Author Topic: Alkatjo - Fake or Real?  (Read 2347 times)

Alkatjo is most likely an alt.

Let me get to work on finding out who...

Nope, can't be. His only key (17532) carries his first name ever used, which is marked with the date and time which is around the same time he registered his forum account.

I did find some other information of his while looking for other keys he might own:

New account he just registered:;u=38554

Primary email:

Name: Alec Murphy

Age: 15 to 16.

BL_ID: 17532

Profiles of interest:

youtube account:

Use this information to tell if he returns after he is banned for trolling.

When there were no posts on the thread yet, he said "link removed due to flaming" or something.


He was an obvious troll. that's all.

nobody says patato..


Wtf, how is he not banned yet?

you understand that this is admitting to trolling and can potentially get you banned, the fact that it's in drama makes it even more dangerous because you can't edit it.
I know, thats the best part, this 'drama' part of the forum is not really cared for in my opinion.
Heck, this whole forum is run by kids.
Yes, kids.

So your saying that you were trying to get yourself banned? Are you loving kidding me?

No, yes.
I don't care :3
Part of being alive, live like there is no tomorrow.

and then he pretended it was some big plan. :cookieMonster:

Hey taboo, i'll give you a high-five if you stop trying to prove everyone that this is fake, caus' it is.
Why don't you go teach some new guy on how not to build brick-style houses and such.
Go on do it.

How am i not banned yet, luck.
Thats all there is to it.

And if i do? Its ok.
I'll just alt.
And no im not Red water cat, nor Keta.
Merely an alk.
Heck i may even be your best friend and you may have never know i was someone else.
Your all just tumors on the worlds brain, a bump in reality, and can't take a joke.

Well, sorry for the abusive troll.
I got tired of waiting for someone to do it.
Go on sid, your turn.

Alkatjo, I'm talking to you as a friend now.

DO NOT make an alt. It's not worth it, you WILL lose your key.

Alkatjo, I'm talking to you as a friend now.

DO NOT make an alt. It's not worth it, you WILL lose your key.
Fine :3
I'm done.
I apologize for my insensitive actions towards everyone.
I hope you can forgive me as i have suddenly realized that people have no sense of humor.
No offense to some people, and yes.
I'm from the south so i do sometimes say patato.

al you're hilarious.
stop pretending anyone cares.
everbody knew you were lying and nobody is surprised OR "impressed" with what a friend you've made of yourself.

Sorry, but when he first made the topic, without any posts in it, he said "link removed due to flaming".
It's fake.
He was flamed ingame, according to him. Thing is, he never posted a link in the first place.