Author Topic: Still looking for a picture of Truce, Willing to pay top dollar if tw it takes  (Read 6938 times)

As many of you might have know, I posted a topic a while back asking if anyone had a picture of Truce, DotDotCircle was the only one who actually had one, I paid him his $5; But the picture wasn't shot in the best angle, infact you could barely see his face, when I asked if he had another he said that "It was the only one he was able too find, I was sad because I really want to see his face; but I was also happy because I was able to see his body at the least.

My question to you guys is do you have a picture of truce that shows his face, I'm willing to pay top dollar ($500 - $1000) if you can provide me with a picture of truce either showing his full body (toe to head, face must be visible) or just his face, now the reason why I'm willing to pay so high is because... Well I have this fantasy.. You see, I'm a big nerd, and it's always been a desire to be in a passionate relationship with another nerd, specifically, Truce, I have no idea what it is about him, but I love whatever it is, and I love it when I dream about us, I dream about walking on a beach with him, talking about Runescape and other games that we as nerds like to play, one thing led to another and we were talking about the Cyberlove we had on an IRC chatroom, he suddenly interrupted me, asking "Would you like to reenact the Cyberlove we had, you know... in person?", I blushed and replied "Well..", he stepped closer towards me and we locked lips and rubbed each others chests, I slowy lowered my hand down into his pants, I felt his enormous rooster and could only imagine how it would feel much deeper inside me, I started to rub his rooster until it became fully erect. He lied down on his stomach, and I began to penetrate his starfish with the tip of my snake, slowly going deeper, and deeper until I could hear the sound of my ballsack slapping against his glorious butt cheeks; we both moan in ectasy and I interject in his ass, he fell asleep in my arms right there on the beach.

I know that the chances are he doesn't have the same feelings for me as I do for him, therefore I can only fantasies about him, and that is good enough for me, it's sad I know, but I don't care; I just want to fulfill my fantasy so I can get the fact that we probably wont ever be together off my chest.

Thanks in advance.

- Kadon
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Oh my loving god this is classic

I don't usually swear, but what the forget did I just read.

this is great

Thank you for describing your fantasy to us in detail.

that was..

interesting i guess

i got a pic of bubbagum, knuckle deep in girl candy. but thats prob not worth much around here.

I need some mindbleach.