM2 Xnaut Fort      (3D Futuristic Fort retake)
Seige-Scarred      Charge!            SSBB/FE Attack      (Wasteland fort charge)
Constant Castle                  SSBB/MG2 Menu      
                     VC Introinfo      
Tricky Tower      Puzzle Up!         LoZ ST Spirit Tower   (3D Puzzlefilled, guarded tower)
Murky Moat                           (dark deep water castle)
Doom Dungeon      Who ya gonna call      DE2 Dark Maze      (2d topdown flamethrower stn endless monster dungeon)
         Cell Unknown         DE Skar's Maze      (2d topdown grimdarkred stoneprison maze)
The Gilded Castle   The Good                  (pointclick diplomacy/castle services)
         The Bad                     (pointclick nightmare survival?)
         The Ugly                  (3D duality vision battle/talk)
Wrecking Through                        
Self-Destruction               WL4 Hurry      (?D escape self-destruct sequence)
Theradox's Gravity Gauntlet            SatSR Foundry      (3D SatSR gravity run)
Vowo Mi Ruins      Is someone there?      HHD Vowo Mi      (3D Search for the pieces of data that can return life)
   Vowo Mi   1                        
   Vowo Mi   5                        
Foundation-Outside   Secure                     (3D anomalous area search. Area uncertain)
         Contain                     (3D anomalous entity capture. Entity uncertain)
         Protect                     (3D anomalous object defend. Object uncertain)
Foundation-Inside   S                     
Foundation-Breach   Survive            SSBB/ Parasite queen   (3D SCP breach survival, possibly 173 and contain breach entities)
         Continue                  (3D SCP breach survival, more difficult)
         Persist            SSBB/         (3D SCP breach recontain before nuke, fight back)
Forgotten Dreams   BOSS: Mental Night               
         Whispering Rain         BOND Winter      
         War Cry            BOND Quixote      
   (others are forthcoming; this will be the only level with more than 3 missions)
Temple of the 4 Winds                        
   Bz   2                        
Cloudy Climb (*)                        
Thunderhead Storm   Flying Blind                  (3D airship storm flight, dodge hazards)
         Walking on Wind                  (2D KSqSq storm level)
         I of the Storm                  (3D airship storm battle)
Airship Armada                  ? Airship theme      
Cumulus Court      Objection                  (on par with Ace Attourney series gameplay)
   Poccher   4   Sentence                  (arena combat death sentence)
         BOSS: Judgement Cloud               (takes place in modified arena)
Sorcerer's Storm               SSBB/? Storm Hill?   
   Mixi   4                        
         BOSS: Black Witch               
Liftstone Leftovers                        
         BOSS: Super Zero      REMIX SSBB/? 02      
Petal Meadows (*)   Pickup Path         PM2 Petal Meadows   (3D meadow walk, search for something?)
   S'fox   0                        
         Catch us if you can               (SMG-style rabbit chase)
Gloam Valley (*)               SPM Gloam Valley   (valley platform trees etc)
                     SSBB/? Angel Island   
Victory Valley      Bronze            SSBB/PDP Lip      (Ending sequence 1)
         Silver            PD Win         (Ending Sequence 2)
         Gold                     (Ending Sequence 3)
Picto Plains      Pixel Problems         Pictobits WC+      
   Blocks   2   Retro Raceway                  (Mario-Kart-esque racing)
Pitfall Prarie                           
   Mok   2                        
Mushroom Gorge (*)                        
Colorful Creek                           
Monsoon Meadow                  WL4 Monsoon      
Acid Antics      Too Hot            SSBB/? Brinstar      
         Too Cold                  
         Just Right?         SSBB/? Brinstar Depths   
Tower Town                  WL4 Toy Block Tower   
   Blocks   3                        
Blocks Hive                  MC Blocks      
   Blocks   1                        
Wait Village (@)               MC Wait         
   Wait   1   He who hesitates...               
Honeybee Hive                           

Off Topic / So apparently I downloaded a virus
« on: April 24, 2013, 07:59:57 PM »
Winzip Registry Optimizer. It was mysteriously packaged with the most recent version of uTorrent, and it slowed my PC down while doing a fake scan and stuff so I stopped the fake scan and rebooted in safe mode (with networking) and am currently running a full computer scan with Malwarebytes.
Does anyone else happen to recognize this particular virus/program? It honestly seemed a little too easy to delete it, but it apparently edits registry files too...

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