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The Forgettable Dungeon is an online & offline co-op dungeon crawler, heavily influenced by games like Zelda, Spelunky, and Rogue. Online co-op is up to 16 players. The dungeons are procedurally generated and the monsters and items are randomized each time. Making each playthrough just as deadly.

The game will be released someday in a future far far away.



Character Editor


This is basically a cut down version of the game that is just the character editor, I also included a way to quickly preview skin sets if you want to experiment with things.

B = Pencil
E = Eraser
G = Fill Can

R = Resize
S = Save

You can right click the color palette to choose your own colors.


Character Editor

Extra Characters

Try the prototype, The @Team

More info here

Quote from: Old screens

Quote from: Original Thread
A few people messaged me about the @Team so I figured I'd make a thread about it.

Yes I'm still working on it, also it's no longer called The @Team. Currently it has no name.

Here's a comparison of the old version you may have played and the new version I've been working on.

old version:


new version:

More info will be coming in a few weeks.

Kickstarter feedback:

Right now it's just rewards, but any feedback or suggestion is welcome.
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New version looks much better, and a lot more interesting.

that looks pretty cool. i'll have to check it out sometime.

in which

looks delicious, can't wait to play it

looks like 3d dot game heroes

looks like 3d dot game heroes
it looks like a 3d realm of the mad god kinda

holy stuff that's like the jump from Blockland v2 to Retail

What will happen to our old version?

ew RotMG sprites
don't remember where they originated from so i'll call them RotMG sprites

excuse me
i'm pretty rotmg didn't come out in 1980

loving the floor covered entirely in tf2 logos

Are we keeping the old arcade style?
like see how far you can go then reset?