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Author Topic: League of Legends - Megathread  (Read 343616 times)

Apparently some people who also have my english teacher were talking about me and how i was really good at this game and my teacher talked to me about it and said i should go pro lol
I've told you this so many times


I wana play with you kojo man go eu.

I wana play with you kojo man go eu.
come to na like everyone else :P

jesus riot please get your act together
my entire game, both teams, nobody can play properly due to lag

How can there exist such horrible persons. Little kids flaming and trolling all they got.  Riot Parents plz.

uh so apparently I'm gold 3
I don't know how exactly to feel about this.

one of my friends gifted me urgot


one of my friends gifted me urgot

a nd one of my friends introduced me to talent
hi talent!

so my friend told me that i didn't really need to worry about runes/masteries until I got to higher levels

is this true?

Masteries are good to keep up as you're leveling
However, runes, give them a miss for a while.

Decided to start doing my placements, had probably the most intense ranked game I've had so far.

I just played Aatrox. Enemy team was juuuuust about to destroy our nexus, but our inhibitor respawned. I was solo backdooring their nexus turret, then I managed to take the nexus. ALL 5 of them were pushing and I managed to beat them.

Haha, that's gotta be an awesome feeling

Also, I've been trying to advance more in ranked, but my winrate is very slowly decaying.
I'm still at 65%, but it's tough. I've had a lot of extremely close games, and I just lost one that woulda put me above 66% :C

My winrate was pretty good, but then I started being nice and letting people go where they want and they end up feeding or being useless. My winrate dropped to like 48% and then I started playing kayle. This was all season 3 though, I haven't even played since the actual season started

Riven is losing lane
I gank for riven as fizz, get her ahead
She is doing well, we're starting to pull ahead
We just need to win a teamfight and we'll be able to push.

What does she do?

She literally goes in solo 4 times in a row against their entire team, not getting a single kill and always dying and ignoring the thresh lantern that would allow her to make it out. This happens until we lose the game.