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Modter Interior Build Restriction
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Simplex Gen: 2D
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Modular Terrain
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43 (12.9%)
Brick Plant Cost
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RPG Bot Tweaks
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Simplex Gen: 3D
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Day / Night Cycle Events
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Author Topic: GSF Mods Metatopic  (Read 20103 times)

Donations will go towards improving my YouTube Channel and purchasing better software for game development.

    GSF Mods Metatopic
    Various content released over the past decade for Blockland, organized into one topic. Please check back regularly for new releases and for new updates to past projects, since the auto-updater is no longer being used.

    Large-Scale Projects

    Procedural Terrain Generator v3
    An advanced and extremely versatile generator, which creates randomized brick-terrain for you, while making it appear hand-built. This was a truly ambitious project, which I began working on in late 2013 - early 2014. Note: Version 3.1 is in development, and version 4 is planned for a future release.

    Item Storage v4
    Interactive GUIs and events that allow you to store items in bricks, backpacks, vehicles and bots! Due to the inventory / storage system and also due to the numerous possibilities introduced by the custom events, Item Storage can be used in a variety of different ways - such as for creating crafting systems, stores, trading posts and NPC inventories. Note: Version 5 is currently in development, which will probably be renamed to RPGs Extended.

    Scripts & Small-Scale Projects

    ModTer Interior Build Restriction (v1.2.0)
    Originally made for Lord Tony's Toy Store server; this is a script that prevents players from building within ModTer bricks. It even includes additional options to prevent building on top of the empty space of ModTer sloped bricks and wedges, and to disable non-Super Admin planting of ModTer in general.

    This script is great for creating / hosting maps made out of modular terrain, or just to prevent players from hiding bricks inside ModTer. Suggestion topic: http://forum.blockland.us/index.php?topic=288074.0

    • Toggleable restriction for players, with a separate toggle option for Super Admins
    • Applies the restriction to bricks planted by players, loaded bricks, and to bricks planted with the new duplicator and other tools.
    • Only applies to ModTer bricks, doesn't apply to bricks planted in water or zone bricks
    • Includes both RTB / Blockland Glass GUI options and server preference variables
    • Option to only allow Super Admins to plant ModTer bricks
    • Can prevent building on top of the empty spaces of certain sloped ModTer bricks, and wedge Modter (via the brick's bounding box)
    • Uses default brick error messages, included the Buried message (since you're planting bricks within "terrain" :P)
    • Prevents planting normal bricks inside ModTer, and ModTer inside normal bricks

      RTB / Blockland Glass Options, Server Commands and Server Preferences
      • /ToggleMTR (Super Admin only Chat Command) - Toggles the build restriction for ModTer interior and sloped building.
      • "Restrict Interior Building" ($Pref::Server::MTRes::IntBuildRes) - Toggles the main, interior building restriction (same as using the /ToggleMTR server command) (boolean var: true / false).
      • "Restrict Building on top Slopes" ($Pref::Server::MTRes::SlopedBuildRes) - Toggles the restriction for building on top of empty space of sloped ModTer bricks and ModTer wedges - if the main restriction above is also enabled (boolean var: true / false).
      • "Don't Restrict Super Admins" ($Pref::Server::MTRes::allowSA) - Toggles both restrictions for Super Admins (boolean var: true / false).
      • "Restrict Non-SA ModTer Plant" ($Pref::Server::MTRres::DisPlyrModTer) - Toggles allowing non-Super Admin players from planting any ModTer bricks (boolean var: true / false).

      Quote from:  Change Log
        • Added classic brick error messages (Buried and Overlap) for certain situations
        • Changed packaged function to include restriction when loading bricks, using the New Duplicator, and when using other tools
        • Reworked relative brick position checks for wedge ModTer bricks
        • Improved functionality for checking multiple ModTer bricks a brick might be in
        • Added support for allowing most bricks to be planted on top of empty areas if at least one segment of the brick is attacked to another below it
        • Added new option for allowing / disallowing players from planting any of the ModTer bricks
        • Added support for preventing ModTer from being planted inside of normal bricks (when the restriction is enabled)
        • Updated packaged function - to fix issues with loaded bricks (all plant errors now default to the OVERLAP error)
        • Removed auto-updater support / requirement

        Simplex Gen: 2D
        A simplified, easy-to-use generator, designed to be an alternative to the complex PTG mod. This add-on uses 2-dimensional noise to generate brick terrain for you, and includes an easy-to-setup fractal algorithm, similar to the one developed for v3 of PTG. Compared to other projects, this add-on was very easy to create, and took only 2 days to complete - less time than any other add-on released previously.

