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Author Topic: Zombies in the Bluzone** [[CLOSING]]  (Read 322415 times)

did the motherloving server crash again

loving forget

always when i'm working on it

and always late at night!!

I got off right before it crashed.


Next update will include extended sewers, deep labs, a new secret area and a bunch of tiny additions and revisions.

Also a few new add-ons

Like the hatmod?



This is coming to the hatmod soon.


could i wear a wig made out of cigarretes with a large amount of polygons


I've got a big to-do list right now, and I'll say that look over hatmod is somewhere on there.

You should probably make a cigar only hat for Abram.  :cookieMonster:

Either way, those hats are bad-ass. Is there going to be a baseball cap?

Don't get too roostery, I never said I'd implement them, just that I plan to look over the script and see how much work there is to do.

Night was intense.
I arrived in Gammaton with a group, most notable people being Jay and Robert. We were searching the area for anything we could possibly find. Guns, medical supplies, anything salvageable. There was this creepy guy...

We'll call him suit guy. He followed us around, until he attacked Jay and left him unconscious on a rooftop. Rob and I carried him (and another injured survivor) to a safehouse.

(Jay is on the couch, Robert is in the doorway)
They got better and we continued searching when Jay insisted he had found something.
He brought me into a corner to search, and the suit guy appeared. A hitman. I brought out my gun, and so Jay. But he pointed it at me. I was stuck. After a bit of banter with Jay I dropped my gun. The hitman closed in and began bringing out tablets.
"Now here's what we're going to do, Tony," he said. The tone in his voice was dark.
I could see something... moving, in the background. It was Robert! He jumped down and swiped out his gun.
The hitman turned, clearly startled. I picked up my pistol and pointed it at the Hitman, while Jay focused his aim on me.
The hitman just... left. We saw him a few times after that, but he didn't do anything. Just stared, as always.
I didn't get many chances to take pictures, so this is all you get.
After a few trips to the Survivor base, caves, etc. we returned to Gammaton at night. Everyone got pretty much instantly brutalized by a witch, except me and the other wounded in the previous picture.
We took shelter in the safehouse for the night. We heard the growling of a mutalid. I insisted it was nothing and tried to go back to sleep, but... he decided he had nothing to live for after all of the deaths.  He ran out. I tried to follow, but fear took over and I hid in the the speakeasy under the safehouse. I could hear the growling of the creature outside. I sat in fear, as it beat down the door.
I woke up in a cave. I don't remember much, except the image of the mutalid holding a glowing orb... an egg?


I accidentally voted yes. Sorry. Also, add my id to op. 20525

Oh gosh, I don't think I could stand playing this anymore with it just first person playertype.