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So yeah, it's the same rom the v3 thread.

Ok, look. YOu guys wanted to use f11. I made it so you could, and all you do is bitch, saying that I stole it? It is not an entirely different v3. It contains only the files to make use of f11 possible. It was made by me, and me alone.

I can't believe I'm posting below the man who coded the world editor for TGE, I am truly in awe.

can someone upload this someware else megauploads are tribals to me :(

OK, listen smart asses. I guess I DID say that it was made entirely by me, but chances are you know what I mean.

'Tis easy. People have already done it themselves. I did it without anoyone telling me how! I ROCK! Yet again, sarcasm.

This topic flew way over my head =D

This topic is dead. Then it flew over my head to.

then why didist thou bumbeth it

Ello. (Grammer people)


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Would someone mind telling me the perpose of a jail and demerit system when the only way for someone to be jailed (aside from walking into the jail trigger or not knowing how to resist or respawn when dead) is for an admin to do it, and if you do  that, then theres no chance for their friends to help. On top of that, if the admin is afk, CRIME-FEST!!!

1: You bumped it
2: Make another topic for this -_-