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[2005 - 2013][2014 - 2020][2021 - Present]

Earliest known existence of the Blockland Forums
Blockland Forums move to Simple Machine Forums
Badspot bans fans of "The Better Mod"

Blockland Vending Machine!
First USSR Clan topic
Post real life pictures of yourself.
Second USSR Clan topic

Blockland goes retail
octagoon tree
Third USSR Clan topic
MotE Clan
BJwayMods Needs Your Help!
Blockland: Source
Blockland YTMND Contest
Epic Builds For v9
New Years 2008

Stupid Bans, Kicks, and Mutes
Badspot loses his patience.
Pandan sells a Blockland shirt without Badspot's consent
Bug abuse. - "Yiff in Hell, furcigarette." - Badspot, 2008
Dear Iban
Return to Blockland 2.0
Fourth USSR Clan topic
SuperSnake117's Death./friend Test.
Swholli's sister generates 51 pages of replies in a single day.
Blockland ID 10000 Auction

"I am now banning you for being too stupid."
consle hacked badspot
Vertzer Drama
Lego Stuff
The new and improved 3D model topic!
Longcat Collab
Badspot's Mail Bag: How do you get banned from forums
He's right about him being right. (chainban)
Badspot changes ttttttt's username to Mr. T_T
Thread of The Year Awards 2009
Badspot's Mail Bag: Trolls have feelings.
Minecraft Megathread
SuperToxic - Under the skirt.
'Be Nice' Saga: The Prologue, Act I, Act II, Act III
trainman1 Drama
Jeep Gladiator (aka DSi) declares e-war!
Blockland Community Awards
Mocheeze is dead... or is he?
Robo and Slick: Exbros for life (miika's ass)
Blockland main adventure mode
More "The Better Mod" Drama
The BLF recites Bohemian Rhapsody
New Years 2010

Hugums Meme
JD makes a thread in memory of his father, later turns into a 44 page stuffstorm
Skyler97 cuts his snake on a tuna jar.
What happens to the school girl?
Pandan's Meltdown
Hot Girls v1
Badspot's Mail Bag: perverted player
Hot Anime Girls v1
GTFO ALL OF YOU handicaps loving NOW!!!!!
TomTheGeek's accounts are "hacked"
Blockland goes to PAX
Furry drama
Truce, Zoneark, and ToT's keys deactivated.
Badspot's Mail Bag: Paedophiles! Incest! Rape!
Ghost - I'm in love with you!
New Years 2011 - 107 players!

Badspot's Mail Bag: More Child Defense in the Name of the Queen
Drawings Megathread
Badspot's Mail Bag: Infringed Copyright... of a dog
Ephialtes admits to destroying Kalphiter's hosting service with an exploit, and previously removed proof of his actions
First MLP Megathread
Second MLP Megathread
Terraria Megathread
My friend could win a van!
Sandvich got a girl prego.
My Little Pony: Friendship for Blockheads - The biggest thread on the forums
Aot?????? - Finally gets locked after four years
More furry drama
Furling Dramas Night Fox
SkullCandy's fake brother Self Delete
LordTony discovers VerticalHorizon's love tape
Stocking wrecks Rockslide's story.
Petition to end trolling
May his sole rest in peace [Image]
Bad/Weird Deviantart Stuff Megathread
Lord Tony Drama
IP Bans Lifted
Anime and Manga Megathread
Forum racism finally ends here!!
BDX's Saga of friendry [1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9]
IcyGamma's autobiography
Pecon's Boss Battles - Blockland's most popular and longest running server and thread in General Discussion
Pokemon VG Megathread
Stocking Drama
New Years 2012 - 127 players

