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Suggestions & Requests / fix the old broken Vehicle Events
« on: October 05, 2017, 02:35:51 PM »
the old vehicle events floating around RTB backups like Glass and Orbs seems to just plain not work. I've been trying to set up a little thing so that certain events occur when certain tank turrets are destroyed, but i can't do that with vehicle events as-is.
if anyone could fix the vehicle events that'd be great.

I'm running BL on stuffty university wifi, and i'm finding that i'm unable to join the vast majority of servers, which display with a ping of ---. But plenty of other people can clearly join these servers. Moreover, I can still join other servers - Honor's Honormining, Tezuni's Slopes CTF, and Anthonyrules144's Speedykart all work fine. But when I try to connect to any of daprog's servers, or Jayce's (non dedicated) server, it just endlessly sends punch packets. Console seems to be unhelpful and gives no information. I can't mess with port forwarding myself since it's university wifi, but UDP is initialized to a different random port every time and I can only succeed BL's auth check about a tenth of the time. Anyone have any ideas what's going on?

Add-Ons / King of the Bill's Add-On Topic [fixed shark camera fix, facepalm]
« on: September 23, 2017, 11:39:03 AM »
Figured I should throw all these together into one topic.

Shark Camera Fix

Tired of losing your observer camera in Speedkart whenever a shark eats you on Hydro? So was I. This is literally a single packaged function which contains a one line edit and anyone with ten minutes and a little know-how could make it themselves. I actually did this months ago and completely forgot to upload it anywhere. Add it to the gamemode.txt in your personal speedkart gamemode of choice.

update 10/7/2017: fixed syntax error. apparently i missed a ) in server.cs. derp.


Do you like treasure chests? What if you wanted a treasure chest that could be opened and closed whenever you felt like it? You'd be stuff outta luck, right? WRONG! Brick_DoorChests simply adds a version of the treasure chest brick that uses the Support_Doors interactivity system to support its open and closed states. Note that unlike normal doors, these treasure chests will maintain their open or closed state between save/load, mostly because I can't think of a good reason why they shouldn't.

Side note, I was going to include a variant of Brick_SingleChest in DoorChests that would load if you had SingleChest, but I couldn't figure out how to deregister the obselete event it used to set the chest state. I mean, you're not missing much, just the onDoorOpen and onDoorClose events and maybe some named brick optimizations.


I made this ages ago for Battlemix and posted it in Gy's topic in GD, but I don't think I ever posted it in Add-Ons. Requires the original Guns Tetrakaikimbo to work.


^title, I'm trying to edit a very relay-intensive save and I was thinking it would be so, so much more convenient if it just used named bricks, but I'm not sure how many different brick names one save is allowed to use.

Off Topic / Life is full of surprises (Blogland Forums)
« on: February 06, 2017, 12:45:35 PM »
So I been gone a while and figured I'd drop in to say hi as long as I was logging in to use the search feature.

Past two years have been so-so but things are improving lately for the most part. Still at college for computer science, in second semester of Junior year now and OH MY GOD IS IT EVER DULL.

If ShadowsfeaR is around, I still wear the button pin thing he sent me way back when. I don't wear my absolutely-trashy baseball cap anymore though, I finally realized that it just looks like stuff (all falling apart and too small and permanently stained with dirt and sweat) and that people notice that sort of thing.

I've run into a lot of problems with my best friends just up and vanishing from my life. Seems to happen pretty often and generally due to outside circumstances, though of course I have no guarantee of that. My paranoia seems to be so-so, social awkwardness also so-so, self-confidence sort of improving (see below) but I need to remember not to get roostery, that'll just end badly for everyone. I'm on different meds now that work a little better, so my mood is a bit better than it used to be, but I'm still kind of unstable. I'm a real work in progress, I guess. I'm starting to dislike communicating via text, too much mood and tone related stuff gets lost in it, I guess it feels sort of detached.

My best friend from last semester isn't back this semester, which is a bummer, but I got to visit her place two weeks ago and I guess we're dating now, I think? Can't visit each other very often yet. Neither of us have a car and she lives a good hour and a half away. I'm gonna be actually trying (like seriously really trying, the way I try when I'm stubborn) to get a job real soon, hopefully I can get something better than minimum wage and make enough over the summer to get a used car. She's really nice, a lot like me but quieter and more introverted, a lot more attractive (though she doesn't seem to see it), and fun to be around and just chill and play games with. In person, we get along really really well. Neither of us really knows what we're doing with the whole relationship thing though, we're definitely gonna need to have a talk about expectations and whatnot. I just hope communication doesn't become an issue - may need time to gather courage and whatnot. We've both got a lot of insecurities to work through, too, and based on some google-fu, it looks like both of us are chock-full of red flags. Both our families and our friends seem to think we're a cute couple though. *shrug*

So tl;dr: change, just change.

