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Author Topic: Highler Ridge :: Welcome to the city.  (Read 18654 times)

It got into that because I didn't want a simple return to Wallack. To anticlimactic. And I'll gladly post my side of the story tommarrow

K, I'm at school and I'm bored.

Name: Max
Status: Bandaged bullet wound in right leg, Several small burns, Bullet wound in left arm
Items: Crowbar
Location: Prison Island Boat Deck
Cash: $9,825
Objectives: Stop the prison boat
Gained: Nothing
Lost: Pistol

WHO KEEPS A SWAT TEAM, ON A BOAT?! I didn't have time to think about it, so I got a few lucky kills on two of the SWAT guys as they ran for cover. Three remained. I didn't have much use for a dinky pistol so I chucked it at the SWAT guys and dashed for the other side of the deck (on my side). I got shot in the arm. I kept going anyways. I ducked through a doorway and ran under the deck. I hid in the nearest door and the SWAT team members split up. Thankfully none of them entered the room I was in. I finally noticed why because there was a cell FULL of prisoners and they were showing no reaction to me. I quickly slammed the door shut and locked it. A SWAT member showed up and called his buddy to help him get it open. I held it shut with all my might. I finally jammed the crowbar in the rotating valve so it couldn't be opened without a chainsaw. I ran up to the cell. NOW the prisoners were showing reaction to me. I didn't know how to get this dang cell open. I ran over and pulled a steam pipe from the wall. Hot steam sprayed everywhere. I jammed the pipe between the bars and PRIED it open. The lock finally snapped. I got what seemed like thirty prisoners out of the cell and ran back up to the door. I looked at the prisoners. They were eager for me to remove the crowbar. I pulled it from the valve and the door shot open. The prisoners sprinted at the SWAT guys. They were overpowered in seconds. A few of them grabbed guns. I snuck back up to the deck and saw Jake and Bruce finishing up with the SWAT guys they were dealing with. I raised my crowbar in the air and all the prisoners looked. "REVOLUTION!" I shouted. Everyone cheered.
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Name: Mike

Status: A single bullet wound that is currently healing.

Items: USP Match .45, 

Location: Bright Annex

Money:  4,526

Damn muggers stole almost everything and almost all my money. They stole my sports car, now all I have is this pathetic sedan. Im loving ready to use this pistol and get all that money back from that stupid gang, and then rob some bank around. Time to start my crime life. *happehfais*

Name: Luigi Bianco (Born April 10th 1977 in Sicily, Italy.)
Status: About to run into trouble?
Inventory: Wallet (Complete with passport, license, money, and a creditcard.), Cigarettes, Glock, and a Moon Pie.
Karma: 0
Location: South Bint; exiting the airport.
Cash: €2,524 (Euros), $450 (Dollars)

 I'm Luigi Bianco. I was born in Sicily in 1977. I came to Highler Ridge to escape the murderous Falcone family. I had been seen with another member from another family. Although I will not say which. So they were out to kill me. I'm not that big. 148.3 pounds, 6 ft tall, so atleast I won't be a big target.
 I just left the airport, luckily I had enough euros to get my car from Italy to America. So here I am in my 1956 Ford Fairlane, making sure nobody is looking at me funny. I passed a sign that said Bright Annex. Suddenly I am seeing more people getting mugged. I entered my motel room at the Super 6. A mouse ran out the door. "Great; i'm stuck in a low-life mouse-trap of a hotel." then my new neighbor came by. "Yep, life in the ol' six." he said. "Hi, I guess your new here. I'm Gianni. Gianni Sagese." Then I remembered back in Sicily being friends with a Gianni Sagese. "Gianni? Are you by any chance from Sicily?" Then he said "Yup. How could you tell..." This is when I saw his eyes light up. "Luigi Bianco? Is that really you?" Allow me to describe Gianni for you. He was always slightly smaller than me. At this moment he was 142.8 pounds, and that'll change, but i'll talk about that later. He was born September 3rd 1979. He's 5' 10", and it turns out he was in the Falcone family before me. So, we went into his room and talked about what'd happened between high-school and now. "I was just waiting for the bus when some mafia guys came out. They said that if I didn't do what they told me, they would shoot my legs. I can verify that now." he said. "I grew into it, then other mafias were trying to kill me a lot, so I fleed." So now you came to this dump?" "Yup, that's what happened." Gianni said. Then we exchanged phone numbers, and so that the government wouldn't be monitoring, we would talk in Italian.
 I woke up the next morning to the sound of the phone. "Yes?" I said. "Sì, ti piacerebbe uscire e prendere un caffè?" said Gianni. Then I said "Certo, sarò a destra fuori." and hung up. After that, I went to the Jitters coffee shop. When I got there, I saw a small red-orange light coming from inside. Then I saw people running out. I had one thing to say: "What the hell?"
Tune in next time for another amazing adventure through Luigi Bianco's Life!
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Fine, I'll continue on then...

