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had an interesting day today, on the way home from lecture my car just stopped working in the middle of the highway. was on the busier part of it when i started smelling something burning, and as i'm already stopped by braking with the traffic i quickly realized i couldn't accelerate at all and the oil pressure light was on. i panicked and looked around for the hazard lights cus i didn't remember where it was in this car, found them in the last place i tried looking lol. shortly after someone ahead noticed and backed up to me to see what's wrong and called over some nice people to help redirect traffic and tow me to safety
since then my dad and granddad who are more experienced in cars than i am tried to see what happened and fix it up, but doesn't seem like we got any luck yet so they called a towing company to tow it back to our house for now
so ya weird day but hey at least everyone's fine!:o
I might know what the problem is based on past experience. My last car had almost 400k miles on it. I've had that car since forever. 2006 Ford Expedition XLT. Old forgeter wouldn't die, except for when I started smelling burning oil and then the cabin got fumey. Anyway, oil pressure light + weird smell usually means broken piston return springs/piston head gaskets, broke oil line, drive chain misalignment breach.

If you're not leaking oil, then you can bet that something's wrong with your engine/block. It may or may not be repairable, it wasn't with mine. The shop was going to charge me 15k to fix my problem. I opted to fix it myself but i couldn't find a new block so i scrapped the car and have been driving my parent's kia ever since.

It could just be sludge. If you're having trouble accelerating it means that the engine isn't properly lubricated and the piston's aren't being displaced properly. So now your shaft if probably all out of wack and you might need to get a full (depending on your engine type, V or inline) vertical or lateral adjustment.

huh interesting, will have to see if we can figure that out soon. thanks!

It ain’t night no more, foo.

woa just 10 more nights til 1000!!!

I wonder if the candle can burn that long

105 more days until it's been a full 3 years

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