So whassup with you, BLF?

This is basically related to my last topic, but I've narrowed down what exactly I don't know how to do.
Basically, I've figured out how rotation in Torque works now (more or less) but the vector math is still giving me loads of stuff. I can rotate vectors around axes of my choice, but I need to know those axes. Specifically, I need a way to get vectors that are perpendicular to the muzzlevector; the horizontal perpendicular should run parallel to the ground plane, while the vertical perpendicular should be perpendicular to both the muzzlevector and the horizontal perpendicular.
I have no clue how to do this. Can anyone help?

EDIT: SOLVED, I'll post the solution once the code has been cleaned up because right now it's so inefficient it's disgusting.

So I want a weapon to fire five projectiles every time the trigger is pulled.
One of them goes right where the cursor is pointed. The others are offset from the original projectile in a + shape, such that the angle between the "center" shot and any other given shot is 10 degrees.
Is there a relatively concise way to do this? And if so, what is it? Note that I'm using a Tier Tac weapon as a base and so returning parent onFire might not be the best idea.

So I've been working on fixing up Tier Tactical and Frog's Weaponry lately (Bushido ignored my PMs, Frog gave me permission to release a fix for his weaponpack assuming I can actually fix anything). One thing I've noticed is that Frog's Weaponry ammo has a bizarre tendency to suddenly spaz out.
Here's an example. You're holding the Heavy RL (called the Payload Launcher in older versions). Your ammo count says 1/3. You fire the Heavy RL. Your ammo count says 0/3. You reload. Your ammo count says 1/-6.
It APPEARS that I managed to fix the problem on the Pop Gun, but in the process, I introduced a different problem, in which instead of reducing the reserve ammo by ridiculous amounts, it increases the main ammo by ridiculous amounts. At the moment, in the single-player testing server I'm running, the pop-gun's ammo count reads "97/0". Even if I switch weapons and switch back, it still reads "97/0".
I still can't get this issue to happen consistently, and I haven't yet gotten it to happen with Tier Tactical (though that doesn't rule out the possibility). Does anyone know what's up with all this?

So right now, the projectile I'm using emits a trail particle every 1 ms. This is probably not a great idea, though reducing the lifetime to 20 ms probably helped a lot (it was 120 before and that was just completely uncalled for).
I would change the ejectionPeriodMS (since the particle+emitter doesn't even really act like a trail, it inherits the velocity of the projectile so that it moves with it), but I've found that the larger ejectionPeriodMS is (i.e. the less often a particle is emitted), the longer it takes for the first particle to spawn from the bullet. Is there some sort of workaround for this? I'd love it if I could have the emitter start working right away so that even point-blank shots would show the effect (because the bullet itself is probably going to wind up being invisible).

Modification Help / How do I alter the physics size of a projectile?
« on: March 13, 2015, 11:04:35 AM »
According to Muffinmix's tutorial (which I read up on now, which answered a lot of other stupid questions), the physics of a given projectile (like, the actually hitting stuff) only happens at the dead center of said projectile. When I was testing some rocket-launcher-related stuff, I noticed the rocket's model seemed to clip through bricks, which suggests that this is true. This might be an issue, since I was hoping for some moderately larger-than-average projectiles. Is there a way to alter the size of a projectile to prevent the edges clipping through the target? (i'm using a rather small projectile model that's covered by a decent-sized emitter)

So I'm working on a weaponset, and I want the bullets to use a nifty particle tracer rather than a model (with a few exceptions that I'll get around to some other time). The problem is that the particle tracer isn't centered properly atop the bullet.
Sorry about the pagestretch but it's not really very visible otherwise.

That dot in the crook between the big star and the red bricks on the bottom right seems to be the actual bullet (or maybe that's just another particle and i forgeted up again)
Here's the relevant script:
Code: [Select]
datablock ParticleData(vnormalTrailParticle)
dragCoefficient = 3.0;
windCoefficient = 0.0;
gravityCoefficient = 0.0;
inheritedVelFactor = 0.0;
constantAcceleration = 0.0;
lifetimeMS = 120;
lifetimeVarianceMS = 0;
//spinSpeed = 10.0;
//spinRandomMin = -50.0;
//spinRandomMax = 50.0;
spinSpeed = 0.0;
spinRandomMin = 0.0;
spinRandomMax = 0.0;
useInvAlpha = false;
animateTexture = false;
//framesPerSec = 1;

textureName = "add-ons/Weapon_Vectorman/NormalShot";
//animTexName = "~/data/particles/dot";

