Which would have been the best name for League of Legends?

League of Xenon
4 (9.5%)
League of 360
10 (23.8%)
League of Durango
6 (14.3%)
League of One
7 (16.7%)
League of Scorpio
3 (7.1%)
League of X
12 (28.6%)

Total Members Voted: 35

Author Topic: League of Legends - Sylas? New Season? You bet.  (Read 282667 times)

have you guys noticed with the slight chance of a new champions name appearing someone will make an account with that name just to play them but end up just leaving it alone, same with any quotes from that champion?

Jihn looks pretty boring, to be honest. He reminds me of the old champs when the game was stilll young and the devs were figuring stuff out.
Every aspect of Jhin's kit flows together amazingly and really makes for a fun champion who really feels differently. You're seriously putting on a show when playing him. All of his skills (passive included) make it feel so smooth to combo something and watch it burn. When you pick up a RFC, it's so damn easy to put the fear of god into anyone. You just swagger walk up to them, hit them with a RFC shot (tons of damage), snare them (You mark people with autos / allied damage), and blast what little health they have left. If they're not dead by the 4th shot, they will be. The damage is incredible on it and you can feel the power when using it. A Jhin with his 4th shot ready is easily one of the most terrifying things on league. He's just walking around like it's a normal loving tuesday while twirling his gun, his hand glowing red. You don't forget with a Jhin on his 4th shot if you're not at max HP.

His ultimate is great. Everything zooms out and suddenly you're in control, you can make them dance. Every shot, you can just see the enemy scramble to try and avoid it. Even if you miss, it still feels good to miss, you're scaring the stuff out of them knowing that any shot coming up can land, and that shot will kill them. And the final shot is really the best. Much like Jhin's 4th auto, it glows red and it's much more noticeable than the other 3 shots you've fired. When it hits, it zooms in dramatically to put whatever you hit (or missed) into frame.

darkkmane noticed me <3

>not maining zilean in 2016

Currently on massive tilt but still wanting to work on my knowledge, so I have an astounding offer. If anybody low-ish elo wants me to look over replays and give some tips for macro/laning, I've got a load of time tomorrow to do that. If you'd like to take me up on this offer, just make sure to have a replay.gg file for me and some questions. A loss is preferable because more mistakes = more tips for you. Currently sitting at gold 4 until tilt is over.


Was one short of getting Jensen. Had to go Alex Ich. Pretty crap.

Wildturtle flex, pretty stuff too but both could work well

Should I start Nukeduck, Alex or maybe Pepinero

Turtle and Alex end up being my most valuable players... from just one game. Origen and Rush makes me want to cut my wrists.

some cray ppl play this game :O

also i made silver 2 ! just before the season ended cant wait to redo it in like 2 weeks

i played jhin on the pbe
700 ad at full build
i can just smell the ban rate

Lost this week with 0.23 pts


Jhin is being release on valentines day

Jhin is being release on valentines day
where'd you hear that

where'd you hear that
The other day I was in a teamspeak with a riot employee (100% real genuine) and me and a bunch of people were talking about Jhin and he told us he would be out on Valentines

The other day I was in a teamspeak with a riot employee (100% real genuine) and me and a bunch of people were talking about Jhin and he told us he would be out on Valentines
That's stretching it.

Jhin's most likely going to be loaded up alongside the next patch, and then released sometime after the release of the patch.
Why the hell would they wait almost a month to release a champion who's already on the PBE? Champions as of late have been out before a month's elapsed.

Kindred is the only one who pushed the month.