tournaments is a little gamemode that i made this weekend and it is basically a deathmatch but you fight people laid out in a tournament bracket. you and the players on the server are forced to fight forever in a ton of tournament brackets that will never end you have to endure the scam and the super shotgun and the missile l and the [place meta of the day here] forever holy stuff.


double elimination tournament

patience room

yellow == player won that match
red == player lost that match
green == player won that match and they're also the winner of the tournament

Tournament Process

here's how this stuff works:
a tournament begins
you have to choose a primary and secondary weapon from a set of weapons (for now its quake, the server will have randomly picked weapon packs soon)
you are sent to a tiny map where you fight your oponent
if you win you keep going through the winners bracket
if you lose you get sent back to the lobby where you are placed into the losers bracket
if you win the losers bracket you face off against the person who won the winners bracket

this will go on automatically forever, this isn't a one time thing like some other tournament servers that blockland has seen

Meta of the Day
What people decide to complain about because they lost to it by not having good positioning/aiming

11/5/17: Skill4Life's 10 match win/loss ratio
11/6/17: Sawblade Rifle
11/7/17: Spam Rifles/Twin SMGs
11/8/17: Missile L.
11/9/17: Boss Battles stealing all the players that Tournaments deserves holy stuff goodbye Boss Battles I hope you die a brutal death for taking all my players holy stuff I hate you also Fireball Rifle
11/10/17: Railgun
11/11/17: Static Beam + Fireball Rifle
11/14/17: Twin SMG
11/15/17 to present: I dont know people stopped being paticularly autistic about specific weapons

if you find any bugs, please report them either in-game or in this thread if i'm not in-game at the time
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and no suburbia is not dead

i can't believe you lost to, well, You

ok that was a pretty good test

right now its 8 players only because we don't have enough maps for any more players

quake type weapons have tech

not on purpose just sort of by accident

good server also we need map specific loops

even though I lost like every time, it was a great server and was really fun to play on!

The Wreckers will make our presence known on this server

cool place    good  cool