Hot Anime Girls v2
Iban's House Burns Down
Extremely Long Iban Drama
Shadows and Shaders Revealed
HPRC is dead.
Hot Girls v4
eliptats didint start it
Mawty permabanned
quest to savor badspot
Mr.LoL - Begged for admin and using console, BANNED 2000+ PEOPLE
Someone took the handle '@Badspot' on Twitter
Zombies in the Bluzone - One of Blockland's most popular servers and thread in General Discussion
Boomerangdog is dead.
Okiver Drama
Brony-Bash Chainban
Ephialtes creates alt 'Goldeen', Kalphiter confirms their identity
Private Sections - Now with 100% more truth!
Executive Order on Lord Tony
The docter commits Self Delete by stab
Lord Tony banned due to aforementioned executive order.
Perma-banned from Zombies in the Bluzone - AKA SeventhSandwich vs Boltster (and the world)
I am not Tony Simmering.[1][2]
Team Fortress 2 Megathread
BubbaGum Drama
Blockland goes on Steam Greenlight
Orca religion
Petition to revoke Ephialtes' adminship
"now now" chainban
Rape Mod
New Years 2013
Blockland Forums Awards 2012 (nominations)
Kalphiter and the default tank.
Buildable Vehicle Mod

Personal Computer Megathread
2nd petition to revoke Ephialtes' adminship
Brony Drama
Lando hijacks four accounts
Starbound Megathread
Dear Badspot - Go forget yourself
The Forgettable Dungeon - Rotondo makes a video game!
Lando The Climber - Hijacking accounts.
The Battle Topic
Drama Dossier: JazZ
Alex GShep shows off a furry art commission
Furry Megathread
Drama sucks; I'm better
sOMe cool pIcTures i found online
BLHack Reveal
Masslead Drama
Let's make a micronation, guys!
The Complete Guide to A Blockland Hacking Clique
Grand Theft Auto Megathread
If you are drank then you are going gone nut?
Blockland has been greenlit!
Ads are added to the Blockland Forums
Pass is Boomerangdog
Hammereditor DDoSes RTB
The (inaccurate) Okiver dox
Rocket snake Chainban
Blocklander of the Year 2013
Village Idiot 2013
New Years 2014 - 137 players
Steam Status/Blockland is released on Steam!
IcyGamma's autobiography Part 2 DDoS Attack
Blockland Forums Awards 2013
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[2005 - 2013][2014 - 2020][2021 - Present]

"Blockland gold" thing
Forum registration via Steam
Just bought Blockland, but wtf
RTB closed, Ephialtes de-moddedEphialtes elaborates.
RIP Blockland - 50+ threads and still dying to this day!
Thompson calls Bloukface's home phone
Forum Waiting Room
i lost my legs, advice?
Nigerian Cunts drama
Village Idiot 2014
tell us the truth pie crust
Message to Setro/Setro's goodbye poem, as re-posted by Nal
Brokkurandu Kommiksu BROCKRAND COMICS
So, what've I missed? - In which Badspot changes his avatar and purges various posts throughout the thread
jack off and then leave
Zapk's Self Delete [1][2]
RTAOT will shut down soon (aka the official w thread)
DLL crashes servers
Computermix and Cca give out keys
GRTB Drama
"The Problems with Our Community"
Blocklander of the Year 2014
BLHost Drama
Zapk Returns
New Years 2015 - 120 players
Furling leaves
Nigerian Cunts 2 autism tm
Ms. Terra
Block Wars
daracer64's wants to make a Dr. Who series, it goes awry, but IkeTheGeneric brings it to fruition

Taya's special interest Thread
Forumer of the Day
the great debate topic™
ABS FIESTA REDUX - The longest running forum game
The great AoT purge
a tear in my butt
Poll to merge Community Projects
Rape Mod 2: Electrk Boogaloo
Thorfin is dead.
Smooth crashes servers
Who here dislikes trans people?
Jeetlor's Master Server spam
ok this is cute (spelling with BLF images)
Iban returns again
Mario Land Fun chainban
Taboo starts an argument, gets banned, comes back, gets banned again, and becomes ban-on-sight.[1][2]
Bones4's open letter to facechild
My Admins, a.k.a. XR-7 gets the last laugh
Great Board Purge (AoT boards archived; Mod boards merged; Forum Games)
Badspot's Mail Bag: Fine Country Living Primitives
Lord Tony returns
Lord Tony trolls everyone with The Harvest
Blocklander of the Year 2015
Worst Blocklander of the Year 2015
Remember that chick I met a couple months ago?
New Years 2016 - 145 players
Nickpb "creep" Drama - The longest drama with 215 pages!

