Author Topic: King of the hill (because redconer's died)  (Read 79397 times)

I claim the newly repsawned hill and shove the american flag with my avatar replacing the white stars on it.
My hill.

Aw, hell Ghost Man, I was gonna start some good old classic texan selling operation for this 'ere Strickland Propane and you go on and take it with all your command consoles and server crashing, whatever that means i tell yah. You even tarnish the name of America with your little american flag 'ere. I'm gonna need to come on down to the hill you have there and teach you how us texans deal with your types around here, i tell you huwat.

My hill.

I throw a grenade at your propane storage facility.

Mine and Lego's charred hill.

I corrupt lego lad's avatar.
My hill.

i create conflict between alyx and lego

I trick everyone into going to that cake that was fill with bombs. After that i exploded it

My hill and everyone is dead.

The cake was a lie.

My hill.

Your face is a lie.
My hill.

I slap you for doing this... bad boy

My hill, queeba is currently crying.

I begin rebuilding my slade dome around the hill to protect it from nukes.

My dome around crazy's hill.

I built a new hill in the faraway lands

My glitchy hill.
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I launch a nuke at mario's glitchy hill, but the nuke turns into a square and the explosion turns into a pyramid.

I'm happy with my slade dome.