Author Topic: AoT Mega Mod  (Read 34460 times)

ok, If anyone thinks this mod should continue being made please tell me.

Ok I will if I think so.

can somebody upload it to rapidshare or free downloading site? because megaupload needs premium user


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Not really. In the upper right hand corner theres a box for typing in 3 random letters given by a picture. Type them in and proceed. Wait 45 seconds and then download.

I'm reuploading it to a faster and better host

Why does barely anyone play it, then I find videos and stuff of huge groups of people playing it? :(

People USED to play it. : / more :(

lol, i have a server up

How about now? For about 45 minutes, I've been trying to start up Blockland server but it keeps freezing up when Objects finish loading, so I didn't get to check the forums (I was trying to do a "quick" check on bricks using .dump(); )