Are you going to PAX?

25 (9.6%)
235 (90.4%)

Total Members Voted: 259

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Just Yell "KHAN!" repeatedly on the top of your lungs. Whoever runs away from you, that will be Badspot.
Do it.

Do you really want to meet Blockland community members?

I wish I was going, but it's way too far.

Probably I go into school September 8 and live in California :D

But if there are enough Blocklanders going PAX who are interested, perhaps we could arrange an unofficial Blockland meeting. 

This makes me want to go. Although I wouldn't want to hear a bunch of 14 year old scream "OMG ITS BADSPOT U SO AEWSOME!"

Wait, Badspot wants to meet us? Is this the end of the world?

Do you really want to meet Blockland community members?
Maybe he's trying to see who is going so he can avoid them.

Will anyone go to PAX East?

I have gone to pax for 3 years running, and will be there a fourth time. I still remember fondly 2 years ago putting my arm over BadSpot's shoulder and getting a photo with him, me grinning at meeting the creator of blockland (showing off gasp, brick events, omg cool), him looking absurdly uncomfortable because a complete stranger is touching him. Short of my photo with Adam Sessler (dude is like 5 foot 6) and maybe that one dude from Kotaku, it's my most cherished photo of me with another person.

edit: and maybe my photo with captain falcon about to falcon punch me. His costume and pose were impeccable. And voice, but you can't see it.

edit edit: and maybe my photo with master chief, the dude was seriously about 7 feet tall.

another edit: and maybe the photo with the inanimate 70% scale model of a Big Daddy from bioshock.

I'm in Tucson Reactor Worker, you need a better excuse that that. This is like the pilgrimage to Mecca. If I were a more sane person, I could say that I'm exaggerating.

edit oke here it is

Note how the he is almost physically pulled to be closer to me, the nervous non-smile, and the arms straight down at the sides. Most awkward photo I've taken in 3 years.
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In the modern world "Too Far" is the distance to the airport.

bad will be chatting it up on some hot naive girl that is fooled by his charms.

and i will come up and be like, "baddy!!!! mah man!!!!"
give him that drunk guy aggressive hug.
"i see that thing cleared up on your lip!"

that girl will be walking away.


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pretty cool i say B)