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Alright, so we all know Joshua Moon (Ibanz/Iban) has returned as CityRPG, supposedly to turn over a new leaf or something, despite being the same panloveual border-line rapist and Self Delete histrionic he's always been. Most of us have already seen the following conversation with Colten about his shota habits, but I'll post it for those that haven't seen.

(8:11 AM) Joshua:   Alright, time to jerk off to some neko shota.
(8:11 AM) Joshua:   Yeah, I'm forgeted up. I know :(
(8:11 AM) Joshua:   brb.
(8:13 AM) Colten v3.5:   0-0
(8:13 AM) Colten v3.5:   Wait
(8:13 AM) Colten v3.5:   I thought you hated furries
(8:13 AM) Joshua:   Neko =/= Furry.
(8:13 AM) Colten v3.5:   I just googled it
(8:13 AM) Colten v3.5:   It was a half cat half boy
(8:14 AM) Joshua:   A single cat abindage is not equivilant to a dog with some human features.
(8:14 AM) Joshua:   And that's not why I hate furries.
(8:14 AM) Colten v3.5:
(8:14 AM) Colten v3.5:   Also
(8:14 AM) Colten v3.5:   They are all little boys 0-0
(8:14 AM) Joshua:   Hence the word Shota.
(8:15 AM) Colten v3.5:   Yes
(8:15 AM) Joshua:   You need to learn your lingo.
(8:15 AM) Colten v3.5:   But a boy jacking off to a boy?
(8:15 AM) Joshua:   Regular doesn't cut it anymore.
(8:15 AM) Joshua:   I drench my sorrows in procrastination so often that it becomes too hard to get off to heteroloveual intercoruse for the sole purpose of reproduction.
(8:15 AM) Joshua:   You need to expand your researchographic interests if you do it too often.
(8:16 AM) Colten v3.5:   Oh ok, so Ill go over to /me/ and start jerking off
(8:16 AM) Colten v3.5:   */men/
(8:16 AM) Joshua:   I've done iit
(8:16 AM) Colten v3.5:   0_0

Besides being a blatant homoloveual child enthusiast (and I mean that in the most mature and literal sense), the dude is loving psycho. Anyone who's known me has seen the conversation logs I've been copy+pasting around where he graphically described how he'd like to brutally rape and mutilate me and pretty much any forumer that pissed him off on a certain day. His entire "relationship" he had with me was mostly out of pity on my part, which Joshua Moon sums up quite nicely when describing his depression:

5:01 PM - Joshua: the depression was stemming from a lack of social activity and belonging, combined with low income and no future
5:01 PM - Joshua: I wanted belonging with you
5:01 PM - Joshua: and you never rejected me
5:01 PM - Joshua: just like
5:02 PM - Joshua: side-stepped
5:02 PM - Joshua: constnatly
5:02 PM - Joshua: a full wall of text ignored here
5:02 PM - Joshua: an issue not responded to here
5:02 PM - Joshua: and just
5:02 PM - Joshua: you kept doing that
5:02 PM - Joshua: I had to say stuff like that to get you to listen
5:02 PM - Joshua: to get you to respond
5:02 PM - Joshua: your motherirng instinct is the only nerve besides your looks I could pinch to get you to knee-jerk react reliably

For a long time now, he's been showering me with gifts and attention I never really asked for inbetween his Self Delete rants and his mass-murder nuptials which he's admitted was all for attention. I never really paid him however, much to the chagrin of Mr. Moon, and when he'd confess his 'love' for me and I wouldn't respond I'd come back home to a tirade like this on my open Steam window:

4:51 AM - Joshua: God DAMNIT
4:51 AM - Joshua: I don't understand why NOBODY
4:51 AM - Joshua: can loving love me for who I am
4:51 AM - Joshua: Nobody
4:51 AM - Joshua: My parents
4:51 AM - Joshua: Grandparents
4:51 AM - Joshua: Everyone I've ever loving met
4:52 AM - Joshua: I swear to god I want to kill and rape as many people as I can
4:52 AM - Joshua: before getting gunned down by SWAT
4:52 AM - Joshua: That needs to be my life aspiration
4:52 AM - Joshua: You stupid loving cunts need to suffer
4:52 AM - Joshua: All living things with a vagina

There's a reason nobody loves Joshua Moon, and that's not because he's fat, ugly, or socially awkward; it's because he's a freak:

I remember after he found out my last name, he said that he'd show up to my house while I was at school, shoot my dad, and wait for me to get home. Then he'd subdue me, cut off each individual digit with a knife heated in hot grease so that it'd cauterize as it cut and I wouldn't bleed out. Then he'd cut off my clitoris and my labia, and then rape my ass until I shat myself. Then he'd just leave me to starve to death or something once all my appendages and my genitals were sliced off and he'd beaten me sufficiently.
I was really mad that day.

He's mad all the time. ATKitton, Colten, Nickelob Ultra, Bisjac, and Otis have seen the kind of sick, twisted stuff he says to people in his bipolar fits of rage.

Speaking of Nickelob Ultra, Iban has an intense hatred for Nick literally because I paid more attention to him.

5:52 AM - Joshua: Actually the most depressing thing about this conversation was knowing that I'm second-rate to someone like loving General Nick.
5:52 AM - Joshua: That alone is a death warrant.
5:53 AM - Canoness Adrastia: jealousy and pessimism
5:53 AM - Canoness Adrastia: define you
5:53 AM - Joshua: I'm jealous in the same sense that if a jewler and a farmer offered a diamond ring and a bag of cow stuff (respectively) to a girl as a gift of engagement
5:54 AM - Joshua: and the farmer was chosen over the jewler
5:54 AM - Joshua: the jewler would be somewhat upset
5:54 AM - Joshua: (and you call me unconfident)
5:54 AM - Canoness Adrastia: yeah except you arent a jewler
5:54 AM - Canoness Adrastia: and nick isnt a farmer
5:54 AM - Canoness Adrastia: you have such a high and completely unwarranted opinion of yourself
5:55 AM - Joshua: I thought I had no confidence
5:55 AM - Canoness Adrastia: you havent accomplished anything in your life but you think you're better than everyone else
5:55 AM - Joshua: I think I'm better than General Nick.
5:55 AM - Joshua: I'm inferior to the vast majority of society.