Badspot reveals Terauki's secret identity just minutes after their introduction
Betel hears a fart.
Zealot forms a Students-For-Satan Club
The Storm Surge swatting part 1
2016 USA Presidential Race
The Nexus/Dataproxy - Unfair advantages on war server, kicking for no reason (A.K.A. the drama that was settled via wrestling match)
things that people do on the BLF that you hate (a.k.a. chainban for page-claiming)
The Storm Surge swatting part 2
April Fools' Day/Anonymousland [Image for reference]
eustace megathread
the bloxcity predicament - gamefandan's & darkhawk accounts compromised??
Lord Tony's girlfriend breaks up with him
ahead is a big bully
The Storm Surge swatting part 3
night discussion topic i guess
Square Society
Maxx creates an ARG, only to ruin it nearly two weeks later
day discussion topic i guess
Furdle meets Ephialtes (Ephialtes stops by to say hello)
The Chronology of the BLF <--- You are here
Being able to play Blockland on Gameboy Color
7/25 - Betelgeuse carpetbombs overruns the forums with disgusting research. (again)
Raccoonneer - still a moron
Nickpb 4.0 - IMPOSTER! He is not the real Nickpb! - A.K.A. local man gets played like a fiddle
New Years 2017 - New record: 188 players (186 unique)
Judge Hartman delivers justice; Ravencroft exposed, becomes ban-on-sight along with Nickpb
PSA: Forum accounts are being compromised

OrangeMan is becoming a problem (In which OrangeMan goes full Christian)
Blocklander of the Year 2016
Eon/Cone² goes nuclear, Badspot bans train spammers in the Furry Megathread (Additional ban details)
Bedspot's ban takes Sugar's account with him, Kaige also banned as part of yesterday's fiasco
Badspot creates his own kind of meme arrows
patton360/Grimlock gets banned, comes back with new alt
Insert Name Here Is Not A Disgusting Cringe Degenerate!
Doraemon and Dorami shirt decals - The longest thread in the FDP board
Blockland Forums' hard drive fails, a temporary solution is made, forums return after almost 4 days
The forums return, but with a small glitch in the space time continuum - (the topic got fail-binned, pictures provided by Conan)
Village Idiot 2017
Block Party - GSF Ghost's successor to Blockland
older blockland user check in. - In which snot2 manages to resurrect the dead
Satin Minions megathread (formerly the #freeelectrk thread) - Badspot responds, A.K.A the "borrowed time" incident
Chocolate milk (or milk in general) megathread (ft. Breast milk) - (ft. RedGaijin's milk monarchy)
"Ana" ARG thread
Mocheeze is NOT dead!
the master server is being spammed
Blocklander of the Year 2017 - in which Glory Hole rigs a poll
Sephiroth/Plaz 2.0 shoots up a school and commits Self Delete - Blockland gets name dropped in a news article
"Official" New Years 2018 - 142 players
"Actual" New Years 2018 - 117 players

[PSA] MonsterJ is Zapk
Dix Miggie 3 (campaign/story mode) - The biggest and most fleshed out gamemode for Blockland!
Worst Blocklander of the Year 2017
Grappling Hook (mod edit by Conan) - tommybricksetti demands credits in the thread title, drama ensues thereafter - Thread closes and the drama continued here
Who needs to be banned?
Salmon's 2007 Roblox Hatmod - The biggest Hatmod pack containing about 130 hats!
forget up this thread using bbcode (original)
BBCode Exploit - 7 users perma. banned, 7 temp. banned
should pie crust/pastry crust/woof be made BOS - Badspot obliges
User 'Sock-o' hijacks accounts using a major exploit in the forum software, the forums are promptly shut down, another temporary discussion page was made - The list of compromised accounts
The forums return after 4 days with a newer version of SMF
Big head fun - Verification encourages abusing an avatar exploit that inevitably got avatars disabled
The ongoing discussions of Brickadia and Blockland's future
Marble It Up! - Kompressor makes a video game!
I wanted to tell you guys a secret
Uploading avatars return
ABS FIESTA REDUX comes to a close after 3 years
Blocklander of the Year 2018
New Years 2019 - 120 players