// Interpolation variables
colors[0] = "1 1 1 1";
colors[1] = "1 1 1 1";
colors[2] = "1 1 1 1";
sizes[0] = 3.0;
sizes[1] = 3.0;
sizes[2] = 0.0;
times[0] = 0.0;
times[1] = 0.5;
times[2] = 1.0;
//So as it turns out, trail particles tend to hang out in one corner of their respective projectiles. I'm not thrilled.
datablock ParticleEmitterData(vnormalTrailEmitter)
   ejectionPeriodMS = 1; //was 2, i changed this
   periodVarianceMS = 0;

   ejectionVelocity = 0; //0.25;
   velocityVariance = 0; //0.10;

   ejectionOffset = 0;

   thetaMin         = 0.0;
   thetaMax         = 0.0;  //was 90.0?

   particles = vnormalTrailParticle;

   useEmitterColors = true;

AddDamageType("vnormal",   '<bitmap:add-ons/Weapon_Vectorman/CI_normal> %1',    '%2 <bitmap:add-ons/Weapon_Vectorman/CI_normal> %1',0.2,1);
datablock ProjectileData(vnormalProjectile)
   projectileShapeName = "add-ons/Weapon_Gun/bullet.dts";
   directDamage        = 30;
   directDamageType    = $DamageType::vnormal;
   radiusDamageType    = $DamageType::vnormal;

   brickExplosionRadius = 0;
   brickExplosionImpact = true;          //destroy a brick if we hit it directly?
   brickExplosionForce  = 10;
   brickExplosionMaxVolume = 1;          //max volume of bricks that we can destroy
   brickExplosionMaxVolumeFloating = 2;  //max volume of bricks that we can destroy if they aren't connected to the ground

   impactImpulse     = 400;
   verticalImpulse  = 400;
   explosion           = vnormalExplosion;
   particleEmitter     = vnormalTrailEmitter; //bulletTrailEmitter;

   muzzleVelocity      = 150;
   velInheritFactor    = 1;

   armingDelay         = 00;
   lifetime            = 4000;
   fadeDelay           = 3500;
   bounceElasticity    = 0.5;
   bounceFriction      = 0.20;
   isBallistic         = false;
   gravityMod = 0.0;

   hasLight    = false;
   lightRadius = 3.0;
   lightColor  = "0 0 0.5";

   uiName = "Vectorman Shot";
What am I doing wrong here? Is there an easier way to just stick a particle directly on a projectile? Is there something I'm missing here? How do I center a bullet trail particle, or better yet, how do I make a particle stay on a bullet?

Modification Help / Does Blockland support animated textures?
« on: March 11, 2015, 10:14:33 AM »
I'm trying to make a weaponset based on the Vectorman games and I'd love it if I could have some nifty animations on some CI textures and inventory icons and also on some particles.

General Discussion / Heed made a gun for Tier Tac once, I cant find it
« on: March 05, 2015, 09:11:11 AM »
Basically title. He released a gun for Tier Tactical once a while back, but I don't remember what it was; it was something he had made and used on his TDM server. I'm digging through Tier Tac in preparation for making a weaponset based on a game, and fixing a few bugs while I'm at it (i fixed the issue where you couldnt throw conc nades if you ran out of stick nade ammo), and I'd like to add the weapon to my collection o' compatibility.
Can anyone find it?

Off Topic / Dont you hate it when you cant tell a story
« on: March 05, 2015, 12:20:43 AM »
So long story short, I've been writing a story and/or fanfic (it's in an official setting but involves 0 interactions with canon characters). They're in pretty rough-draft form right now, as in, so loving rough that they lack environmental detail. Also the subject matter is something that not a lot of people are very fond of.
I found one person who seemed interested. Told them about what I had so far, gave them some drafts to look over.
Unfortunately I failed to realize that one of the characters seemed suspiciously similar to them (both tourettes sufferers who spent some godawful times in mental hospitals)
to make a long story short, now there are 0 people who i can share the story with.

its late and im tired. sue me.

in retrospect this was a stupid thing to make a topic about.
@destroyerofblocks: no I couldn't, because the forums aren't very fond of the subject matter either.
locking now.

Creativity / Some old crosshair thing
« on: February 27, 2015, 04:42:09 PM »
Found this while I was digging through old files on my computer. I have one with more colors of shading (and less shading contrast at that) but I wasn't able to find it. Also this one is animated, so.

Idk why I felt the need to post this.
To clarify: yes I did make this.

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