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|| How are we Different? (About)

     Vokor has recently expanded. We started as a simple Blockland clan, and this is what it was then:
   After watching lots of clans try and start but fail soon later, I wanted to investigate why. I never got to a reason, but I believe I have found a reason to keep one going. Clans are a group of people that do stuff together, but most clans think these need to be driven by the leader, to be a 'clan project'. Cineblock Studio actually had the idea I am thinking of going for a while, but is now closed. I feel like clans need to be used more as a 'resource'. For example, say you are working on a project and would like some eventing help. You can come to this topic, look at the Blockland players who say they have skill in eventing, ask one of them to help on steam, and you have your help! This clan isn't to do big projects as a clan, we are to help members do their own projects. We help each other reach their goals in Blockland. Yes, this clan is more of a community of people than a clan.

   tl;dr We want to help in each others projects, not have large clan projects.

We have now expanded from that to be a gaming community, that is currently filled with mostly Blockland players. We will keep a Blockland division of Vokor that tried to keep the idea in the quote above going. We try to play games together, have contests, and all that jazz.

|| Blockland Members
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Name     Forum Account     Blockland ID     Steam Account     Skills             Clan Status
MunkMunkey11977MunkuriousScripting - Hosting - Fighting   Founder
NullableDontCare4Free23618NullableScriptingSuper Admin
TheBlackParrot   TheBlackParrot18701TheBlackParrotEventing - Basic Scripting - Graphic DesigningSuper Admin
Evar678Evar67816752NIRSEventing - ScriptingAdmin
SurburbSurburb11985SurburbFilming - BuildingAdmin
Navaro Navaro4342NavaroSound and Image Editing - BuildingModerator
sibaConservative5012sibaBasic Scripting - Special BricksModerator
Air GliderAirGlider17518Air GliderMusic - Building - Eventing - Hosting - Fighting - Acting   Member
AlterationAlteration15492AlterationImage editing - Sound Editing - Music looping - Music producingMember
BlookerBlooker17864BlookerFilm - Build - DirectMember
Brian SmithBrian Smithers2199Brian SmithScripting - Eventing - FightingMember
Danny BoyDanny Boy3166Danny BoyEventing - ScriptingMember
DerroithDerroith25666DerroithBuilding - Modeling - FightingMember
JincuxScout319789JincuxScripting - EventingMember
JirueJay212JirueGraphic and Texture ArtistMember
Lamebro1Lamebro127362Lamebro1Scripting - Hosting - Building - Basic Modeling  Member
Mysteroo  Mysteroo18923MysterooBuilding - EventingMember
OwlTheOwl17016Blockland_OwlTerrain - Minigames - FightingMember
PassPass2976passingbyBuilding - ModelingMember
PortPort12297PortScripting - Design - Image editing - Filming - Photography - Administrating - Hosting   Member
RevoltechRhet35487RevoltechBuilding - EventingMember
SirLanceLotSirLanceLot73824None right nowBuilding - Admin - PhotographyMember

|| How to Join?

   -Joining just Vokor is extremely easy, just tell a member/admin and have a moderator invite you to the steam group!

   Joining the Blockland division of Vokor is very simple, simply impress some of the members enough that they recommend you to the admins. Then you will be reviewed by the admins, and if you turn out to be cool and skilled at something, your in!

Remember the difference between the two being that to be part of the Blockland division, you have to show us that you have some skill in something Blockland related, where being part of just Vokor means that you get to play with us. :)

|| Media

None right now :(

|| Clan Sponsored Projects

|| Member's Server Status



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This is going to be a fun clan I can tell already.

Munk, I need to show you some of my skills.

Oh good you made OP.

Munk, I need to impress you with my lovey event skills and decent scripting abilities!
Surely a BL_PC maker is worthy of being in this!
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Oh good you made OP.

Munk, I need to impress you with my lovey event skills and decent scripting abilities!
Surely a BL_PC maker is worthy of being in this!
3 clans lol

This looks cool!

welcome Evar to the clan!

Welcome Racerboy and Danny Boy!