Author Topic: The Forgettable Dungeon: Early Access Release  (Read 281685 times)

New update to the Kickstarter where I talk a lot about the new guidebook as well as other stuff

It's a 3D GUI, and you can rotate it around because reasons.

kinda reminds me of spelunky, that guidebook

what is this again? i forgot

are you not able to read the OP?
i believe he's read it once or twice but it's quite easy to forget what's in there

are you not able to read the OP?
i mean, this game is pretty forgettable.

I posted an update to the Kickstarter last month but it was mostly just recap and bloopers since my OS SSD had failed. Plus I've mostly been working on secrets, which are supposed to be secret...

Here's a preview of what I can actually show you without spoiling things.

Game's still progressing well.

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I didn't know Fry from Futurama can make video games