He got the last bit right, but any mention of Nickelob in conversation sent him into a buttrage:

6:13 AM - Joshua: You're tabbing between me and general nick right now
6:13 AM - Joshua: you know that nick would love to seduce you
6:14 AM - Joshua: take off your clothes, one piece at a time
6:14 AM - Joshua: while sucking on your neck
6:14 AM - Joshua: you don't have to fight for people to care about you
6:14 AM - Joshua: you are a woman
6:14 AM - Canoness Adrastia: nick has been in bed for an hour
6:14 AM - Joshua: you inherently have people ready to talk to you
6:14 AM - Joshua: oh
6:14 AM - Joshua: well still
6:14 AM - Joshua: forget you
6:14 AM - Joshua: he is probably masturbating
6:14 AM - Joshua: as we speak
6:14 AM - Joshua: to the thought of giving you a pearl necklace
6:14 AM - Joshua: and I don't mean the accessory
4:47 PM - Catherine the Necron: yeah but you cant preach from a high-horse and say how you're not getting your dues when youve been nice
4:47 PM - Catherine the Necron: i never like attack you the way you do me
4:47 PM - Catherine the Necron: the worst i do is downplay what you believe to be supr srs drama
4:48 PM - Joshua: no.
4:48 PM - Joshua: the worst you do is ignore me all the time.
4:48 PM - Joshua: when I tried talking to you and devoting all my off time from work to you
4:48 PM - Joshua: you'd take your time responding
4:48 PM - Joshua: played with nick
4:48 PM - Joshua: I gave you everything I could
4:48 PM - Joshua: and you were like
4:48 PM - Joshua: meh boring
4:48 PM - Joshua: yawnnn

Paranoia, and rage at somebody who I played Warhammer 40k with for like two weeks, and because Nick got more attention, Joshua Moon was and had consistently been a weird, paranoid forgetwit who wouldn't shut the forget up about Nickelob.

And more recently:

Take my current version. Blocks Stocking, Nick, and Tony in the Thread Listings, Posts, and "Topic Summary" area while posting. Will later get it to remove them from the "Last Post" area on both main board and board listings.

To account for the whole "Personal Agendas" thing in this thread, the new Blockland community script, as bright as its future is, is being completely abused to push Iban's own agenda against me. I'd talked to Kingdaro a bit about it the other day, and as paranoia is defined as an irrational fear, my predictions were merely divination.

8:34 PM - … …CrCIA <3 Zonii: right now Iban has the power to ban people almost
8:34 PM - … …CrCIA <3 Zonii: he's going to start releasing one that blocks "all troles"
8:34 PM - … …CrCIA <3 Zonii: it'll be the only one that people download
8:35 PM - … …CrCIA <3 Zonii: and it's going to block people like Lord Tony, Nickelob, Chrono, and me
8:35 PM - … …CrCIA <3 Zonii: watch him weasel kalphiter in there too

As witnessed the very next day, when Iban added me to the list of people automatically blocked by the new Greasemonkey script.

Added by default are Lord Tony and Stocking. To remove these filters, click their profiles and then "Remove this user from your block list."

Nobody asked that I'd be added as default, and it makes a lot of sense that they haven't. The reason the Bronies developed the script was to block Tony's posts in the pony thread seeing as how his posts were gross displays of furry image spam. My posts, however frequently unintelligent, are on the same tier as people like Katamari and Mawty, and does not in any wall call for me to be blocked by default as a result of people using this planned community script.

I believe Wedge has some bright ideas, and that this script can do so many things to benefit the community, but right now Iban is just using it to get back at me for not giving him enough attention over Steam. It's a personal, bullstuff agenda of his that's soiling an otherwise perfectly good script. For those of us who aren't boycotting it yet, don't give Joshua Moon the power to completely eliminate people he doesn't like.

At least he won't see this thread.

At least he won't see this thread.

he's kind of like megascience, desperate and lonely  :cookieMonster:

At least he won't see this thread.
I doubt he's actually blocked Stocking himself. If he did then it would be harder for him to stalk her forum activity. He wants no one else to see Stocking or give her attention here.

I like it when threads like this come around

4:51 AM - Joshua: God DAMNIT
4:51 AM - Joshua: I don't understand why NOBODY
4:51 AM - Joshua: can loving love me for who I am
4:51 AM - Joshua: Nobody
4:51 AM - Joshua: My parents
4:51 AM - Joshua: Grandparents
4:51 AM - Joshua: Everyone I've ever loving met
4:52 AM - Joshua: I swear to god I want to kill and rape as many people as I can
4:52 AM - Joshua: before getting gunned down by SWAT
4:52 AM - Joshua: That needs to be my life aspiration
4:52 AM - Joshua: You stupid loving cunts need to suffer
4:52 AM - Joshua: All living things with a vagina

Well, that was, to say the least, disturbing.
No words. nudes of stocking yet?

Wait, everything with vaginas...
Cage your dogs, Cage your cats.

now THIS is podracing a drama topic

Cage your cats.
He can't really do that anymore

He's also a bigot against religious faiths, but no one here would actually care about that.

This thread scared me.

I think he's still on my Steam. I'm going to remove him right now.