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Oh yeah I saw that guy earlier building that. I would have told on him but he seemed like a nice uy. He just sat there in silence all night while I ranted through out the server. He's a good listener.
A good listener? He kept spamming the chat with (get in my jeep) for literally 12 minutes, even though I said no. I don't think he's a really good listener, though that's my opinion.

I am

the law

this spam

is under

a rest
its not spam!! itz on basplat!

alright, I'll prep the altar for the ritual tonight

of course your avatar is that comrade

Technically, I am A Leprechaun and my beard is nice and fuzzy so that makes me a furry, right?

<----------------------- like mine :3

Help, Comrade keeps trying to rape me!

Help, Comrade keeps trying to rape me!

You 2 make a great pair! <3

sometimes it seems like things are bad because of stuff luck, stuff timing, or just the universe deciding that it wants to take a giant stuff on your day
but nobody cares
its just you
things aren't bad
you're just a whiny bitch
so why are things still bad
its not because you want them to be bad
or is it
yes it is
you want this
you want to be angry
to be sad
to have a reason to lash out
to have an excuse to be a gigantic starfish
you want things to be bad because it justifies your attitude
but what if you dont want it to be bad
what if things are just bad
what if it's just a little fly in the ointment that consistently ruins your day
why do you keep using this same ointment
get rid of it
get rid of it all and start over
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bullstuff it was consentual
I'm pretty sure you tricked me into it somehow...