        • Generates terrain exceptionally faster than PTG (it doesn't prevent collision with other bricks, so be sure to clear terrain before regenerating)
        • Designed to work on dedicated servers (please don't disconnect from your server during generation or when clearing terrain)
        • Host-only (with chat messages and center print messages that only the host can see)
        • Includes a basic, yet still highly versatile GUI, which automatically sets up terrain colors for you when opened, based on your current colorset
        • Includes server preference variables and chat commands (see the top of the Server.cs file for more information)
        • Choose colors for grass, dirt, sand and water, and set levels for sand and water
        • Setup the size of the generated terrain, the offset position where terrain generates, and use any brick you want via the brick UI name
        • Advanced options such as regarding the fractal algorithm, a toggle option for snapping bricks relative to their height, and an option for the amount of fill bricks added under terrain
        • Floating brick support (improved from the floating brick functionality included with PTG)
        • Use offsetting to stack grids of generated terrain
        • Toggleable Public Ownership (generated bricks also can't be destroyed when using the hammer or wand, by default)

        Brick Plant Cost (v2.0.0)
        A script that deducts points from a client when planting a brick, if they have enough points to "purchase" that brick (based either on the brick's size or a fixed price). You can also set up rebates for destroyed brick, and your own cost / rebate values for specific bricks. Even though there have been other brick plant cost scripts released in the past, this one is designed to support PTG and other generators, as well as the ModTer Build Restriction Script.

        Great for certain servers and gamemodes where players have to earn the bricks they build with, and for teaching others the value of a dollar.

        • Toggle the ability to purchase bricks when being planted (player score is used as the currency)
        • Players can use the /BPCprice chat command to check the cost and rebate value of their ghost brick, before planting
        • Doesn't interfere with loaded bricks or bricks planted by the duplicator
        • Choose between a relative brick price (based on the brick's size), or a fixed price for all bricks
        • Can be used with ModTer Interior Build Restriction
        • Includes a rebate option, which will give players back a certain amount of points back when destroying / undoing bricks.
        • Set up unique prices and rebate values for certain bricks, within the "config/Server/BrickPlantCost/CustomPrices.txt" file and by enabling "Use Custom Values"
        • (See "Prefs.cs" in the add-ons .zip file for more information)

        Quote from:  Change Log
          • Changed packaged function to fix issue with loaded bricks, and to prevent confusion with duplicated bricks
          • Added a /BPCprice chat command, which allows players to check the price and rebate value of their ghost / temp brick
          • Changed certain RTB GUI preference and var names (some server pref vars are no longer used) and added support for negative integer values for cost / rebate values
          • Added support for giving players a rebate (points back) when a brick is destroyed (via the hammer, wand or any tool that calls onToolBreak) or when undoing a brick (note: doens't work w/ generated bricks)
          • Added option for setting up custom cost / rebate values for bricks, based on their UI name (can be toggled at any time in the RTB / Blockland Glass GUI)

          RPG Bot Tweaks & Events
          Various scripts that apply small changes to bot spawning and the items they spawn with / drop. Meant for RPG servers, but great for DMs and other gamemodes.

