What to focus on first?

Polish and mod completion (add special functionality to bugs and stuff that have been needing it)
Finish and release the MAS Magma Exo-suit
Finish the MAS Scarab-Wasp playertypes
Create more ASN (robotic) playertypes
Finish up and release the currently exsistant but unrelased bugs (the Tremormites, the two spiders, BugMod 3, ect)
Work on the remainder of the wasps
Work on new bugs!
Create more MAS weapons/suits/items/ect

Author Topic: The Bug & MAS Mods (Server coming maybe)  (Read 478361 times)

Note: The Bug Mods and the MAS Mods are two separate add-on groups. The Bug Mods being packs of AI bugs and the MAS mods being individual weapons and vehicles made by MAS Inc.
They are still both included in this topic because they share the same story line.

--Testing Server Information--

I generally host on Saturdays. Servers usually go up around 3:00 PM (PST)/6:00 PM (EST). Occasionally the server is an hour early or late.
Trinity Armory also hosts beta servers, so be sure to look for his server on weekends!

And as always, I will post on this thread whenver a server is up (and change the title).

If you'd like to stay up-to-date with the happening of this mod, feel free to join the Steam Group! -- Nevermind, I haven't been using the Steam group lately (forums work fine for server status anyway).

I am no longer accepting new team members/beta testers.


-The Bug Mods - this post.

-The MAS Mods




In the year 2042, nuclear power plants became very cheap to build and maintain, thanks to new technological breakthroughs. Before too long, an enormous amount of radioactive waste was generated. Several methods to remove or destroy the waste were attempted, but eventually it was decided that the easiest solution was to seal the radioactive material into vaults buried deep within the earth.

Then several years later, a large cloud of space debris entered the solar system, with a path leading dangerously close to Earth's orbit. Governments scrambled to build bunkers in the ground for people to take refuge in from coming storm. Earth's surface suffered massive damage from the swarm of meteorites, while the human race remained seemingly safe.

Just when the storm began to depart, a new nightmare emerged from the beneath the human's feet. Thousands of huge insects and arachnids, all presumably mutated by the radioactive waste, were angered by the tremors caused by the storm and burst into the bunkers, attacking the humans within. Very few humans escaped the disaster. And so the bug invasion begins!
Super old, please ignore for now.

--Bug Mods--


--Bug Mod 1--


--Bug Mod 2--

-Praying Mantis -- 90% (needs grab functionality)
-Earwig -- 90% (needs grab functionality)
-Dragonfly -- 90% (needs grab functionality)
-Cicada --- 90% (Needs crazy Cicada Siren weapon [Might cut out because OP])
-Firefly -- 100%
-Mosquito -- 20%  Version 2(Mosquito modeled by BlockSmith_)
-Centipede -- 10% Version 2
-Jumping Spider -- 96% Version 2 (going to redo most of the animations probably)
-roosterroach -- 0% Version 2
-Moth -- 0% Version 2
-Tarantula -- 40% Version 2
-Water Spider -- 0% Version 2

--Bug Mod 3--

-Rolly Polly (Pill bug) -- 0%
-Horsefly -- 0%? Phase 2
-Locust -- 30% Phase 2
-Tick -- 90%  (Modeled by choneis)
-Stag Beetle -- 30%   (modeled by Kevin)
-Caterpillar -- 40%  (Modeled by choneis)
-Vein Spider -- 95% (going to redo most of the animations probably)
-Sidewinder Scorpion -- 8%
-Sand Parasite -- 90%
-Water Bug -- 0%

--Bug Mod4: Hive Invasion--

-Bugs- Phase 1

-Bug -- See Mod1
-Queen Bug -- 70% (Needs some cool command abilities or something)
-Big Bug (soldier bug) -- 100%
-Boomer Bug -- 90% (Needs some extra explosion functionality [explode always on death?])
-Guard Bug -- 100%

-Mites- Phase 1

-Mite -- See Mod1
-Queen Mite -- 60%  (Needs some command abilities, and buffing abilities)
-Poison Mite -- 100%
-Soldier Mite -- 100%
-Spine Mite -- 80% (Needs more spine attacks)

-Wasps- Phase 2

-Wasp -- 0%
-Queen Wasp -- 0%
-Hornet (Guard Wasp) -- 0%
-Dart Wasp (Poison Wasp) -- 0%
-Blue Wasp -- 100%

-Ants- Phase 3

-Ant -- 1%
-Fire ant (has a fire poison attack (burns enemy)) -- 0%
-Big Ant (guard ant) -- 0%
-Drone Ant -- 0%
-Queen Ant -- 0%

