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Hes watching us

*NEWS* Rendermen are now spotted in Dark maps during Halloween! Thank you Baddy!

I have been seeing an odd figure lately while playing Blockland, he seems to be all dark with the default shocked face. Not much is known about him but he seems to hide or sneak into my pictures.

That is everyone's confusion.  A lot of people are posting fake pictures, only a few are the real thing

New discoveries!
Rendermen have multiple forms.
There is specualted to be more than 1 Renderman.
The creation of Rendermen is unknown.
Rendermen seem to be hostile on some occasions.
Mostly neutral, attacks when provoked or if by itself.
Rendermen like to hide, usually dark areas.
It is rare to find a group of Rendermen.
Most commonly found in screenshots, more likely to appear in DOF ones.
Rendermen can teleport.
Rendermen love to observe from a distance.
Normal screenshots will make Rendermen appear far away.
DOF screenshots will make Rendermen appear up close.

Mod man's video of Rendermen effects:

Proof he is real:
Blockland - Renderman Footage

I'm not quite sure what "it" is. As far as I know, it is a map or player entity that renders itself into screenshots.

It is not "hostile", mess with your Blockland settings, distort your videos or any of that other ridiculous crap.

What it does do though, is appear in screenshots, exclusivley. Not in actual gameplay. In your normal screenshot, it appears from a distance. You can not make out a definite figure. When taking a DOF Screenshot though, it appears closer to the camera, but due to the blur effect, still undefined.

I hope this video and description helps you tell apart the fake sightings from the real ones.

Frostbyte, please add this video to the OP.

Photo of a type A Renderman:

By Anti-Block

My first encounter with the Renderman:

I thought this was just an odd glitch but after I looked closer this seemed to be a Blockhead.

Later I decided to go the the Bedroom Dark map and see if I could make anything in a dark theme like a nightclub or something.
But then I noticed something looking at me from the ceiling...

A second later he had just dissapeared. Thinking he was gone I hit f8 and looked around for a good place to build.
I found Renderman again! This time a closeup shot.

Who is this odd Blockhead and what does he want with us? Is he afraid or just likes to watch us?

From what I can tell the Renderman likes Dark maps but he sneaks into photos on daytime or lighter maps.
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EDIT: I am telling you guys, he talked to me and informed me that he wants us to refer to him as Slenderblockhead. It doesn't sound all that great though.

Alright, Renderman it is.
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This is why I don't play on the dark maps. :(

This is why I don't play on the dark maps. :(
I'm really paranoid.

i love dark maps except people can cheat them light

i love dark maps except people can cheat them light
Maybe Rendermen has a hatred for this? :O

It's quite infectious.
Only i'm lovey when i do it.

Lol @ tails.

Do you think the Renderman may have different forms or there could be more?

Also I can spell check Renderman. OH GOD HES ON MY PC!

Holy crap. This is creepy. Keep doing this, maybe open a server like rendermen hunt.

̵̡̤͍͖̤̺̝̭̻̩̎̉͐͌͌̚͘Gi̸̢̻͚̼͔̩̯͖͈̔̅͌ͭ̄̑̅ͫ̉ͣͮ̾̉ͯ̏̐ͦ́̐͘͞OODṇ̷̳̤̬͉̻̪͈͎̟͕ͦͨ̉͛̒ͮ͢͢͢ͅė̴̡̠̣̙͍̭̰̯̅͆̾͗̓́͘͝ͅ ̨̪͙͕͔̙̬̮̝̟͙̭́ͮͦͤ̏ͣ̀̚͟͠BYe

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yeah we can thank tails for that

̵̡̤͍͖̤̺̝̭̻̩̎̉͐͌͌̚͘Gi̸̢̻͚̼͔̩̯͖͈̔̅͌ͭ̄̑̅ͫ̉ͣͮ̾̉ͯ̏̐ͦ́̐͘͞OODṇ̷̳̤̬͉̻̪͈͎̟͕ͦͨ̉͛̒ͮ͢͢͢ͅė̴̡̠̣̙͍̭̰̯̅͆̾͗̓́͘͝ͅ ̨̪͙͕͔̙̬̮̝̟͙̭́ͮͦͤ̏ͣ̀̚͟͠BYe

How did your text spill over.. ;o