          • Choose specific items via a whitelist which bots can be randomly given when spawned, including the ability to spawn with anything or no item
          • Set up bots to spawn or despawn based on times of day: Dawn, Mid-Day, Dusk or Mid-Night (bots can be set up based on their hName or hType)
          • Allows bots to drop their current item on death, or even to drop a randomized inventory on death
          • Includes day / night cycle input events, which are called based on the time of day (also uses an efficient brick input event calling system
          • See the ReadMe.txt file (included in "config/Server/RPGBotTweaks/") for more information on how to set up bot spawning and random items (4 files in total are created in the directory the first time you host the add-on).
          • The add-on's day / night cycle input events (RPGbt_onDawn, RPGbt_onMidDay, RPGbt_onDusk and RPGbt_onMidNight) don't support duplicated bricks or bricks loaded from PTG chunk saves. You need to update / reapply events manually for those bricks for the add-on to know to call them.
          • /ToggleRPGbtr (Super Admin only Chat Command) - Toggles the bot spawning and events routine, which checks the current time of day once per second - relative to the environment day length and day offset (the routine is disabled by default, so make sure to use this command to enable it, otherwise bot spawning and the add-on's input events won't work).
          • Comes with RTB / Blockland Glass GUI and server variable preferences (see "Server.cs" in the add-on's .zip file for more info)

          • RPGbt_onDawn, RPGbt_onMidDay, RPGbt_onDusk, RPGbt_onMidNight - Input events that are called when the day / night cycle first reaches a certain time of day.
          • RPGbt_CondCheck An output event that checks the current time of day. Parameters: if_Dawn, if_MidDay, if_Dusk, if_MidNight
          • RPGbt_onCondTrue, RPGbt_onCondFalse - Input events that are called depending on if RPGbt_CondCheck is true or not.

          Day / Night Cycle Events
          (Made by request) Input and conditional events that are called relative to the time of day: Dawn, Mid-Day, Dusk and Mid-Night. These are basically the exact same events featured in RPG Bot Tweaks.

          • Automatically begins a routine that checks the time of day, although you can use /ToggleEDNC in chat to toggle the routine check (Super Admin only)
          • Invokes onDNC_Dawn, onDNC_MidDay, onDNC_Dusk or onDNC_MidNight (based on the day length and offset)
          • Includes a conditional output event DNC_CondCheck, which then calls either onDNC_CondTrue or onDNC_CondFalse
          • Includes function callbacks for developers (see Callbacks.cs for more info)
          • (Not recommended to be used with RPG Bot Tweaks, although it shouldn't cause problems)

          In-Dev Projects

          Simplex Gen: 3D
          A 3-D noise generator (pre-alpha stage).

          Project: RIS
          A brick with unique functionality upon being planted - unveiled soon (alpha stage).

          Project: WSC
          Unveiled soon (pre-alpha stage).

          PTG Mining
          An endless mining mod designed to work with PTG - you can mine anywhere you choose on generated terrain (still in very early alpha stage).

          Project: TF
          A unique add-on somewhat similar to PTG (alpha stage).

          Project: ACs
          Unveiled soon (pre-alpha stage).

          Item Storage: Version 5 Update

          PTG: Version 3.1 Update

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          Map-making over the years has been a unique and unrivaled experience. Even after three and a half years since they were removed, I still receive comments to this day about the memories others have had playing the maps, and exploring secrets hidden throughout. I've had a lot of fun myself creating them, and sharing finished projects with the community (even hosting early, unfinished maps on my server for others to try).

          Since creating my first map back in around 2005-2006, they have been designed to convey feelings, experiences or memories - such as staying over at my friend's house and playing with Lego's and K'nex, recreated in the Mike's House map. Originally, maps consisted of stretched static-shape bricks (during the beta build of the game), and eventually began using terrain and models from other projects. But over time, as the community and I learned more about the mission editor and map-making software, they became more diverse and utilized .dif interior files. Later on, I also learned the importance of reusing textures, aligning maps to the brick grid and considering areas dedicated to building with bricks.

          Map-making proved to be very difficult, due to issues and glitches with development software and limitations with the engine itself. Sometimes it was a challenge just to release finished content at all. Despite the challenges involved, and even though maps weren't the best looking in terms of textures, lighting, etc., overall they were a lot of fun and offered an unparalleled experience to the game. No other game has been able to recreate the feeling of being a small minifig exploring a giant house, or looking for secrets or stories / sub-plots hidden within the various worlds.

