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this law goes both ways *flashes her sharp canines*
eyy long time no see! (for me at least lol, been a while since i've looked here) these cars still look awesome C:
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bruh your quality in models is straight up becoming on par with TheTurtorn's back in the say, sweet
Amazing topic
donít kid yourself heís already tweaking
Modification Help / Re: Filipe1020's NEW Development Topic - Back from the dead
« Last post by Filipe on Yesterday at 11:19:18 PM »
Here's the Torino Tutto, a 70's italian compact car based on the Fiat 147, this car is meant to be my most customizable vehicle to date, with plenty of options to choose from, including a Pickup, Wagon and Rally variants.

Here's a list of parts you can equip in this car: (don't worry all the parts will have icons in the garage mod to make your life easier when you're customizing the car)
- Foglights
- Bumpers
- Arches
- Spoiler
- Stripes
- Rollcage
- Sunstrips
- Cargo (For Pickup variant only)
- Liveries (For Rally variant only)
- Seats
- Steering wheels
- Roof accessories
- Mudflaps
- Grills

And exclusive to the Rally variant, you'll be able to choose several different liveries!

Obviously needs tweaking, but almost
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