Oh, and can we say the prison was on Nordston, that small island on the map?

Name: Jake Kosh
Status: Bandaged bullet wound in left leg.
Inventory: M60 (100/100, 132 7.62mm rounds.)
Karma: 0
Location: Wallack.
Objective(s): What objective?
Cash: $750
Gained: Nothing.
Lost: Nothing.

"Well now that you saved them, can we get the hell out of here?" I asked, staring at Max holding up his crowbar.

"Yeah lets go, we can use that prison boat, but the prisoners are coming with." he answered, lowering his crowbar.

We got aboard the prison boat and headed towards Wallack, we were going to ditch the boat (inb4wtfditchboat) and head off our separate ways from the prisoners, of course Bruce, Max, and I would stick together.

Half an hour passed (Yeah, the boat is slow as forget), we made it to a small, deserted dock by an old warehouse. We got off the boat, I breathed a sigh of relief. The prisoners thanked us and left.

"This warehouse looks like a good spot to hide out in." Bruce said, pointing out the old, abandoned warehouse.

"But what about the boat? Surely thats going to be hard to miss." I said, hinting towards the prison boat we arrived on.

"Well can we at least rest?" Max asked, looking exhausted.

"Sounds good, we can rest tonight, and find a new place in the morning." Bruce said.

I realized how tired I was and nodded. We headed towards the old warehouse, the few windows on it are either broken or boarded up. We went inside. The warehouse was almost completely empty, except for a few old crates here and there. I looked around for something semi-comfortable to sleep on and found nothing.

"Looks like we're sleeping on the ground tonight." I say, lying down on the hard ground. I slowly drifted off to sleep, even if it wasn't comfortable I was tired enough to sleep anywhere.

We need to break away from this "Do something bad/get found by cops, get captured by said cops, get sent to jail, break out, huge gunfight." routine, its getting old.
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Name: Luigi Bianco
Status: Well, for now.
Inventory: Wallet (Complete with passport, license, money, and a creditcard.), Cigarettes, Glock, and a Moon Pie.
Karma: 0
Location: Goodyear, in front of a seemingly burning Coffee shop called Jitters.
Cash: $400
Gained: Nothing for now.
Lost: $50. To pay for the motel room.
Clothes: Business Attire