-Termites- Phase 3

-Termite -- 0%
-Acid Termite -- 0%
-Big Termite (guard termite) -- 0%
-Queen Termite -- 0%

-Bees- Phase 4 (Might cut, because wasps make these guys redundant)

-Bee -- 0%
-Queen bee -- 0%
-Big Bee (guard bee) -- 0%
-Boomer Bee (Explosive Bee!) -- 0%

Bug Mod5: Super Mutants/BetaBugs -- Will be sent only to members of the dev team and closed beta testers

-Super Mutant Scorpion -- 5%
-Super Mutant Dragonfly -- 0%
-various others -- 60% + 3% +1%

Mod 5 is a reward to the Beta Testers and developers for all their help.
Also, most Mod 5 bugs are either overpowered, or intended for very specific situations/builds, and are therefore mostly unfit for public release (In my opinion).

Bug Mod6: The TremorMites

-TremorMite -- 85%
-TremorMite Poison -- 80%
-TremorMite Guard/Soldier -- 80%
-TremorMite Drone -- 80%
-TremorMite Swimmer -- 60%
-TremorMite Queen -- 50%

Special/Suggested Items/Weapons
Some of these will be included with the Bug Mods.

-Leaf -- 0%  only certain bugs can use these. In most cases, it will heal the user, except for bugs and mites, in which case the user will not only be healed, but temporally enhanced, and possibly given invincibility for a short amount of time.

-Metal Pole -- 50%  A metal pole with one end broken and sharp. This is a stabing weapon. (Blocko model by ArmyUnit, which is based off of the [HighPoly] model made by iownu424)

--Mod 4 Info--

-Special Mode-
What the Special Mode is= Some of the bugs mentioned in this topic have "nests", like the wasp, termite, and ant. I thought it would be cool to have some kind of escape-the-zombies-prison gamemode, where the ants/wasps/termites take you back to their nest and you would try to escape within a time limit. If all players are captured, the bugs win. If all players escape, the players win. If only some players escape, then the bugs win.

The ant's nest is a large anthill. It should be big enough to fit about 20 ants and 6 or 7 players.
The termite's nest is a termite mound-thing. It should be more tall then wide, and big enough to fit about 15 termites and 5 players.
The wasp's nest is, well, a wasp nest. It should be big enough to fit about 30 wasps and 10 players.
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The MAS Inc. Mods
(Mechanical Attack Systems Incorporated)


-See above post-



- MAS Heavy Rocket Launcher V4.1 -- 100%

- MAS Bug Zapper V2 -- 100%

- MAS Guided RL -- 30%?

- MAS HHF Unit -- 100%

- MAS Orb Launcher V1 -- 100%

- MAS Rail Rifle V1 -- 100%

- MAS Heavy Zapper -- 10%

- MAS Support Zapper -- 0%



- MAS Armored Rail Cannon Tank (ARCT) -- 2%

- MAS Armored Scatter Cannon Tank (ASCT) -- 10%

- MAS Hovering Rocket AA Tank (AHRAAT) -- 10%

- MAS Hovering Laser Tank (AHLT) -- 10%

- MAS Hovering Troop Transport -- 0%

- MAS Armored Flamer Tank (AFT) -- 0% REMOVED

- MAS Recon Truck -- 0%


- MAS V-TOL Attack Gunship -- 90%

- MAS V-TOL Heavy Attack Gunship -- 10%

- MAS Scout V-TOL -- 10% REMOVED (rather redundant vehicle)

- MAS Troop Transport V-TOL V3 -- 100%

- MAS V-TOL Interceptor Gunship V2 -- 100%

- MAS Swarm Fighter V5 -- 100%

- MAS Rocker Chopper -- 10%

Base Defense

- MAS Rail Cannon turret -- 3%

- MAS Heavy Rocket turret -- 20%

- MAS Light Rocket turret -- 10% (guided missile turret)

- MAS Light Laser Turret (AA turret) -- 20%

- MAS Medium Laser Turret -- 35%

- MAS Heavy Laser Turret (Tank Killer turret) -- 40%

- MAS Scatter Cannon Turret (Artillery! :D ) -- 35%

-More to be posted-

Walkers/Power Suits/Mechs

- MAS Standard Power Armor -- 65%

 A = compleatly done
 - = done for now
 _ = not done
 ~ = in progress
 * = Model done
 X = may not be made
 ? = need to ask Kevin what this is/does (because he never tells me these things!)