          Modular Terrain Bricks
          ModTer was released publically in March of 2012, and later became default with the game in early 2013, with the r1808 update. Development of the bricks started sometime in early 2012 as a supplement for maps and especially terrain, which were removed with the infamous v21 update: http://forum.blockland.us/index.php?topic=186802.0 The bricks were designed in Google SketchUp and were made to be modular, so they could be combined in various ways. They were originally handled as normal bricks, but were changed later on to be zone-based, allowing other bricks to be planted inside them - similar to the old terrain system. This was the first project in which I learned about the .blb brick format; modular terrain were made from scratch in the .txt files (later given the .blb extension), with help from Blender to figure out the normals.

          Detail bricks were planned to be released afterwards to add things like trees, plants, rocks, etc. to ModTer landscapes. Due to issues with using the .blb format however, these bricks were eventually released publicly as unfinished content, and some were included in the Detailed Tree Bricks pack just recently: http://orbs.daprogs.com/rtb/forum.returntoblockland.com/dlm/viewFile101a.html?id=5282. Modular medieval city bricks and hexagon bricks were also planned, but were also eventually dropped (the files for the hexagon bricks were lost, and the medieval bricks had issue with complex brick collision meshes). A 4x brick pack was also released later on: http://orbs.daprogs.com/rtb/forum.returntoblockland.com/dlm/viewFile8865.html?id=4900.

          Various vehicles were created to be included with the GSF Paradise map. I didn't have a lot of experience at the time with scripting or creating vehicles, so these add-ons are not really recommended to be used. However, they are still included for reminiscence. The boats and aircraft carriers were somewhat revolutionary; not many boat add-ons existed at the time. The boats were set up as slow planes with high buoyancy, allowing them to float and move on the water without taking off. The aircraft carriers also included a toggleable script (made by Kalphiter) which allowed players to walk around the ship and within it's interior, without snapping to any of the vehicle's mount points.

          New topic with working download links: http://forum.blockland.us/index.php?topic=263402.0

          Admin Applications
          This was a group project designed to allow players to submit administrator applications while being on the server, to be reviewed by the host. Applications can be sent even if the host is not present - they will be notified of new applications upon rejoining the server. Once reviewed, the host can then easily grant that player admin, grant them super admin, deny their application or even blacklist that player from sending any more applications.

          This mod isn't recommended to be used due to an issue with how one of the packaged functions is set up, and also because it doesn't support new line characters included with submitted applications, nor fully supports dedicated servers. However, Admin Applications does include a script that prevents players from asking the host for admin (via a chat filter, designed to force players to send an application instead), and even includes a calendar / day-counter script - for preventing players from re-submitting applications for a certain amount of hours, days, weeks or months (depending on what you specify).

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          gsf I swear you put more effort into your add-ons then everyone else
          keep it up pls

          Very nice, love your work :)

          Gsf you used to be one of my idols
          Glad to see you still are.

          Thanks guys :) Btw, two new add-ons will be released later this evening (more info in the OP).

          gsf I swear you put more effort into your add-ons then everyone else
          keep it up pls
          all o' this

          That's some real dedication. Always enjoyed your maps, especially paradise.

          bot modifications? intriguing :o

          bot modifications? intriguing :o
          Well, more like affects bots in a certain way lol. Those scripts are pretty much done, so I should be unveiling them soon.

          I've always loved your vehicles.
          Keep up the good work.

          ModTer Interior Build Restriction and Simplex Gen 2D have been released! You can either download them now or wait for them to be reviewed by the Blockland Glass moderators.

          The modter build restriction works great for gamemodes with public bricks. So if you make a map like my toystore it now functions like a classic interior map.

          Does the ModTer restriction prevent you from building in Zone Bricks or Water bricks?

          if(!isObject(%tmpBr = %client.player.tempbrick))

          ffs, stop this. Just because the temp brick does not exist, does not necessarily mean the function should do nothing.

          If you want this to support bricks planted by the duplicator and other building tools, you should package FxDtsBrick::plant(this) instead. If it shouldn't be placed, don't call the parent and return 1.