As I got closer to the entrance, I noticed, yes. It was a fire. I got closer, and I saw something I thought I would never see; Gianni with a flamethrower in the middle of a local coffee shop chain. When I got inside, there he was, torching some seats. "Oh, hey Luigi!" He said. Then I said "Gianni, what the hell is going on?" Then he told me how the clerk wouldn't give him a triple-chocolate-mocha, complete with wafer, truffle, and whipped cream. "That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard." After I said that, he went on about how he will always weigh less than me so it doesn't matter how much he eats, and he always, always has a truffle in his triple-chocolate mocha.
 But that didn't matter. I heard sirens. "We'd better get out of here." I said. Then he said "No, I'm too fat to run." Just come on, we can take my Ford. I knew him. He loved Fords. So anyways, then we ran to the car and drove off, but it was bad, they were right on our tale. I handed him my Glock. "Here, shoot." I ate my moon pie and we were off.  He was shooting a lot, but missing a lot. It didn't look good, until he shot the antenna. They couldn't call for more reinforcements now. Take that, CB Radio. So it was just us, and these two cops. So now I was a target again. Great, the whole reason I came here ruined. Thanks, Gianni. Thanks.
 At one point, I swerved into a dirt road. And to get the idea of police out of my head, I turned on music. The song was "String Bean - Hillbilly Music Goin' Round". A red and white Ford Fairlane, cruising through the countryside while listening to hill-folk music. Nice.
 We had lost them, and it was about noon now. We stopped at a Truck Stop. This is a part that went real well. We got into the trucker line. It was faster. And the waiter there saw our faces and noticed a little Wanted! sign he had behind the counter. He got out a magnum, and he shot me in the knee. Gianni used the last few bullets of my Glock to get rid of him, and we escaped. "Don't worry about your gun, I'll get you some Molotov's and grenades soon enough." Gianni said. I said "Gianni, I came here to get out of the craziness of a crime-filled life." Then he said "I know, isn't this great?" There was silence the rest of the way, which was really awkward.
 When we got back, Gianni brought me to a guy that sells weapons. From him, I could get anything from a little handgun to a nuke that could blow up a continent. His name was Joe Moretti.
 When we got there, and he said I was a friend of his, he got me a MP5K on the house. Then, I bought a Magnum, and a hunting Shotgun. I also became good friends with Joe after it turns out he too was from Sicily. He was older adult; about 52. He wore suspenders and glasses and he had shiny white hair that would make you think he's much older. "Here, take these." He gave us clothes so that hopefully people wouldn't tell who we were. I still think it was a pretty bad idea.
 When we got to a diner, Gianni was eating. A lot. He was stuffing down milkshakes and burgers like a goat. Or a pig. Or a cow. He'd probably eat aluminum if I put it in front of him. It was like Eating2. After today, he weighed a good one-hundred-and-seventy pounds. He gained 27.2 pounds. Finally, I weighed less than him. >:D
 Finally I got back to room 23 at the Super 6. I fell asleep watching Ren and Stimpy.
Tune in next time for another amazing adventure through Luigi Bianco's Life!
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Name: Max
Status: Bandaged bullet wound in right leg, Several small burns, Bullet wound in left arm
Items: Crowbar
Location: Wallack
Cash: $9,825
Objectives: None
Gained: Nothing
Lost: Nothing

After a good sleep we got up. AS I stretched my spin cracked so loud Jake and Bruce jumped. "AAAAAUGH" I shouted. "Never...sleeping...on...groun d...AGAIN!" I moaned. I exited the warehouse and looked around. There were some idiots riding an electric scooter in my direction. Wait a second here... THAT'S MY SCOOTER! Same paint, same hub caps, SAME TINT ON THE WINDSHIELD! I whipped out my crowbar and ran up to them when they got close. I SMASHED it into the driver's torso and he and the guy behind him flew off. The scooter stopped when Bruce grabbed it. I grabbed the kid who was driving by the collar of his shirt. "YOU EVER TOUCH MY SCOOTER AGAIN AND I WILL RIP YOUR NECK OPEN!" I shouted in his face. "I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHO YOU ARE!" He shouted back. I then remembered that I was a different person now. "JUST DON'T TOUCH IT!" I shouted back as I tossed him to the ground. They both got up and dashed off. I walked over to Bruce and got my scooter. "I'll be back, going to see if those morons screwed with my baby" I said as I drove off. After a long drive I arrived in Kelton. I remembered when I was getting a cop car for the boss. Good times. After a bit I arrived at a Jitters coffee shop. There were a couple of these around Highler Ridge. I heard one in Goodyear was burned down. After entering the shop I heard a few guys fighting with words upstairs. I walked up to the counter and set two bucks on the table. The clerk handed me a coffee. I removed the lid and disposed of it and took a few sips. I walk upstairs and was that the guys were fighting about a girl. I walked up next to the girl and she gave me a glance for a few seconds, with a look in her eye that said she was attracted. The guys were throwing harsh words back and forth saying stuff like "SHE'S MINE!" and "DON'T MAKE ME PUNCH YOUR EYES OUT!". Finally some REALLY harsh words came up and I just walked between them. "Guys guys guys, can't we just resolve this an easier way? The girl clearly hates you both" I said, and proceeded to sip my coffee. "YO STAY OUT OF THIS!" one of the guys said shoving my back. The girl stopped my from stumbling backwards. She held me for a second then released. I took one last sip of coffee and walked up to the guy that shoved me. "I didn't appreciate that" I said. The man spit on me. I shoved my coffee in his face. He grabbed it and shouted as it burned him. He recovered after a few seconds and swung at me. I ducked and countered with an uppercut. He stumbled backwards and I kicked him into a table. The table fell over on him and since there was coffee on it, it poured all over his head and face. I looked at the other guy. He sprinted out of the shop in a few seconds. I turned back at the woman. "Shall I take you to your car?" I said, locking my arm with hers. "You shall" she said staring at me. After I took her to her car she gave me her number and drove off. I hopped onto my scooter and returned to the warehouse. "Where have you been?" Jake asked. "Got a coffee, punched a guy, got a girlfriend" I said. "WOAH THERE! BACK IT UP!" Bruce said. I had a huge grin on my face.