=== Pack 1: Basic Training===

-Basic Rifle (medium to long range)
~Flamethrower (close range)
*Rocket Pod attachments
_Power Zapper (This was the Telsa Cannon)

X=== Pack 2: Laser Weapons ===X

~Light Laser

~Med. Laser

~Heavy Laser

=== Pack 3: Specialist Weapons===

?L. N. thrower
X?Bio Launcher
X?Warp Bomb
*Net gun

=== Pack 4: Heavy Weapons===

~Tactical grenade launcher
*MegaGuns (their like miniguns, only bigger)
*Blast Pod attachments

=== Pack 5?: Attachments ===

_Krotanium Plates (Bonus armor)
~Booster Jets (for high jumping)


=Possibly more=


- MAS Magma Exosuit -- 85%

- MAS Adaptive Security Network Systems:
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-In-game ScreenShots-


The Combat and Proto Scarab-wasp models.


Lego Lad's (aka Blockomaniac) YouTube Channel. He posts many gameplay videos of Bug and MAS mod servers.

FireFly Hover Animation

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Bug Mods 1, 2 and 4(phase 1) have all be (re-)released! Also First two posts have been updated.

Minor update to the MAS Heavy RL.

Re-release and updates for most of the made MAS mods posted: http://forum.blockland.us/index.php?topic=272520.0

Finally updated the Story in the first post. It still needs some tweaking, but it is much better than it was before.

Updated Credits section. Been working on BugMods 1, 2, 4, and 6.
BugMod6 - BetaBugs, has been renamed to BugMod6 - TremorMites, and will be released to the public once completed. :)
Next MAS mod to be released will hopefully be the Magma Exo-Suit.

MAS Inc. ASN system 1 (the Scarab-Wasp) has been uploaded to RTB.
The Bug Zapper has also been updated.

The MAS Interceptor and the MAS Orb Launcher have both been released!
The Swarm fighter was also updated not to recently.

Updated the MAS Air Transport:

Code: (MAS Air Transport v1 to v2) [Select]
-Now uses the HeightControl Support script
-Possibly fixed a possible issue with the rotor loop sound
-Added new explosion effects
-Increased movement speed (Please note, the craft is still slow, and must be piloted correctly. See description.)
-Windows are now only visible from the outside (possibly temporary)
-Possibly made collision much more stable (Only testing and time will tell!)
-Decreased the max health slightly
-Possibly more that I don't remember

Finally Started working on the Gunship again. I've also been working on the Earwig, Magma ExoSuit, and some base defense turrets.

MAS Air Transport has (finally) been released.

MAS Swarm Fighter has been updated to V2!

(I should have been updating this news more often...)
A good deal of progress has been made on the V-TOL transport.
Also fixed the lighting issues of the Caterpillar, and added recoloring functionality.
And also progress on secret thingss

-Other Add-ons-

- Prints -- 70% These kinda died for now.


-ArmyUnit - model artist, animator, programmer, producer, project lead/hive master

-lordician - co-project lead, Lead programmer, pun creator, development video recorder, Mighty zombie wizard of Hax

-Blockoman - beta tester, inventor of BugMod4

-Linkuto2121 - past beta tester

-Random Ram - past beta tester, past server host

-Razre - past beta tester, past model artist

-Choneis - Model artist

-DarkStar - Animator

-Skyra - Beta tester, Lead pun creator, self proclaimed CQC Guy of the year (of last year?)

-raptor360 - Beta tester

-Kevin - Model artist, beta tester

-bithead9 - Beta tester, Lead Map Maker Builder maybe?

-Cyanian - Model artist

-Blocksmith - Model artist

-Trinity Armory - Server host, beta tester, pun creator

-Lego lad - Video recorder, Dino overlord

-OzmarBlock - Model artist, CI icon artist

Honorable mentions:

-jitank -- Build contributor
-HanHan13 -- Build contributor

As usual, please report any problems/glitches you find.
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This is the Special something?

why make a new topic?

why make a new topic?

I wanted to split everything into separate post, to help with organizing, and to make it easier for me to edit/add stuff.
Hopefully I'll be able to shorten this page some.

Congrats Heed! You brought about some good things. :P
Not the only "good things" I will bring about. Expect a post from me again later on.

Not the only "good things" I will bring about. Expect a post from me again later on.

what does this mean..? :o

also, pictures post updated.

I had expected something better... /sadfaec

I love the power armour, although it would be better if it was smaller, imo.

I had expected something better... /sadfaec

there will be better.

I love the power armour, although it would be better if it was smaller, imo.

ya, I was thinking of scaling it down a small amount.

You know now that I think of it why dont you remove the roof from the ride armor?