Author Topic: It's Here.  (Read 36403 times)

i mean it gives you a chance to explore the things

Lawl, everyone come to FBD, there is a bunch of us here. :P

If you have the game, I mean.

Sure, if that's what you wanna call it.

Can't he make it into a trial :'(
Trial= Full thing for limited time
Demo= Part of thing for Unlimited time

ok..I think i just bought it, i have no idea, when do i get the key? help pls, i've never bought stuff from internets before =(

You'll get the key over the Blockland 1.0 email did buy a email off there....right?

WOOOT Im getting this tommorow if possible.

WOOT I'll bash in your head if you do....for no reason....just because you're too cheery....I guess

yay, i got it. Damn hotmail thought it was junk  :cookieMonster:

It IS junk, lol jk!!!!!!!

It IS junk, lol jk!!!!!!!
IMing's where it's at is "it"

I only tried the demo and i want it more, i would even sell my kidneys...

I'll buy your kidneys for $1 paypal :D

I'll buy your kidneys for $1 paypal :D
Naa i could sell them on the street for more...