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Are we able to make custom monsters, weapons, and levels since workshop?

Are we able to make custom monsters, weapons, and levels since workshop?

Custom monsters, weapons, and skin sets are most likely going to be the next update.

The sprite editor has already been modified to start having more capabilities in the update I put out last night. However it's not going to be fully savable/functional until the next update for monsters.

Old New Kickstarter update:

Talks about extended workshop, skin editor support and the like.

New New Kickstarter update:

Talks about the new look for the game!

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procedural intro stories are always a win. though forgettable dungeon's has less of the word 'clit' than my random story generator

for some reason i always misread it as somebody saying "that's lit"

also that's a fancy story, feels very star warsy
i'm guessing story is always going to take a back seat to the brawl?  too much story would probably get in the way
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i have released a skin pack for all to see or even use

Boot camped my Mac and finally got around to playing this. Really cool and fun game. What engine does it use? Torque3D? I see dts and cs files.

It uses the Torque Game Engine like Blockland, but i think it's the latest version, whereas Blockland uses an older version

its finally here!! its happening!!!

curious, can you fit under the corners of the boulder?
or is it smashy in all parts of it

I believe I made the collision sphere like, to allow for more close calls and near misses.