Celau - bear with me here
Rotondo, high on cough medicine, accidentally bans Cubone - Rotondo undoes the ban
Someone remade Kitchen in gmod
A Roblox Youtuber clears the air on the long standing 'Roblox vs Blockland' debate
Drama goes 5 days without a post
Blockland got an honorable mention in an unofficial Minecraft magazine in 2014
Blocklander of the year 2019
New Years 2020 - 122 players

Forum registration seems to no longer work after March 18th - Fixed as of April 9th
Eon/Celau/Bladerunner compromises and leaks a bunch of players' authentication keys - The forums now require linking your Steam account in order to start posting - CompMix/Val comes forward
Local Blocklander discovers the sound effects CD containing the origins of many of Blockland's sounds and music
geese thread
Steam account linking has been disabled as of Sept. 5th, meaning that no more forum accounts can be registered - THE BLF BATTLE ROYALE HAS BEGUN
Blocklander of the year 2020?
New Years 2021? - 125 players
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Holy stuff the betelgeuse darting thing is the best thing I've read this month

my thread will go down in history and im glad

finally, we have the official blockland biblical canon

Tbh Mocheeze's AU timeline had more interesting subplots

[2005 - 2013][2014 - 2020][2021 - Present]

Boltster admits to specifically targeting Lord Tony in a troll attempt
The BLF has a serious discussion about cooking rice
Letters from Lizzy
Blocklander of the year 2021
New Years 2022 - 86 players
Badspot emerges from the shadows and bans OfficerKenny, the first ban in a while
User 'Tekari' randomly gets hacked by a spam bot and posts a malicious link in various boards

The "Post real life pictures of yourself" thread falls inactive after 16 years
[GSF]Ghost passed away last year
The Blockland Forums have attained 100,000 alts members!
Plastiware was arrested for child research
Blocklander of the year 2022 - In which [GSF] Ghost is selected as the winner in memory of his contributions
New Years 2023 - 264 unique attendees

blockland: the community that killed the game
Badspot gives out his beta and retail saves and screenshots to Kenko's Blockland Archive (plus some v0002 dev screenshots dating back as early as 2003)
Blockland Glass is hacked, entire userbase is compromised - Website's shut down now, but if you had an account, change your passwords anywhere else you might have used a similar password!
Blockland Glass is shut down (downloading/uploading add-ons is gone, server management is fine)
The Blockland Forums have fallen inactive with 0 posts in a day for the first time ever on May 27th
Blockland Glass returns! (Albeit in a limited state until further notice)
Badspot returns after 2 years of not posting, but at what cost? [CONTEXT]
New Years 2024 - 278 unique attendees

Blocklander of the year 2023
Koden has passed away
Bushido passed away
IDF vs Hamas
I found myself, also where did everyone go? - In which Master Matthew returns, and immediately regrets doing so (it's not locked anymore though)
SpicyZach10 carpet bombs the Drama board
After 2,170 total days spent online, puppet account Idle is no longer online
The Blockland Forums go down for 2 days due to website errors and MySQL logging a complete database restoration that filled the hard drive that hosts the forums
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add the presidential race since its a pretty big thread but im not so sure about the new special interest thread. maybe wait till it gets a bit bigger.

also bump

the day i signed up for the forums

Updated, managed to squeeze in daracer64's Dr. Who topic into the OP

Nice, also about the betel topic I would assume the whole thread probably got deleted due to the content?