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I have to say that after quitting for four years I didn't expect to find any clans still active.
I might have to whip up a couple builds tomorrow.
How nice of you! that would be excellent, take a crack at it.

What times are you hosting? I might be free this week (finally)
I might be hosting later tonight around 8:30 PM EST. my summer classes are wrapping up so I've got finals later this week, probably won't host a whole lot then. however expect a tooooon of clan activity from early to middle August.

The application section isn't quite clear enough... Do I understand correctly that you're supposed to send in an addon or build to join?

The application section isn't quite clear enough... Do I understand correctly that you're supposed to send in an addon or build to join?
You can submit anything Blockland related. add-on, build, model, script, whatever you're best at.

Is it building as a requirement? I'm bad at building and know it, but I can model okayish. I didn't understand the application section. Is it building or addons, or only building, or do you have to be good at both?
Building isn't a requirement but we as a clan spend most of our social time building. If you don't like to build you probably won't like being in Square Society, but we're always open to non-builders.

Also, we are hosting right now, all are invited to join. Working on Planet Londo. Maybe you'd like to try the quest system or explore the cave system?

Attention Square Society members! We're trying to finish the Londo add-on pack before summer is over, so we gotta get these models done! Here's a brief intro to the pack:
- The "Londites" (native people) have a Native American aesthetic, with red/gold colors
- The human force has a semi-futuristic style, with a wide range of colors, and technology up to the level of space ships and energy weapons

What we need:

- Londite items: tomahawk, spear, club, perhaps a repurposed/stolen human item
- Human items: pistol, rifle, shotgun, SMG, heavy MG, melee weapon (chainsaw, energy sword, other ideas?)
- Artifact items: Stone-styled, perhaps Aztec inspiration, energy based (think brown/olive/grey stone with glowing purple accents)

If you (Path or Khain) have any models ALREADY DONE that fit any of these descriptions, PM me, reply in the topic, or join the server and we can look them over! We HOPE to finish the pack using only the model backlogs we've already accumulated. I personally have a HUGE backlog of unreleased models that are potentially usable, and I think you guys do too! If you have any suggestions for this pack, feel free to discuss them in our server (up now)!

Note: I can script, recolor, and do basic animations! If either of you have a .obj you'd like to submit, send it to me! Feel free to script/finish it yourself too, or we can collab in more of a hybrid way!
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The Square Society is currently hosting and we will be for much of the night! Grab a drink, grab a smoke, and join us. Working on something neat :O :iceCream: *eats*

Hey everyone! Join my server: jeprimer's jam concert

Square Society is putting on a live music jam using some new sweet builds! Concert will last 20 minutes, maybe longer?

Progress on the music project, mostly instrument work.

Square Society in Concert: 1 August 2016 @ 9:00 PM EST

For the past week Square Society has put hard work into an instrumental setup which permits live playing in Blockland. The clever use of relays and sound triggering events has given way to sequencers, samplers, and synthesizers. Come hear our music tonight at 9:00 PM on the Square Society server hosted by jeprimer.

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Square Society in Concert: 1 August 2016 @ 9:00 PM EST

More pics:

Introducing the Moles...
An industrial, subterranean civilization. This is a species which occupies some underground portions of Planet Londo, specifically the mountain area. They like to mine and spelunk. I am hosting right now and will be for the next four hours or so! Please, stop by and check out the latest additions to Planet Londo!
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i'm extremely hype for this map ughghghghgh

i'm extremely hype for this map ughghghghgh

Happy to hear it. I think a "finished" version of Planet Londo will be out for users to play soon, whether that means a server or a download. It's coming along very nicely. The mountain area is nearly finished, and with it the map's first boss and a storm of quests for players to tackle. Today I believe it comes to 43,000 bricks.

Jeprimer has been hard at work on the weapons for Planet Londo.

Left to right: colonist pistol, colonist rifle, and colonist SMG.

Colonist shotgun.
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The Marine Pistol, laser-based weapon.

Marine Rifle.
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Omg, those weapons look amazing!

Colonist MG vs. Derelict Pistol

Artifact Caster
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