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im sorry but quit being a pusillanimous individual. my dad is the exact same way but worse. hes threatened to make me a pile of blood. but i grew loving balls and realized that he wasn't actually abusive. i have forgeted up multiple times, so i deserve the beating. you also shouldn't have ran away, dip stuff. my friend ran away and he went into court today. its illegal, and he should call the cops BECAUSE YOU loving RAN AWAY. i learned to loving tuff it out, and if he wants to talk stuff then thats fine. you can never win with an adult. there are kids who are innocent and being beaten right now by their father. there are kids who dont have clean water to drink. my advice is to grow a pair. what does it matter? you'll never win. your not gonna be taken away because hes not actually abusive. i learned to take the constant harassment at school and home, and so can you.
explains why you're an unbearable, unlikeable stuffhead
Off Topic / Re: Exceptions to Rule 34
« Last post by Mardalf on Today at 06:18:45 PM »
brb getting my drawing tabl

Locking now!
Off Topic / Re: memes
« Last post by OfficerKenny on Today at 06:16:29 PM »
The one where the So, I’m on researchHub, right, and there’s a video in my recommended list. Title looks promising, thumbnail looks hot, so I give it a click. And so the video plays and the girl says, “Baby, I’m coooold.” And the guy goes, “Well let me warm you up, babe.” And then the foreplay begins.

I’m disgusted.

She said that her body temperature was low, not that her pusillanimous individual wanted a pounding. She wanted a warm cuddle, not a dry hump, you horny cranberry forgetnut. Put your damn richard away and give your girl a hug. She said she’s cold, why the forget are you taking off her clothes?
just call cps, i guess
Off Topic / Re: its christmas time!!!
« Last post by Mardalf on Today at 06:14:56 PM »
Off Topic / Re: need serious help and advice regarding a toxic household
« Last post by Biqus on Today at 06:11:28 PM »
that sux
Off Topic / Re: need serious help and advice regarding a toxic household
« Last post by Peebs on Today at 06:11:02 PM »
The existence of someone who is worse off does not make this any less severe. forget off with that attitude.
it helped me. stop sucking his richard. he needs to learn to be a man.
Off Topic / Re: memes
« Last post by Lapis the Floran on Today at 06:10:46 PM »
rooster a roach auto tune
Off Topic / memes
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what is best meme
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