Post ipod, POSSSSSST. Spot that refrence.

at a Jitters coffee shop. There were a couple of these around Highler Ridge. I heard one in Goodyear was burned down.

 Nice. :3

Hurry up ipod, I don't know what to do with our story right now.

At this rate we should just give him the boot

:o. I'm a bit offended. I waited for you guys. You can't give me a break to think too? Plus, I am still not understanding the story. I'm busy with real life you know.

Name: Bruce
Status: Wounded in chest, several burns in legs, and a deeply cut wound in the face
Items: 10mm pistol, riot shotgun, and combat knife
Location: Wallack
Cash: $546
Objectives: None so far
Gained: Riot shotgun
Lost: Nothing

15 minutes before Jokey seemingly has a girlfriend that he meets so suddenly

I woke up to the sound of Max cracking his back. I started to stretch too. I wasn't too comfortable sleeping on the ground without anything really. But, I made do with it. I swept away a spider crawling up on me and started to get up. That's when I saw him bash someone with his crowbar. I never wondered why he carried that thing around but now I started to.

"I am going to go see if those morons screwed with my baby," he said to Jake and I. He hopped on his scooter and went away.

"Well, great. What now?" I said to Jake who had just woken up from his somewhat deep slumber.

"We could search the 2 boxes here. I'll take left. You take right."

I made my way over to the left box and started to pry it open with my bare hands. That didn't work too well, I got a minor cut on my knee from a nail sticking out from the poorly transported box. Jake tossed me a crowbar as he started to pry his open with another one he found somewhere. I easily got it open with the crowbar. After freeing the side from the rest of the huge box, I tossed the crowbar away. I was a bit astounded with what I found. I found a weapon and cash stash.

"I struck gold, Jake! What have you gotten?" I shouted to him.

"Dog feces!" he yelled back.

I looked over my side and really saw what he was looking at. The box was looted already by someone. And dog feces was placed inside for a reason I still don't know. "Well come over here. I got a weapon stash and some extra cash for us."

Jake hustled over and saw the stash. Weapons were neatly placed along the sides of the box. The inside was filled with benjamins to the top of the box. I didn't need a lot of money. I took several hundred for myself. Jake, on the other hand, was stacking as much as he could in his pockets. After I took the money, I started studying the weapons along the box walls. I found myself a riot shotgun and a good stash of ammo near the shiny, metallic object. I stashed them in my cargo shorts and hung the shotgun along my back, taking the 10mm pistol I had into another place that I could easily access it.

Jake was still trying to fit more money in his pocket when I said, "Hey, save some for Max when he comes back too, you greedy forget."

With that, Jake backed away and put the pile he had in his hands down on the ground. "Fine," he said back to me. And he stomped off into the warehouse again. I studied the weapons one more time and decided to not take anything else. I left and met Jake outside. Max was back around then with a note in his hand.

"So, what did you do today?" I asked.

"Got a coffee, punched a guy, got a girlfriend" he told me.

I did not believe the last part. "WOAH THERE! BACK IT UP!" I yelled back at him. Max was wearing a huge grin on his face showing something was up.

"What? I went to the coffee shop and found this girl whom two guys were fighting over. So I got them out of the way and she ended up giving me her phone number."

"I really don't think this "relationship" will last long. What will happen when she finds out what we really do?" Jake asked Max.

"Hopefully, I can keep her away from both of you and I can arrange dates when I can," he said. He already acted like he had everything planned out.

"Well, there is a weapon and cash stash in that back box if you need anything," I told him pointing towards the open box.

"Thanks Bruce," he said. And he went over to the box and looked for something.

So, yeah. I got the time to do this stuff. But, I don't have a good attention span nor a fast learning pace. Give me time like I do you guys.

I'm sorry :C. I just get impatient easily. I don't like waiting.

I'm sorry :C. I just get impatient easily. I don't like waiting.
Yeh. Well, I at least got a post in. Also found star at GC's. It was..well short.